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Scene 1
Ravi sits in his room and recalls how reporter said that he took only 9months to forget Devika? he recalls how Devika said that i wont leave you easily, we are made to be together for 7births. He looks at Devika’s pictue in mobile and says i still remember that we promised to be together for 14births, i would have fulfilled that promise but you left me, i am still waiting for you that one day you will come and say Ravi.. you know when i saw you pictures in presentation, i was froze, if i had stayed here for a while, i would have cried remembering our memories, your memories are mine only, i miss you alot, dont take me wrong ever, i am not wrong, i always wanted to give this school your name or your mother’s name but few things are not in my control, what i couldnt say, reporter said

that, maybe now things will be fine.
Devika thinks that Ravi must have remembered his deeds seeing my pictures in presentation, he is afraid of his misdeeds, i just cant wait for the day when i will come infront of you and will shock, it will be biggest shock of your life. Janki comes there, Devika says your planning was right, we have started our revenge, when Ravi and Nivi will see me engagement, they will be shocked, i want to see their condition seeing me, Janki says they just saw trailer till now, now when they will see full movie, they will be terrified, this was starts of our revenge, now they will be snatched off everything slowly, just wait and watch.
Nivi recalls how reporter asked her many questions regarding Devika, how projector showed Devika’s pictures, Shweta asks if she is coming for dinner? she says i dont need it, Shweta says i know you are shocked at whatever happened in engagement, Nivi says i dont understand how all this happened in conference, this was plan of someone, someone from my house did this to pull me down, who can do this? Shweta says i didnt do anything, Nivi says you cant do it as you dont have that much brain, even if reporter was genuinely asking question but then how did CD got changed in presentation, it can be changed by someone who knows my house and knows where it would be, Shweta says Gurvindar and Manju cant do anything like this, Monty is busy in office work, Ravi doesnt have any reason to do this, Vikas is bigger fool than me, Jyoti is afraid of you, only puppy is left, he must have done it, Nivi says you are saying that puppy changed cd? you are stupid, you dont have any answer, dont come behind me, idiot, she leaves, Shweta says i will find out truth and will show her that i am not idiot, there must be something fish happened in party, she recalls how she saw a reporter in Nivi and Ravi’s room, she says only that reporter must be behind it, i should tell it to Nivi.
Manju says to Gurvindar that i cant believe what happened today in press conference, i should tell Saket about Devika’s pictures cropping up, Gurvinda says why you are tensed? Manju says i should talk to Saket, he should have been here to handle everything, Nivi comes there and asks Gurvindar to leave, she leaves. Nivi asks what happened? why are you calling Saket? Manju says reporter asked so many questions and then that DEvika’s picture, i am sure someone is doing this deliberately, Nivi says someone must have changed cd mistakenly, Manju says when we have removed all pictures of Devika then how did her pictures came on cd? it means someone brought that cd in house, Nivi says you want me to get tensed? there is so much happening in house and you are making me afraid? you should worrying to make my mood fine but you are afraid of yourself, you are selfish, you killed your daughter in law to get money, i have done alot of hard work to get Ravi, if anyone tries to come between me and him then i will kill that person. Nivi says i have doubt that Rekha is behind all this as she is chachi of Devika and if she has done this then i will handle her after engagement party, she asks Manju why she is giving her so much tension? let me make one thing clear that Devika is dead, let this engagement happen once then i will handle that Rekha too but till then i dont want Devika’s name to be listened in this house, Manju nods,

Scene 2
Janki is waiting for Devika, she says if Devika is again lost in her old thoughts? she calls out her name Ambika and says mata Rani give her strength so that she can fulfill her mission, remove all doubts from her heart. Devika comes there, dresses in maxi and in modern avatar, Janki smiles and says you are looking beautiful, Devika says thank you mom, Janki says Ravi will be impressed seeing you, Devika says only money, fame and popularity impresses him, Janki says you have beauty and money both, Ravi will be drawn to you, our plan is solid, you have to be confident, Devika says i may appear confident but i am weak inside, something is making me weak, i dont know how i will face Ravi, if i will be able to control my emotions, i am nervous, DEvika says i just want everything to go fine, dont know how i will be able to see Ravi getting married to someone else, Janki says if you dont wake up your strength then how will you fight? this engagement is our chance to fight back, he will be celebrating his engagement when he will see your face and will get terrified, your face will make him remember how much low he stooped to get all this, he would not be ready for all this but you have taken 9months for this day, you cant shiver at this point as your mother have faith on you, Devika says i wont let this faith die, i will not move back from my mission now, Janki says i expected this only, we are going there so we should gift them something which will be related to their future darkness.
Ravi is getting ready for engagement, Nivi comes there and smiles, she says you look handsome, my eyes will cast on you, she makes him wear coat, Nivi says can i ask something? he nods, Nivi asks if he happy with this engagement? Ravi says i am happy, we had deal, you fulfilled your promise and now its my time, you announced to make school on Devika’ property so i will fulfill my promise by getting engaged to you, Nivi comes closer, Ravi moves away, she says your collar.. Nivi sets his collar and says this is just deal for you? Ravi says you have done alot for me, you helped my family after Devika died, you brought us to your house when our house got burned, you did so much so.. Nivi says so its your duty to get engaged to me to pay back my debts? Ravi says my duty is to thank you for becoming part of my family, Nivi says tell me how much you own me? Ravi says you are more than a boss to me, Nivi gets sad listening this, Ravi says i need to call, he tries to leave, Nivi says i am waiting for you, come soon, he leaves, Nivi says let this engagement happen then Ravi will be mine only, i know what relations mean for him, he will not leave me after engagement, i will be his responsibility, he will not leave my hand, i just want that nobody come inbetween us ever.

PRECAP- All are searching for engagement ring, Devika comes there and shows engagement, Nivi cant believe her eyes to see Devika alive, Devika comes there with Janki and, she comes towards Ravi who is in shock.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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