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Scene 1
Devika runs and hides in store room. She thinks that i just hope, Nivi didnt see me. Nivi is outside store room and says i see Devika is inside. Nivi locks store room and says to Devika that you did big mistake by going in this room, i forgot that you are Devika’s ghost and can come out even from locked door, i am waiting for you, come out and kill me, she laughs and says i have to admit that you act like good ghost but you played game with me? i am always ahead of you, how could you even think that this will work? you will finish me? i will prove to everyone that you are Ambika, you are devika and you are ghost too who have been trying to prove that i am mental, there is nobody here to save you today, you did mistake by coming inbetween me and Ravi and now i will make drama of you that

you wont be able to face anyone. Devika thinks that God please help me, i shouldnt have knocked her door, she started having doubt there and i ranaway from there which confirmed her doubt.
Janki says Ambika went with strong mind but i just hope that she is fine. Her hand gets cut by glass piece, she says this night is supposed to be our victory night then why this? this is bad omen. i should call her but then she says that dont know where she must me, i should not call her, she prays for her.
Devika says Nivi must be calling family, i have to get out of here. She finds clothes in store room, she says who can live here? Sakshi is hiding behind divider and is afraid, Devika is trying to find lights switch.
Nivi is driving car and says i did superb work, there is no way to get out of store room, today i will expose Devika, when Ravi and family will see her in Devika’s clothes then they will get to know to truth, she did big mistake by fooling, she thought that she can play this ambika game with me, Ravi is mine and i wont let anyone snatch him from me, first i have to end this drama of Devika, Ambika and Devika’s ghost. Nivi comes near Jagran place, she calls Ravi and asks him to come out, she messages Ravi to bring Shweta and Manju with him, she says this is difference between me and Devika, Devika started playing games but she is still way behind me.
Sakshi grabs Devika from behind, Devika gets afraid and turns to see that its Sakshi, she says Sakshi? leave me Sakshi.. Sakshi grabs her tightly, Devika pushes her away and frees herself, Devika gets emotional and hugs her tightly, she composes herself and thinks what if Sakshi recognizes me? i hugged her, Sakshi looks at her confused, Devika thinks what she is doing here? Sakshi asks who is she? Devika is stunned and says its me Devika, what has happened to you? Sakshi says leave from here, Devika says listen to me, i am Devika, Sakshi become hysteric and shouts to leave, she says you are not Devika, go from here, Devika says you are not recognizing me Sakshi, whats wrong with you? she tries to control Sakshi but Sakshi that i will kill you, i will kill you, Devika says listen to me, Sakshi is going hysteric, Devika slaps her to control her, Sakshi starts crying, DEvika hugs her, Sakshi says i will tell my Devika di, she will punish you for slapping me, Devika hugs her and says what they have done with you? why you have become like this, she hugs her tightly, Sakshi wipes her tears and says dont cry, i will not complain to Devika di, i promise, dont cry, Sakshi starts crying and sits in corner, Devika hugs her and cries, Sakshi asks her to not cry, Devika and Sakshi are pained.
Nivi meets Ravi, Manju and Shweta, Nivi says to Ravi that truth is that Ambika is Devika, i have got proof, they are same, Ambika is no one, Devika is Ambika only, Ravi asks her to tell everything clearly, Nivi says Devika is alive and she is fooling us using Ambika’s name, you come with me, i will prove that Ambika is Devika only. She makes him sit in car. Nivi comes to Manju and says i have locked Devika in Sakshi’s room, she came to scare me but i locked her in room, make sure that no one opens door. I am going to Janki’s house, Devika wont be there, this will prove that Devika is Ambika only, this is full proof plan, Devika is ambika only so she wont be in Janki’s house, i cant send you to Janki as Janki will fool you both, she will get trapped by me only, go to home and dont even think about ghosts or anything, if you both do any mistake then i wont spare you. Ravi comes and asks if they should leave? Nivi stares Manju and leaves with Ravi.
Sakshi is sleeping in Devika’s lap, Devika recalls her time spent with Sakshi, she says Sakshi fought for me, always stood by me, she fought with Saket, Nivi, everyone for me, she used to be so lively and what she has become now? i was not here but God you were there, how could do this Sakshi? Rekha is trying to make ends for her family and here Sakshi is like this, i know Nivi is behind all this, maybe Sakshi had doubt on Nivi and Nivi did all this with her to shut her mouth, even animal would go mad by being locked in this store room 24*7, Devika says i could have forgiven Nivi for trying to kill me but what she has done with my family, she has made my sister to be in this condition and i cannot forgive her for that, i will destroy her, i will take revenge for my family, for Chachi, for Sakshi, for everyone, i wont spare her now.

PRECAP- Nivi and Ravi comes to Janki’s house. Ravi says lets go from there, Nivi says no, she says to Janki that i know Ambika is not here in house as i have locked her somewhere else and i know you are going at this hour, Janki gets tensed.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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