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Scene 1
Navi is waiting for Saket outside Ravi’s house. Saket comes there and has bruises, she ask what happened to you? did you fight with Ravi? Saket says yes but i will not leave Ravi, i will do my attack now, he shows her Ravi’s phone and says this is time bomb, i will end Ravi and Devika’s relation.
Saket comes in Ravi’s room and puts his phone on table, he thinks that now this phone will do wonders, he sees Devika’s pictures and says you are mine only, no one can snatch you from me.
Manju is cooking roties and says to Parmindar that this is my fate, i didnt get anything, Parmindar says when you try to snatch things from others then you will get this only, Shweta thinks what they are talking about? Manju ask Pramindar to stop it, it was all your mistake

and you son’s mistake, Shweta ask why are taunting me? Manju and Parmindar leaves, Shweta says what they are talking about i dont understand.
Ravi is sitting near tea stall, his friend as if he fought with wife that he is sitting here? Ravi says no i have promised her but couldnt fulfill it, dont know how i will show her face, friend says wives are not so harsh, when she will know that atleast you tried then she will understand, also tell her that you will try to do work tomorrow, now go back home, Ravi agrees, friend leaves, Ravi thinks he is right, where there is love, there is no need to hide face, i should back home.
Devika comes in her and Ravi’s room, she finds his letter there in which he promised her to bring Monty back, she thinks why Ravi hasnt comeback doesnt he know that i am missing alot, teri Galiyan. otherside Ravi is also missing Devika and thinks that no one cant separate us now.
Devika thinks that Ravi was right, heart strings are attached, didnt know that love will bring so much happiness in life, she recalls how he stopped her from saying anything when she was about to confess her feelings, and said he can feel what she wanted to say, how he hugged her and promised to be with her always, she says maybe today Ravi will confess his love, i will confess my love too only then i will be at peace, dont know where is he, i miss him alot, earlier i used to pray that he should remain out of house but now i feel lonely without him but he has promised to comeback after setting everything right so he will come late only till then i will keep looking at his letter, she kisses letter and puts in cupboard, she sees Ravi’s shirts there, she brings out one shirt and caresses it with her face, Sadqe tere plays, she looks at Ravi’s pictures and smiles, she wears Ravi’s shirt and looks in mirror, she mimics Ravi and acts like Ravi flirting with her and praising her eyes, her hairs, her nose, she laughs and blushes, she hugs Ravi’s shirt, she says what has happened to me? maybe love is like this only, i didnt know love can feel so good, now i cant even stay from him, when he is not near me, my eyes searches him from only, i used to hate him alot, but now i cant stay from him.
Saket calls Ravi’s mobile with Monty’s phone, devika sees Ravi’s phone ringing, she is shocked to see Monty calling, she picks call but Saket ends it, Devika says why did he cut phone listening my voice?
Saket says to Navi that i will hit a big blow now, he messages from Monty’s phone on Ravi’s mobile, message is “Ravi Bhai what you want? till when i have to be away from my home? let me comeback to my home”, he sends this on Ravi’s mobile.
Devika says Ravi is not at home too, what should do, she finds Monty’s message arrive on Ravi’s mobile, message is “Bhai you said Devika is not giving you property so there is no need to marry her characterless sister, i agreed with you and broke my marriage and ranaway from venue but what should i do now? i took such a big step for you but i am feeling guilty for destroying Sakshi’s life, i wish you didnt have forced me so much to break this marriage, i want to comebaqck home, please let me comeback”, Devika is shocked reading this, she breakdown in tears.
Navi says to Saket that you plan is successful, Saket says i do what i say, now my last blow and then Ravi and Devika’s relation will break, Navi ask what now? Saket says wait for sometime then i will tell you.

Scnee 2
Devika cries and says this is all lie, this cant be true, Ravi cant do this with me, there is something fishy, Ravi cant do this with me, i am in misunderstanding, i cant trust these messages, i trust my Ravi more, he loves me, when he wil comeback then i will ask him directly about these messages, she prays that nothing should do wrong, Ravi will comeback and will tell me everything, maybe Monty is doing this deliberately, everything can be wrong but Ravi cant be wrong, where are you Ravi?
Ravi comes outside his house and says i should say sorry to Devika, i am sure she will understand me. Navi comes there, Ravi says you here? Navi says i was waiting for you, there is some problem, i came near for a meeting, my driver went back as he had some problem, can you drop me home? Ravi says i am sorry, Maa is waiting for me, its too late, Navi says maa or Devika? Ravi says both, they must be waiting for me, and you know driving so you can go yourself, Navi says i have sprain in leg and also i am feeling weak then how can i drive? Ravi thinsk Devika must be waiting for me, he says okay i will drop you, he goes with her.
Devika says no i dont believe all this, Saket comes in her room, she says you here? she ask about his bruises, Saket says i had an accident, i know you are worried for Sakshi, i didnt want to come here but.. i dont want to hurt you more, Devika says what you mean? Saket says how can i tell you what i have seen, i have to tell you, Devika ask what he has seen? Saket says when Ravi married you, i knew he married you for your property only, Devika says i dont wanna talk about it, Saket says what i have seen, after that i am sure Ravi is behind your property, i know why Ravi wanted Monty and Sakhi’s wedding then why Monty ranaway, i was going from market, i saw Ravi and Monty taking to each other, Devika is shocked.

PRECAP- Devika says to Ravi that i have read all the messages which you have Monty have sent to you, Ravi is confused, Devika says you knew that once Sakshi’s marriage is fixed with Monty then you can blackmail me to give you property, Ravi gets angry on her and raises his hand to slap her but stops, Devika is stunned.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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