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Scene 1
Devika comes in her room and says dont know why Ravi does this, i asked him to not do anything but he didnt listen to me, dadi slapped him infront of me and i couldnt do anything, i specially requested him to not create any drama but he does this everytime, Devika cries in her room and says dont know why Ravi does this everytime, he doesnt even understand that i dont like it when he gets insulted, it pains me, i will not say anything to him now, he can do whatever he wants, Ravi comes in, Devika angrily looks at him and starts taking out clothes from cupboard, her wound on belly bleeds, Ravi says i will do your wound’s dressing, she says i will do it myself, Devika starts changing bandage but cant do it, Ravi says lie down, i will do it, Devika says i will do myself, Ravi says i am not

asking you but ordering you, you are in pain but not listening to me, you are stubborn, he makes her lie on bed and takes off bandage from wound on belly, Devika holds his arm in pain, Banjara plays, Devika looks away, Ravi changes her bandage and leaves, Devika emotionally looks at him.
Navi comes to meet Saket, Navi says you are insulting RAvi, Saket says i have to do it to complete my mission, you changed your side but i am still doing benefit to you, RAvi tried to break this marriage again, DEvika had to be embarrassed infront of her family because of Ravi, they will drift away from each other and you will get close to Ravi now, Navi thinks and says we will meet on marriage day, she leaves.
Ravi comes to tea stall, he recalls how Saket told him that he cant harm Saket, Ravi thinks that there is only one day remaining for marriage, i have promised Sakshi to not let her get married to Saket but how to stop this marriage? he finds a kid picking up stone on road, he sees a car coming near kid, he runs and saves kid’s life before car can crash him, kid’s mother thanks Ravi, man comes out of car, he looks at Ravi and gets tensed, Ravi thinks that he is Monty’s friend, Ravi asks friend to come out of car, he asks where were you going? he says i dont know about Monty, Ravi says i didnt ask about Monty but why you are clearing it? Ravi asks him to tell about Monty else he will beat him, Ravi goes with him.
Monty’s friend brings Ravi to place where Monty is hiding, Monty is shocked to see him, Ravi slaps Monty hard, Ravi shots you should ashamed, Monty runs from there, Ravi runs behind him and says stop please, Ravi holds him and slaps him again, he says till when you will keep running? what kind of person are you? you destroyed a person’s life and running away, because of you Sakshi is getting married to Saket, he is in problem, Monty says you are lying, Ravi says you think that i am lying? Monty says i know you want to send me in jail, Ravi says are you mad? i am your brother, Monty says someone told me that you are going to put me in jail, Ravi says who told you this? you come with me, everything will be fine, Monty says i dont love Sakshi, she wouldnt be happy with me thats why i ran from marriage, Saket helped me to do all this, Ravi says Saket has used you, he did all this to get married to Sakshi and destroy her life, Monty says i dont believe it, Ravi says i will prove you, he takes Monty from there.
Saket comes to Sakshi and says i have brought a gift for you, see it, Sakshi opens it to find dog belt in gift box, Saket says it will look good on you, i knew you would like it, our relationship is different, i will make you wear this belt and will move you around, i will be your owner and you will be my doggie, and i dont like doggies who bark so beware, you dont even know what i will do with you, Devika comes there and sees belt, she asks about it, Saket says we have thought to buy a dog after marriage, Devika says Sakshi doesnt like dogs, Saket says i told her that dogs are loyal and i want to make her fearless thats why i brought this, Devika asks Sakshi to come, Sakshi leaves, Saket smirks.

Scene 2
Manju taunts her why devika that she is never seen in this house, Parmindar says your sister is always getting married to someone or other so leave her, Devika says Rekha called me so i had to go, what work is remaining? Manju says Shweta’s health is not fine so go and make food, Devika goes, Shweta comes there and says i have done so much shopping, Manju asks Shweta to go and take rest, you are ill, Parmindar says Manju is angry with Devika, she is not giving property so she is making her do all the work, you go and take rest as she told Devika that you are ill, Shweta agrees and leaves, Manju says i am giving freedom to Shweta because of Devika, i am unlucky to get daughter in laws like them,
Ravi brings Monty to Charan in hospital, he says to Monty that recognize this waiter, he is same waiter who gave you drugs mixed juice that night in party, Monty says yes i remember him, Ravi says you know asked him to do that? it was Saket who hired him and made him do that, Monty is shocked, Ravi says Saket is behind all this, when i got to know about all this, Saket sent me in jail then i made this waiter agree to tell truth to everyone but Saket gave him poison and he is in this state now, he did all this to marry Sakshi and destroy her life, Ravi says Saket framed you in drugs case and made you run from marriage so he can get married to Sakshi, if you still dont agree with me then i will show you one more thing, he shows him Saket and Sakshi’s wedding card, Monty looks at it, Ravi says to Monty that Saket has taken advantage of your innocence, you could have talked to me, you knew Saket is jerk, you have destroyed Sakshi’s life, why? Monty breaks down and cries, he folds his hand and says sorry brother, i did big mistake, Ravi says dont say sorry, Monty says i never thought Saket is playing such a big game, i did mistake, Ravi says everything will be fine now, you will do what i will say, we will tell truth to everyone, Monty says i have to meet Saket and talk to him, why did he do this with me, Ravi says i cant send you to him, you take me as elder brother, Monty says trust me, i have to talk to him, Ravi says okay go and comeback, Monty says i will trust you from now on, Ravi hugs him, Monty leaves.

PRECAP- Ravi brings gift for Devika, its music crystal ball, Ravi says this is proof of my love for you, the love which is in my heart for you only, Devika smiles. Monty shows Saket card of his and Sakshi’s marriage and says you have played many games but not anymore, Saket gets tensed.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Foolish Ravi.How he can send back Monty.Why he allowed him to go alone.He is such an irresponsible man and that Devika will tell one thing again and again.In the next day they will hide monty again or kill him and atlast saket will marry sakshi.Then one day devika will find out what type of life sakshi was making in saket’s house and at that time she will realize ravi.

    1. so you think saket will manages to marry sakshi ?

      1. Yes

  2. Ekta kapoors serial has always long ending episode’s those never have ends

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