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Scene 1
Nivi says you are right Ambika, i have given freedom to everyone, they are splurging my money and i dont control them, i am doing everything for them and what i get? Devika says nothing, nothing at all, i feel so sorry for you, even your engagement was broken, if Manju cared about you then she would have made her son understand to marry you but she didnt, she sees how much you do for her family but she doesnt care about you at all, Nivi says you are right, i did so much for Ravi, i kidnapped Devika, killed her, it was not easy, i was so stressed in all these days, this Devika’s spirit and my life in danger but no one is worried about me, all are busy in their lives then why i am doing all this for them? this Shweta is a spy, she used to spy Devika and used to give me news, she is like her

brother, Devika asks which brother? Nivi says Saket, he used to love Devika alot, he helped me in killing Devika, Ambika says didnt he come in your party? Nivi says he is living in Dehli for his party work, Devika says they all are selfish, they can do anything to get things from you, Nivi says you are right, i am feeling tensed now, they can do anything, i will figure out way, i am happy that you are by my side, if i have spoiled them then i can put them in place too, just see what i do with them, she leaves. Devika says they all became one to kill me and now i will separate them, they all have given me pain and now i will return it.
Manju says to Shweta that why did you put chili in food? Shweta says you know i will never do it, Manju says yes you cant, lets have something to eat. Nivi comes there and snatches fruits from Shweta, she says after messing up lunch, you are eating fruits? it takes money to bring fruits, Shweta asks what happened to you? Nivi says you destroyed my lunch, i told you my important guest is coming still you messed it up, Shweta says i am hungry, Nivi says then you will eat food which you cooked, Shweta says but its spicy, Nivi forcefully makes her eat spicy food, Shweta drinks water and runs away from there. Devika recalls how Shweta had earlier destroyed her lunch by putting chili in her food, she thinks that this is payback of your deeds Shweta. Devika comes to Nivi and says you did right, Nivi asks if it was good? Devika says it was best, you made her eat what she cooked for you, let her know what you went through, you should have done that earlier but now control them, this is house not hotel that everyone has their own way here, Nivi says i am lucky to get a friend like you, i never had friends like you, all were behind my money, Devika says now i will guide to control them, i dont like that they are using you, i am there to help, control them so much that they dont get spoiled after marriage, Nivi says thank you, i will order some lunch, she leaves.
Shweta comes in her room and searches for water, she asks Vikas to bring water, he says when you and mother in law starts fire in others life then you dont think, now its payback, Shweta says dont lecture me, Vikas says you never listen to me then why should i? Shweta says i cant even speak, please bring water, Vikas says okay i will bring it but if you dont mend your ways then you will be gone, he goes to bring water. Manju comes to Shweta and asks if she is fine? Shweta says i cant even talk, Manju says we did everything nicely, i dont know how spice came in food, Shweta says i feel Ambika is doing all this, Manju says you are right, this Ambika will create problem for us.
Devika is leaving house and Ravi comes in house, they both turn to look at each other. Ravi is holding lilies, he says i misbehaved with you in party so i thought to say sorry to you, he offers her lilies, she looks at him emotionally and confused, she recalls how Ravi used to gift her rose, she is lost and takes flower from him while touching his hand, flower falls down on flower, they both bend to get it but bangs their head with each other, they recall how it used to happen earlier too, Ravi sits down and takes flower and offers her again. Nivi comes there and says when did you come? and these flowers for me? she takes it from him and says so sweet, she smells it and coughs, she says i have allergy from them, she gives it back to him, Nivi says you missed many things, Devika says he missed most spicy food of world too, Ravi asks what? he says i will tell you later, now come for lunch, Ravi says i will come, you go, Ambika and Nivi leaves, Ravi keep looking at devika.

Scene 2
Nivi asks servant to serve food. Nivi says to Devika that i love Italian food, Devika says Janki loves indian food. Courier boy comes and says there is courier for Monty, Monty comes and says give it to me, he gives and leaves, Nivi asks if these are office papers? he says you will know. He calls all family members and says today i will bring truth of this dual face Ambika, Nivi says what is this way of talking to guest? Monty says i am sorry but i do my work, you have started to believe that she is Ambika and has no connection with Devika but i dont believe it, i am your well wisher and your honest worker so i wont let you believe you this fake girl, i have strong proof that she is Devika and not Ambika, Nivi says she is not Devika, i have no doubt about that, she is my friend and cant lie to me, you wont say a word against her, leave, Monty says just give me one minute, He says to Devika that you think you are smart and you are fooling my ma’am but i have proofs against you. Ravi asks what proof do you? Monty says i have fingers prints of Devika and Ambika, i sent them for lab test and you know we can find identity by finger prints as they are never fake, right Devika? Manju says what if she is Devika? Shweta says i wish she is Devika and Nivi comes back to her senses. Nivi thinks that Monty is confident so i want to know truth but Ambika will think that i have doubt on her, Ravi thinks that my heart always say that she is Devika. Nivi says if by seeing this report, you all can rest your suspicion then see it and end this matter, Devika thinks that she is so clever, she wants to know herself. Monty says i am sure that i am saying truth and this woman is liar.
Devika’s picture is about to fall but Janki holds it and thinks that is this bad omen? what if something wrong is happening with her? Mata Rani protect my daughter.
Monty opens report, Ravi thinks that what i couldnt do, Monty did it, today it will be proved that she is Devika and then i wont let her go away, Nivi thinks that this is last proof against her, Devika thinks that i hope this report is not against me, Monty opens report and reads it, he is shocked, Ravi asks what happened? Ravi reads report, Monty says how is this possible? Ravi reads that Ambika and Devika’s finger prints doesnt match, Monty says this cant be true, Nivi says i knew my friend is not lying, you all have no doubt now? Monty says i will call lab now, she says no need, Ravi thinks that how will prove that she is Devika now? my heart still says that you are Devika. Devika starts leaving, Nivi says where are you going? Devika says i have been so insulted here and you want me to stay even after all that? my name, my status, my position, its all fun for you, this employee of no value was insulting me and you kept silent, you didnt stop him, you didnt throw him out of house, you deserve my friendship, i wont come here again, to hell with you, she leaves, Nivi says no Ambika.

PRECAP- Ravi calls Devika, Devika says why you called me late at night? Ravi says so much happened on lunch so i thought to say sorry, Devika says when person doesnt regret his mistakes then he shouldnt say sorry, you people dont accept that you done mistake.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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