Kalash 6th November 2015 Written Episode Update

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Scene 1
Ravi ask Devika why did she yes for Drink? Devika says i didnt say anything, Ravi says i got stuck with navi, Devika says you wanted chance to drink wine, Ravi says i dont need to drink wine you know why? because when i see in someone’s eyes, i get inebriated, Devika says you are talking about Navi? you were so happy when she sit beside you, Ravi says she sat beside me as you never sit beside me, he ask can i drink wine or not? she says why you are asking me, dont you have mind? Ravi says i am giving respect to you, if you ask me to not drink it then i wont, you are my wife, Devika says i dont need your respect, Navi thinks that i control you alot but thats not true, drinking, flirting, joking are your habits, you have happiness doing all these so continue, dont stop yourself because

me, you will blame me later that i stopped you from everything, Ravi thinks that she is confusing me, not saying yes, not saying no, Devika says i dont wanna talk to you, she gets up to leave but fall in Ravi’s arms, both share eyelock, Ravi thinks that i wish this moment just stop here, she remain in my arms and i keep looking at her, Devika thinks what has happened to me? Why i am not able to move away from Ravi?, Ankhon Ankhon hi mein plays, Devika composes herself and gets up, she thinks what happened to me in that moment? Ravi thinks that if these moments keep coming in my life then my life would be beautiful, Ravi leaves from there.
Pallavi ask Sakshi if she is happy? Sakshi thanks her, Navi brings drinks for them and says enjoy drinks. Monty is going from there but Pallavi stops him and makes him sit beside Sakshi, she says you keep going away from Sakshi, you have become too shy, Saket comes in party, Monty is tensed to see him, Saket says i want to tell truth to you all, all gather there, Ravi ask what truth? Saket says Monty loves someone else and is marrying someone else and he is not happy with this marriage, Ravi says you are lying, Saket says i am saying truth, you are forcing him to marry, you are destroying his life, ask Monty if he doesnt love someone else, Ravi ask whom he love? Saket says he loves Sakshi’s sister, Pallavi, all are shocked… it all turns out to be Monty’s imagination, he leaves from there.
Ravi is drinking wine and looking at Devika lovingly, Devika finds Sakshi dancing and enjoying and thanks Ambe Maa for making Sakshi happy, Sakshi calls Devika on dance floor but she says no, Navi is looking at Ravi and thinks that Ravi is looking so handsome, she drinks wine and comes to Ravi, she says i wanna dance with you, Ravi looks at Devika, Navi pulls Ravi to come and dance with her, Devika sees this and leaves, Ravi goes behind her leaving Navi, Navi gets angry and thinks that till Devika is here, Ravi wont come near me, i have to do something. Ravi comes to Devika, she is surprised to see him, he ask where are you going? Devika says it doesnt matter to you, Ravi says if you go like this then it does matter, why your face is swallow like balloon? Devika checks it in mirror and says its fine, Ravi says i am not lying, see your nose and cheeks, DEvika says they seem same, Ravi says problem is with your eyes then, DEvika says you are teasing me, what are you doing here? go to Navi, she is perfect, she is attractive, go to her and enjoy party, Ravi says now i understand what problem you have, you are jealous and its affecting your heart, Devika says why would i be jealous, do what you want, Ravi says then why did you leave from there? DEvika says i dont like these parties so i was going out, Ravi thinks i should know what she feels for me, he ask Devika to give her hand, she gives, he makes her put her hand on heart and ask her to listen her heartbeat, Devika feels her heartbeat, he puts her other hand on his heart and ask if she is able to listen his heartbeat? Devika thinks what he wants to say to me? Ravi ask her to close her eyes, she does, Ravi ask her to listen her and his heartbeat, he says feel that our heartbeats are same, they beat at sametime and same level, Devika feels their heartbeats and open her eyes, someone calls Ravi, Ravi says to Devika that i am leaving but i just wanna say that think about what i said, he points at his heart then at her heart and says its same to same, ditto, he leaves, Devika is moved by his words and thinks whats happening with me? my mind is saying something else and my heart is saying something else.
Saket thinks that i have to make Monty drink so much that he will become my puppet, Monty ask why this is happening with me? Saket says i understand your pain, have some wine, Monty says no i have drank alot, Saket says this wine is your friend, have it and you will forget your pain, Monty drinks wine and says no one understand my pain, Saket says i understand it, Pallavi is such a nice girl, if she had married you then your life would have been amazing, Saket thinks that my plan will be successful now.
Devika sit in corner and finds Ravi talking to his friends and enjoying, she smiles at him, Navi thinks that it maybe Ravi’s gameplan to show concern for Devika but i dont like to see them together, this Devika snatches my happiness, i have to teach her lesson, she mixes vodka in orange juice and gives it to waiter and ask him to give it to lady, waiter takes drink.
Rekha is praying to Ambe Maa and says why i am feeling weird, i feel something wrong is going to happen, bring my daughters back safely.
Waiter brings juice for Devika, she takes it, Navi is happy to see it, Devika drinks it, Navi thinks that she didnt doubt it, now my work will be done, Devika will go to sleep after drinking it and i will be with Ravi, it will be me, my Ravi and our love.

PRECAP- Devika is inebriated, Ravi is handling her, Devika says to navi that why are you behind my husband? you pushed me in pool right?

Update Credit to: Atiba

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