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Scene 1
Devika says to Saket that Savitri is waiting for us, we should leave now, Saket says i will talk to her, no problem, Saket brings Devika to his friends, they offer her drink, DEvika is tensed, Ravi sees this and cant bear it, he turns his face, Sakshi sees this and says there Devika is tensed and Ravi is not feeling good but they cant accept feelings for each other, they wont confess it, what to do, how to make them confess it, she gets idea and says inebriation can brings out everything from person.
Savitri comes to Rekha and says wake me up in morning as i want to clean mandir, Rekha says i want to talk to you, Savitri says i am tired, talk to me tomorrow, Rekha says no, talk is important, i cant sleep because of it, Savitri says if you want to fight with me? Rekha says i want to ask

you something, she says i have always seen you as strict person, i dont know when women inside you died, why you are so rigid, what you say becomes rule, you dont even think that what you are doing is right or wrong, you know i am talking about DEvika, she is your blood then why you are destroying her life? why cant you see Saket’s bad side, he possess Devika like she is his furniture, didnt you see how he was touching Devika, she was silent because you gave permission to Saket, you are women too then how can you allow all this, dont you know how girl feels when guy touches her like this, why did you allow Saket to do all that? Savitri sys i allowed him because of Ravi, Rekha says i am talking about Saket, he called Devika to bachelor’s party and you have no problems with it? Savitri says Ravi have forced me to do all this, i am not stone hearted, what you think that i dont care for Devika? the much i think for her, nobody can do, you dont know what Ravi has done, you know what happened last night, i caught Ravi in Devika’s room last night, you tell me what he was doing in her room? you have answer? its not good that they are together, i doubted him but now i am clear that his intentions are not good, Saket is doing all this too so that Ravi backs off, he wants to show Ravi that he is marrying Devika, he can see DEvika’s attracted to Ravi, nobody can deny it thats why Saket is doing all this, Rekha says so you are saying Devika and Ravi have something going on? Savitri says no, but you know why i am in hurry for this marriage, we have got good guy Saket and Ravi-DEvika’s closeness is not good, i am afraid, it doesnt mean that i dont love her but one have to harsh, you all say that Ravi is DEvika’s friend but people can give other name to their relation, you remember what to our relative’s girl, she had some guy friend and her fiance broke relation because of that, she married a old man then, you want same to happen with Devika? i wont let it happen, Ravi is trying to malign Devika’s name and Saket is ready to marry her even after all this, he is saving our respect so i allow him to do what he wants, people can talk that Ravi and Devika work in same office so they must have got in relation there only, i didnt want devika to do job because of all this, i know how guys try to malign girl’s respect, you people think that i am bad, even i feel bad when Saket touch Devika, i feel disgusted but i have to think about my house, he is her groom, he will marry her and will be happy there, they have big house and good family, she will rule there, if you think i am wrong then kill me but i wont change my decision, you dont know how difficult it is to be elder of house, she leaves, Rekha thinks.

Scene 2
Saket calls his goons and ask them to find Ananya, she shouldnt come here, he ends call, Ravi comes to him and says i will leave now, Saket says why you are going? you are relative of mine, so you should stay, Ravi says i am not enjoying so i will leave, Saket says you still want to find Ananya? Ravi says i told you have stopped investigation, Saket says i dont trust myself so how can i trust you, for my happiness, stay here then i will agree that you are not interested in finding ananya, Ravi agrees to stay, Saket says you know why i love Devika so much? have you seen her eyes? big, afraid eyes? i know she will never go against me, she will be under my rule always, he leaves, Ravi thinks he is animal or what, dont know what he will do after marriage, Devika comes to Ravi and says you know where is Sakshi? she have no fear of Savitri, Savitri will scold us for coming late home but dont know where is she, Ravi says dont worry, Saket will handle everything, she ask are you taunting me? he says no and you trust Saket so much, he will handle it, Sakshi comes and says i have brought cold drink for you, Devika says i dont want it, Sakshi says you are getting married, dont know when you will drink with him, one drink for friendship, she gives drink to Devika, Saket comes there, gives drink to Ravi and takes Devika from there, Ravi gets angry and drinks it, he drinks more wine, Sakshi thinks oh no, he will get drunk now, she is tensed, she says even this is not bad, if not Devika then he will say everything to Devika is drunk state, not bad, she leaves.
Rekha is sadly siting in her room, Pallavi comes and ask did you talk to Devika? Shekhar ask what happened? Pallavi says Sakshi and Devika have gone to party of Saket, i don like him at all, he is ruling us, marriage is on cards then why he is calling her everywhere? Shekhar says call DEvika, Rekha says dont do that, Savitri have given permission to Devika, she is elder of this house so she is doing right, she has right to take every decision, does anyone have power to stop all this? no, so stop all this, let her be with Saket then.
Sakshi brings Ravi in room, she ask what are you doing? Ravi says i am drinking, Sakshi says i am talking about you and Devika, you know what kind of person Saket it, Ravi says he is jerk, i have not seen a person like him, he is devil, Sakshi says you you will remain silent, you wont do anything? Ravi says what can i do, nobody trust me, even DEvika trust him, she will not trust me, Sakshi says because she doesnt know about your feelings, tell her your feelings then see she will understand you and will be with you, Ravi says what feelings? SAkshi says the feelings which you are hiding, you are afraid to name it as love.

PRECAP- Ravi comes in party and says infront of all that i thought i will never love someone but see i am in love and i promise i will keep this love in my heart forever.

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