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Scene 1
Ravi is meeting people, he is tied with Devika by thread, his sleeve is tied to thread while other end is tied to DEvika’s saree, all sees it, guest says that their couple is made in heaven, Pallavi comes to Devika and says i know you are newly married but you dont need to tie your husband with your pallu, Devka says what are you saying? Tannu says to Ravi that you have disappointed me, he ask what? she says i thought you will control Devika but you have already accepted your defeat, you just walk on her orders, both turn to find each other tied with thread, Sadqe tere plays as both look at each other, Ravi takes thread end in his hands, he looks at her, Rekha comes to Devika and says this thread is proof of fact that fate wants you both to be always with each other and no one can cast

eye on your love, Navi comes there and thinks what nonsense, they cant become one as Ravi doesnt love Devika, he has married her for money only, she comes inbetween thread and breaks it, she smirks while all are stunned, Rekha says what you did? you broke the thread by which they were joined? Navi says what are you saying? if i broke this thread then does this mean that their love ended? Rekha says i trust their love, no one can separate them, Navi leaves, DEvika is tensed as thread broke, Rekha ask Ravi to bring Monty, she leaves, Navi thinks they are assigning thread as love bind, i will break every thread one day.
Pallavi is talking to her friends, they see Monty coming there and say we should do some fun, Pallavi says no he is very shy, friends says you should do fun as you are his saali, Pallavi agrees, she stops Monty, he doesnt look at her, she says if i am that bad that you dont even wanna look at me, Monty says nothing like that, Pallavi says why you are behaving as you dont know me, Monty says you are Sakshi’s sister Pallavi, Pallavi ask whom you like between me and Sakshi, Monty gets tensed, friends says he is really shy, Pallavi says to Monty that i will make it easy for you, she shows him two fingers and says choose one finger and we will know whom you like more, Monty holds one finger, Pallavi says you chose me, i will tell this to Sakshi, she will feel jealous, she leaves, Monty is hurt and sad.

Scene 2
Savitri thinks all are happy with this engagement but soon their happiness will end, where is Ravi and Devika? she comes to Rekha and ask why you are not starting engagement? Rekha sys Ravi has gone to find Monty, Savitri thinks that Ravi wont be able to find Monty and it will be fun.
Devika comes to Ravi and says you think you are smart? Ravi says you were silent infront of all and now scolding me, Devika says you have started flirting with me infront of all too, Ravi says i have right to flirt with my wife, nobody can stop me, Devika says you.. Ravi holds her hand and pulls her closer, both share eyelock, Sadqe tere plays, Ravi says i should know how much dangerous are you only then i will be afraid of you, Deviak says you are disgusting, Ravi says wow you praised me after so many days, you are afraid that if i flirt with you then you will fall in love with me, Devika says never, i will never love you, you can try as much as you can but i will never come in your talks, i get irritated by your words, Ravi says love start with irritation only, Devika says you say rubbish, Ravi says you have something else in your heart, you tied me to thread so that i dont run anywhere away from you, if you love me then you can tell me, Devika says i dont know when thread got stuck in your sleeves, if i knew it then i would have broken it, i dont care what you think, she starts leaving, Ravi says i swear on your love DEvika, just see what i do, Devika turns, looks at him and leaves, Ravi smiles.
Monty says to himself that i cant do all this, the girl i love will call me jeeju and for all life, after marrying Sakshi, Pallavi will come to my house, she will joke with me then how will i forget her? i am not doing right with Sakshi, i cant feel for Sakshi as i do for Pallavi, Saket is right, i should not get married, i may not get Pallavi’s love but Sakshi’s life will be saved, i have decided that i will not do this engagement.
Saket is waiting for Monty outside, he thinks why Monty has not come till now? what if his love for brother comes inbetween, he says i need to wait for him.
Monty is leaving venue when he bangs into Ravi, Ravi ask what happened why you are tensed? did anyone say you anything? where are you going? i am tensed seeing you like this, Monty says i was having headache, Ravi says you take rest, i will delay engagement for sometime, Monty says my head is spinning, Ravi says you were sitting alone thats why feeling this, come with me in hall, you will feel better, he takes him, Savitri sees all this.
Manju says to Vikas that we need to save money, we should not splurge on marriage much now, Shweta is irritated with engagement ceremony, she is getting bored, she find Navi sitting alone and thinks i should ask her why she is interested in Ravi, she is about to go to Navi but strikes with Manju, Manju says why you are not attending guests, Shweta says i was going to Navi only, Manju says you help your husband, i will attend her, she leaves, Shweta ask Vikas why you always keep silent? Vikas says i cant say anything to mom, she says you are mom’s servant.
manju comes to Navi, Navi says i was getting bored, Manju says i am sorry i was busy, Navi says i understand, she ask when will engagement start? i am not feeling well, Manju says i will ask and will tell you. Manju comes to Rekha and ask who will do engagement first? Monty-Sakshi? or Ravi-Devika? Rekha says i have not decided it, Sakshi comes down dressed, Ravi brings Monty too, Manju says Monty seems shy, Ravi makes Monty stand beside Sakshi.

PRECAP- Devika is smiling at Ravi, Navi comes and stand beside Ravi, Devika doesnt like it. Pallavi brings rings for Sakshi and monty, Monty extend his hand to Pallavi(pointing her to make him wear ring), all look on confused.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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