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Scene 1
Shera says to Devika that i went to party to kill you but your husband Ravi and Ankush had fight and i got stuck in it and fell down, got injured, if if your husband didnt come inbetween that day then i would have killed you, you could have died if your husband didnt die. Devika says Nivi and Saket tried to kill me. Janki says its clear that if Ravi didnt had fight with Ankush then dont know what this shera might have done with you. Its enough, they can do anything, its time to finish them, Devika says i hate them but now i will take revenge from them soon, my hatred has increased for them, i know they want me dead but why did they kidnap you? who kidnapped you? what animosity you have? Janki says Shera can tell name, they see Shera fainted.
Saket asks Nivi that is going on in Manju’s

mind? she is talking weird, Nivi says what did she say? Saket says she didnt tell but i called her for Shweta’s matter, i wanted to request for Vikas and Shweta’s reconcilation but Manju was saying that she is going to become queen and rich, what happened? do you know anything? Nivi thinks that Manju is fool, if Saket gets to know about Janki’s kidnapping then he will ask share her property too and i dont want that. Saket asks Nivi if she knows anything? Nivi says you are right, she is acting weird, dont know what happened to her, i feel like she is going mental, i think i would have to lock her in Sakshi’s room. Saket laughs and says you are right, i had always doubt that she is half mental, it would be fun to see Sakshi and Manju yelling. Nivi thinks that thank God Saket didn get to know about kidnapping.
Devika asys to Shera that if you faint again then i will you and you will die in unconscious state, tell me who asked you to kidnap Janki? Janki says answer us before we torture you. Devika says he doesnt know jhow stubborn i am, i am ready to kill him, Devika shows him lighter and says should i burn you alive? Shera says i will tell everything. Shera says Manju asked me to kidnap Janki, they are shocked. Shera says Manju came to me and asked me to kill Janki for money, and said after her work is done, kill Janki, she wanted Janki to sign some papers and promised me to give me 30lacs. Janki says its good, you told us everything. Devika says Manju just act fool but she can kill anyone for money, she is so greedy, she killed Devika and tried to kill you, i will take revenge now, she has tried to attack my most precious thing(Janki), i will trap her in her plan only, i know what to do with her, Manju your story has ended.
Gurvindar bandages Manju’s sprained leg. Devika comes tehre and ass what happened? Manju says i am injured, do you know to bandage? Devika says yes. She sits beside her and asks how did you get injured? Manju says by mistake. Devika says soon all your injuries will go away. Manju says you are so nice as daughter in law. Devika thinks that i pray nobody gets mother in law like her, she tried to kill me and my mother and faking her love for me now, i am healing her wounds rightnow but i will give her most wounds later, i will take revenge fo hurting my mother. Manju asks Devika did she get to know about Janki? Devika says no but soon i will find out and i will not spare that person then, she leaves. Manju is tensed.

Scene 2
Devika comes in her room. Ravi asks if she is fine? did you get to know anything about maa? Devika says no, i am tired, i want to sleep. Ravi comes to her and sits beside her on bed, he holds her hand and says i understand your pain but maa will return soon, dont worry, police is working hard and will catch goon who kidnapped her. Devika says yes even i believe that Maa will be fine till tomorrow. I should sleep now. Ravi says you wont be able to sleep with this much stress, i will massage your head, Devika says its not needed, Ravi says i will take away all your stress. He brings oil. Devika lovingly gazes at him, Ravi smiles and says mother taught me how to massage. Ravi makes Devika sit infront of him and starts massaging her hair, Devika looks at him in mirror. Ravi says dont worry, our mother Janki will return soon, Devika holds his hand and says thank you for being there with me in difficult times, its peaceful when you are with me as husband, wish everything was remain like this, Ravi hugs her and says i will take care of you whole life, i am loyal to my wife, i will do anything for you, now go and sleep. If you get tea then you will get peaceful sleep, i will make tea for you, Devika says but its late, Ravi says i will make it, you will feel better, Devika says kay less sugar, Ravi as you order, Ravi leaves. Devika thinks that when Ravi will know that his mother Manju kidnapped my mother for money then what will you do Ravi? will you take my side or your mother’s side who is wrong?
Manju looks at wealth will and says now i just have to make Janki sign then and i will 2000crores, she calls Shera. Shera takes call, Manju says i have got papers, i will come there for Janki to sign, keep tortoring Janki so that she will sign papers. Shera says as you want, will happen, we will meet tomorrow, Manju says okay and ends call. She says i will become richest woman, what will i do with that much money? i have to give half money to Nivi but what if i dont have to give her money? i should think something so that i wont have to give penny to Nivi. When i will get that much money, Nivi will be slipper of my foot, i wont give her any penny, she squeals seeing papers.
Devika is waiting for Ravi to bring tea. She cricles Manju’s picture and says tomorrow’s day is last day for your planning, tomorrow i will bring your true face to everyone. Devika gets calls from Shera, Shera says Manju called me and she is coming here tomorrow morning, Devika says good, we will reach there before her, she ends call and recalls flashback. Flashback shows Devika saying to Shera that either he can take their side so she will give him to police. Janki says Manju doesnt have any money to give you, she wanted to snatch my money but it wont happen now, you want double money or jail? Shera says when your enemies will know that i am on your side then they will kill me, Devika says if you take our side then i wont anything happen to you, my enemies wont be able to show their faces to anyone, so will you work for me? he asks how? Devika says just keep pretending infront of Manju that Janki is still kidnapped. Shera says you are giving me that much money and risking your life for Manju’s truth? Devika says yes, Janki says what if he cheat us? Devika says i will kill him, Shera says you people are giving me double money and Manju is not my relative, i only work for money and i wont betray you, Devika says then do what we ask you to do.

PRECAP- Manju says to Nivi that nothing wrong will happen to my plan this time, i am going fulfill my plan, you wait for my return to get your share, she leaves. Devika listens and thinks that Nivi knew Manju kidnapped Janki.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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