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Scene 1
Sakshi and Devika comes to farmhouse, Devika says there will be only guys inside, i an tensed to to go inside, i will call Saket and inform that we have come here, Sakshi says you will tell thief that you are coming for raid? so that he can clean mess before you come? we have come here to expose him, DEvika gets call from REkha, she ask where are you? Savitri says is asking about you, DEvika says i am with Sakshi, i will come in half an hour, Sakshi talks to Rekha and says i will tell you after coming back, she ends call.
in farmhouse, dancer comes and starts dancing seductively, Saket is dancing too, Ravi is frustrated, DEvika and Sakshi comes in party, they dont find Saket, Devika says see i told you Saket is not here, she is shocked to see Ravi there, she goes to him, Sakshi finds Saket

going upstairs, she says where is he going? i have to catch him red handed, should i go alone behind him? she goes behind him.
Ananya is crying in godown, she thinks that i am destroyed but i wont let Saket destroy life of other girl, i wish i would have listened to Ravi that night, i done mistake by trusting Saket, i have to run from here, i have to meet Ravi at any cost, i have to teach lesson to Saket, she acts like fainting, goons comes and ask what happened? they open her ties goon goes to call Saket, Ananya hits him and runs from there.

Scene 2
Ravi thinks why did i come here? all are drunkards here, Devika comes to him, he ask what are you doing here? this is bachelor’s party, Devika says Sakshi have brought me here, she thought Saket has brought dancers here, but see you are here too and Saket is not even here, Sakshi has misunderstanding, you tell her that everything is fine here then she will leave, Ravi thinks what should i call your trust? innocence? Devika ask him to talk with her, Devika doesnt find Sakshi, she is about to slip but Ravi holds her in time, they get closer, Kabhi na Sakoon aya plays, they share eyelock, Navi comes there and sees them like that, she says open romance in bachelor’s party, i didnt know India has advanced so much, Deviak gets call, she composes herself, Savitri calls her and ask where are you? have you any shame that you left home like this? Devika says i am in Saket’s party, Savitri says oh dont worry, be with him and do what he says, she is ends call, Devika goes to find Sakshi, Navi says to Ravi that what pose it was? she was in your arms and you both were talking with eyes, Ravi says nothing like that, she slipped and i just helped her, Navi sys it all start with these things only, Ravi says nothing like that, Ravi thinks Sakshi has gone behind Saket, he goes to find Sakshi.

Scene 3
Saket comes upstairs, he finds a girl standing in dark, he says dont play this hide and seek game with me, he flirts with her, light turns on and it turns out to be Sakshi, Saket grabs her from face and says dont try to play games with me, i can punish you but i wont do anything like that as you are my Saali, dont try to tell everything to Devika, she trust me alot, i can cook up stories to make your truth into lie, and i can punish your sister for your deeds, till you dont have proof against me, dont open your mouth, this is my last warning to you, if you wanna tell everything then do that, nobody will trust you, Sakshi leaves from there.
Saket’s goons comes in market and doesnt find Ananya. Ananya is hiding, she thinks how to call Ravi, she comes to shopkeeper and tells that some goons are behind me, can you call someone? shopkeeper agrees and calls Saket, he says to enough Ravi, you have to give my money to me now, Saket ask who is speaking, shopkeeper says i want my money back else i will complain in police, Saket says i am not Ravi, Saket says if you want money then come to farmhouse, Ravi is here only, he ends call, shopkeeper tells Ananya that Ravi is in farmhouse, Ananya thanks him. Saket gets call from goon, goon tells him that Ananya ranaway from godown, Saket says how? he says if you dont find her then i will shoot you.
Sakshi is coming down stairs and thinks what he think of himself, Devika comes to her and ask why you are worried? Sakshi says you dont know.. Saket comes there, Sakshi thinks devil is here, how to tell truth to her that Saket was going behind dancer and touched me cheaply, Saket comes to Devika and says you must be missing me thats why you came her, i was getting bored here, i am not interested in these kind of parties, my friends wanted me to dance with dancer, how can i dance with her? its cheap, i was missing you, i love you, Sakshi is disgusted listening all this.

PRECAP- Ravi says to Saket that i will leave now, Saket says how can you leave so soon? you are special, i wont let you go like this, Ravi says i am not enjoying so must leave, Saket says why? are you still in search of Ananya?

Update Credit to: Atiba

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