Kalash 6th September 2016 Written Episode Update


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Seeing Tattoo instead birthmark, Ambika gets proven right. She says she requested everyone to believe her, but no one did anything and now she demands everyone to leave her house. Nivedita, Ravi’s mum apologise to her and request her to let them stay, but in vain. Nivedita says it’s her sangeet tomorrow and everyone is invited to this location. How will she cancel the event on last moment? Ambika says she doesn’t care and her decision is final. Nivedita is furious at Ravi.

Janki is worried for Ambika and just then she comes there. Ambika thanks Janvi for advising her to get a tattoo in place of her birthmark and hence saving her once again. She tells everything to Janvi that happened.

Nivedita fumes at Ravi, but he says he saw birthmark with his eyes. They argue and Nivedita says it’s good that Devika died. Ravi almost slaps her. He warns her not to say this ever again.

Ravi is alone. He cries. His brother comes there. Ravi asks him whether he’s doing right by marrying Nivedita. Ravi says if he has even a small doubt, then just refuse it. Ravi’s mum comes and asks him to shut up. She tells Ravi that Nivedita has done a lot for them and he cannot refuse for marriage.

Saket is wondering how he can get out of jail. Nivedita comes there and fumes at him. She blames him for all this mess. He keeps calm knowing Nivedita can help him, but he loses his cool when Nivedita keeps shouting at him and calls him stupid, it’s better if he stays and gets rotten in jail. He grabs her. Police come and separate them. Saket says he will come out soon and won’t spare her. She says she will make sure he gets locked in jail forever.

Epi ends.

Update Credit to: Simmy

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  1. This is tooooo much now plssssss reunite Ravi and Devika in such a way that navi saket and manju get punished and sakshi becomes normal again

    1. XKinuMinux

      omg I know right!! seriously I don’t think this show is going to take TOO LONG!

    2. This show is on life support!

  2. Geetu

    No precap….?

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