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Scene 1
Rekha says to Nivi that neither religion now law gives you right to be Ravi’s wife as Ambika is his first wife now. Nivi says fine then, she asks Ambika if she was conscious when she married Ravi? she says no, she asks if she thinks whatever happened was wrong? Devika says yes, Nivi says i trust you Ambika, i know we both were given same thing which made us faint, we didnt have control, am i right? Devika says yes i was not conscious, i dont know what happened or how, Nivi says now there is only one way to solve all this and i know it. She comes to Ravi and Ambika and ties their gadh bandhan again, all are confused. Ravi asks what are you doing? Manju smiles, Rekha have sigh of relief thinking she accepted wedding. Saket says to Nivi that have you gone mad? Rekha says you did great work

by not be being stubborn and accepted this wedding, Manju says this is really good that you accepted truth, Nivi says i am not doing anything like that, you are thinking wrong. Nivi says now Ravi and Devika will take reverse pheras to break this wedding. Manju says this is not right, this is not how you can undo wedding, Nivi says you are saying this? you are my would be mother in law, you are favoring their wedding? why? did you make me faint? Manju says God, you are doubting me? how can you say such thing? Rekha says it doesnt matter, taking reverse pheras, Nivi shouts that i wont listen anyone. She takes burning stick, she asks if anyone has problem with my wedding with Ravi? come forward, she shows burning stick to them and says if anyone comes forward then i will burn them. She asks Pundit to start mantras. Ravi says listen to me, she says no. She drags Ravi and Ambika in mandap and says Pundit say any mantras for these reverse pheras and end this wedding, Ravi says listen to me atleast, Nivi says no. Ravi gets angry and slaps Nivi hard saying enough, he says everyone is telling you that wedding has happened but you are not listening, chachi said everything right, we took pheras infront of fire, i am disappointed with everything but nobody can deny pheras and there are no reverse pheras, you understand? he leaves. Nivi is stunned and sits by pillar, she cries.

Scene 2
Rekha and Pallavi comes home. Pallavi says i will bring water for you. She brings it and sees Rekha thinking, she gives her water and says relax, dont worry, you know what happens is per God’s will, dont think much, Rekha says i am stunned, how this happened? Ravi and Ambika got married, you saw Ambika is like my Devika, i am really happy today, i want them together for life, Pallavi says i was shocked seeing her in mandap, for me she is my Devika di, its enough for me that she married Ravi but that mad Nivi will not accept it, Rekha says truth is that they are married, i trust my Ravi, he wont let this marriage be affected.
Saket says to Shweta that my happiness is getting destroyed and you are silent? Shweta says our relation died when you raised hand on my husband, Saket says if he was not your husband then i wouldnt have left him easily, i think that Vikas is behind swapping brides, Shweta says dont doubt my husband, he is innocent. Vikas comes there and says dont worry Shweta, i will answer him. He says to Saket that i didnt swap brides and even if i knew who did it then i wouldnt have told him, i suggest you like nivi accepted it, you accept too that Ambika can never be yours, Saket is about to slap him but Shweta holds his hand, Vikas says just accept that she is married, why dont you leave? Saket says only for my sister, he leaves.
Nivi is in her room and sitting on floor, she recalls Rekha’s words, Ravi’s slap, Ravi saying that marriage has happened. Ravi is going by her room and listens her crying. he knocks on door and says i want to talk to you, open door, she says leave, i dont want to talk to anyone, not even you, Ravi says talk to me once, if you dont open it then.. Nivi says everything is finished, i cant talk to anyone, Ravi says open door once, if you respect me and have soft corner then open it, nivi opens door. Ravi comes in. Ravi says you have been through a lot of problems in life but you fought with strength, now you cant break like this, dont cry, he tries to wipe her tears but she jerks his hand away and says dont touch me, i dont need your fake sympathy, you have come to see if i am alive or dead? Ravi says trust me everything will be fine, Nivi says you accepted that marriage infront of all then how will everything be fine? i had hopes from you and our relation but you broke it, everything is finished and asking me to accept this truth? but how? she hugs him and cries, Ravi feels bad, Nivi says you were never happy with out relation thats why you ended easily, Ravi says i didnt do it deliberately, Nivi says you went against me, i tried to save relation but you didnt, i am strong but not so much that i can live without you, whom to tell my pain? just to be with you, i separated myself from everyone, my family, my siblings, i went away from all to be with you, she breakdowns and sits on floor, she says i dont want anything than you, i dont want wealth, money, car, i just want you, if you are with me then i can fight anything, if you are not with me then what would i do? i loved you without any condition, i always hoped that you would love me someday but you took that hope away too, what to do Ravi? i cant live with this pain, what to do, i will kill myself, she beats herself, Ravi hugs her and says calm down, he makes her sit on couch and says relax, i know i have hurt you a lot but try to understand why i went against you, i couldnt stop you, you were wrong, you were going against nature and principles, there are no reverse pheras, wedding doesnt break like this, you know that, Nivi cries, Ravi says your stubbornness forced me slap you but i am not like that, Nivi hugs him and says i cant live without you.

PRECAP- Devika says to Janki that i have married Ravi but i wont forget that i have married him to take revenge only. Ravi says to himself that whatever may happen, i will fulfill this relation, i have taken pheras with her infront of pious fire.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. FGS please make ambika aware that Ravi is innocent. How much longer are you going to drag this track? It’s about time she found out the truth and maybe then end this serial.

  2. If only sakshi would see ambika and maybe then ambika may believe her.

  3. If only sakshi would see ambika and maybe then ambika may believe her that Ravi is not at fault.

    1. Yes I also think same but Devika will believe her to others sackshi is mentally unstable I don’t think that they would believe her


    I don’t get that Nivedita burst all uncessary truth all tym but did not speak that she, manju, saket killed devika..
    Infect ambika and janki starting plan was good by making her scare atleast that tym she was speaking something related to it..
    Writers are doing nothing other than dragging it….


      And like a fool we all watching or reading in hope truth to come out fast..

  5. How true is that Shradddha, until they separate them again no truth will come out.
    Next thing you know is Saket marrying Devika and Ravi marrying Nivi again. Wait and watch how indian writers think.


      Writers will repeat same story…
      1. manju made ambika married to ravi for money and she same accpeted in case of devika.
      2. Saket was trying to marry devika ravi saved her and saket was marrying ambika ravi saved.
      3. Navedita killed devika for her obession for ravi and she will do same now..
      So what is the different story without truth coming out.. they are only repeating story with new name Ambika.. thats it..

  6. after all new things ……again a new season of bullshits will come…don’t just waste ur precious time watching these….ekta ji had no work to do she making the episodes worst…..so stop these [email protected]@@@g episodes and unite them…..there is no story left reveal the truth and unite them…..stop ur nonsense thinking

  7. Show is bakwAs

  8. Actress doing Nivi’s role should get an award for her acting, she is very believable in her role. I swear she wasn’t acting, her scenes are too good. Good job Ms….. ?? only problem now is the stuck storyline. Seems like writers have come up facing a wall and can’t move forward. No scope for other plots, same thing…..every week, for months. Just close the damn serial, with Ravi and Devika together again. That’s all.

  9. I am really fed up of devika ‘s misunderstandings…sometimes I think she doesn’t deserve of Ravi

  10. does any body when this crap serial will be ending?

  11. In previous episode rekha said nivi that Ravi can her but if he divorces ambrika or ambrika dies I think nivi would again try kill her as she did with Devika to get Ravi (same story again?)

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