Kalash 7th April 2015 Written Episode Update

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Scene 1
SAvitri says to Devika that i will find good groom for you and will make you marry, stop this job drama, Devika is stunned, you have only one week to find job.
Anuja is bragging about Ravi’s job to some lady on phone. brother comes to Ravi and says maa is so happy with you, Ravi leaves. Vikas’s wife (shweta) says to him that Ravi got such a good job but you are earning nothing, you used to handle everything of house but now i will not be respected as you dont work, i will talk to my brother.
Ravi is putting designs in drawer, he finds Devika’s design and recalls how he banged in her and her design was mixed with his designs, he says that this design is perfect then how ink fell on it, he finds Ambe Maa’s picture and recalls how DEvika said that Ambe is writing

fate of everyone, he think if she did something for Ambe Maa?
Dada says to Devika that your dadi is hell bent to marry you, you have to find job in one week else i wont be able to stop her, Devika says how will i find job so soon, i quit that interview to make someone believe in Ambe Maa but now problem is for me.
Savitri calls some aunty and ask her to find some guy for Devika and he should have some ego.
Saqaid is blackmailing some guy. Savitri sys that he should have 4 men behind him and he should be mad behind DEvika. Saqaid comes to Savitri’s house, he comes in house and ask to call Shekhar, Chacha comes there and says i am Shekhar, one man says that you filed complaint against Saqaid that he was eve-teasing a girl, Shekhar says yes, Saqaid is about to hit him but find Devika comes there so he stops and starts acting, he sys i am MLA of society, she was my sister, i was not eve-teasing her but was stopping her from doing wrong, he ask his man to being samosas for house, Dada says its not needed, Saqaid says that i am like your son, he sk Devika to sit too, he ask his man to bring that girl too, the girl whom he was eve-teasing come there, he ask her to tell that he is her brother, girl is tensed and afraid of him and ask Shekhar to take your complaint back, he was not eve-teasing me, Savitri comes there, Saqaid touches her feet, he says your son filed complaint against me, Savitri says he is a very nice person, he saved me in police station, he cant do bad to anyone, Shekhar says i am sorry, i misunderstood you, Saqaid greets and leaves.
Saqaid comes out and finds match maker there, he ask what are you doing here? she says Savitri Devi has called me to find groom for Devika, Saqaid smirks and says i came to their house on right time.

Scene 2
Devika comes in park, she is thinking how to get job so soon, she comes to chaat stall, she ask shopkeeper to make chaat for her, shopkeeper says that i have to go to my son in school, can you handle stall for a while, DEvika agrees, she leaves, Devika stand on stall. Ravi is in park too, he is waiting for his brother, one girl comes and says hi to him, Ravi hides from her, he hides under stall and ask DEvika to make chaat for him, she looks at him and says you, he says you? you didnt get job and started making chaat, he says your designs were nice, you could have applied for other job, the girl comes there, she says to Ravi that i am same light contractor, we were together in store room, Devika recalls how she saw them making love in store room, girl says to Ravi that i want to have date with you, Ravi says we will go on date, he leaves, girl says i forgot to give him number, she goes to find him, Ravi hides from her, Devika thinks that i lost my job for this cheap guy.
Saqaid brings his photo, he says i want to get Devika at any cost, i just want to send this photo to Savitri then i will not have to do anything, she will fix my marriage with Devika and i will get her.

Scene 3
Devika comes back home, Chacha tells her that you are late again, now Savitri will scold you, Savitri comes and says you came late today, match maker had come, i have taken grooms photos, Devika says you have given me 1 week for job, Savitri says after that i will do your roka, check photos and if you like someone then tell me, she leaves, Chachi says to Devika that trust Ambe Maa, she will do something and you will get job in 1 week only.
Ravi ask Anuja what are you saying? Anuaja says why did you find job? Ravi says to change state of my house, Anuja says you are getting good offers, you are getting proposal from girls houses, Ravi says i want to reach to high level of success, Anuja says if you marry a rich girl then your problem will be solved, just see this album given by match maker, she leaves, Ravi shows pictures of girls in album given by match maker to brother, he says i know every girl in this album and dont like them, he finds Devika’s photo in it and says what she is doing here? he says to brother that she want to do Job then why her photo in this album?

PRECAP- Savitri ask Saquid do you like our Devika? he says she is nice girl, Savitri says means you dont have problem with this marriage? Saquid says no.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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