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Scene 1
Devika brings tea for Ravi and says Janki and Rekha has come to meet Sakshi, i brought you breakfast as you dont eat anything whole day. Janki comes there, Ravi greets her. Janki says to Devika that i have to leave, Devika says you seem worried, whats the problem? Janki says there is one deal i have to sort out urgently, Ravi says tell me, maybe i will be able to help, Devika says we will sort out together, tell us, Janki says there is problem in business, i bought property in mountain area, i thought to make romantic resort but i dont know if resort is romantic, i cant take haste decision thats why i was thinking to send a couple there and ask if its romantic place or not, i have to send trusted couple, who should i send? Ravi and Devika thinks too, Janki says you both can go there and help

me, you are my people and can go there and tell if i can invest in that place or not, Devika says we both? Janki says its okay if you dont want to go, Devika says no we will help you, we will go there and help you with suggestion, Ravi winks at Devika, Janki asks Ravi if he is busy? Ravi says no mother’s order should be followed, we will go there, Devika says dont worry, we will go, Ravi says when we have to leave? Janki says can you both leave in 2hours? Ravi says i dont have problem with it, Devika says we will leave in 2hours, dont take tension mom, Janki thanks them, Janki hugs Devika and thinks that my plan worked. Devika smiles at Ravi.
Janki is sitting with Rekha and Sakshi. Rekha asks Janki what you thought will be true? i dont think we should send Ravi and Ambika away from house, so much incidents happened with them, there lives were in danger, it means their lives are in danger and if we send them out of city then we will scared always, what if they need us? they will be far away, Janki says i understand but dont worry, i have made this plan after thinking, this is just excuse to send them together and about danger, they are in danger in this house, all attacks happened in this house because of which Ravi and Devika couldnt spend time, this trip is like honeymoon for them, Sakshi says i have to say you are brilliant Janki aunty, Rekha says yes you are right Janki, they will get time for each other and will be happy, Janki says just keep in mind to not tell anyone about this plan, Rekha says to Janki that we wont let anyone know it, Sakshi says this will remain secret. Nivi has listened their conversation.

Scene 2
Nivi comes to Saket’s house, Saket says you here? Nivi says i have to tell you some bad news, Saket says one more bad news? you just keep telling me bad news, Nivi says till we keep wasting time, we will have bad news only, Saket says you have started fighting now? Nivi says you dont know what happens in that house, Ravi and Ambiak have become so close that they are going for honeymoon.
Ravi and Devika have packed everything, Devika says have you packed everything? its your habit to forget things at home, Ravi says how you know my habit? we are going on trip for first time, Devika says i live with you and know you act oversmart but leave important things behind thats why i am reminding you to pack everything, Ravi says i have packed everything. Ravi says you have packed so many clothes, he pulls her closer and says why you need clothes there? Devika says have you gone mad? leave me, she pulls away from him. Sakshi, Rekha and Janki comes there, DEvia says why did you come here? i would have come to your room, Sakshi says i came to see you off, Devika says to Sakshi that remain in room when i am not here and take care of yourself, Devika asks Rekha to stay here to take care of Sakshi, nobody cares about her here and if you stay here then Sakshi will become fine soon, ravi says please stay here, Rekha says no, how can i stay in daughter’s inlaws house? Ravi says i am your son too, stay here, Janki says i will come here often too, stay here Rekha, Rekha says i will stay here then, Ravi thanks her. Janki asks Ravi to take care of Devika, she gets cold soon, Devika says i will have to take care of him instead, Ravi says it would be good, Devika says i am helpless to go with you, Ravi says see what she is saying? they both start bickering, Janki says dont fight there like this, Ravi says i will only love, Devika glares at him. Vikas comes there and says are you both ready? Ravi says yes, Vikas says sit in car, i will take your luggage, Ravi says i will carry it, Vikas says you just take care of your wife, that is big thing, Ravi says you want me to carry my wife to car? Devika says Ravi.. Ravi greets everyone and leaves with Devika. Janki and Sakshi hugs Rekha.
Ravi is driving, Devika is using phone. Ravi says talk to me, Devika says i want you to concentrate on driving, you will start blabbering if i say anything, Ravi says i will be distracted if you keep using phone, you blabber not me, Devika says see you started, Ravi says i cant bear that my wife is ignoring me and using phone, he snatches phone from her, Devika says i was reading article on it, Ravi says i am not important to you? DEvika says okay lets talk, what topic? Ravi says i am a good looking guy, talk about it, Devika says i cant lie, Ravi says okay fine then but i wont give yo phone and will keep blabbering. Devika says dont say a word now.
Saket says to Nivi that they are going for honeymoon? why didnt you stop them? Nivi says they already left, Saket says why you didnt tell me? Nivi says i got to know it rightnow, Saket asks where are they going? Nivi tells him place, he says i am going there, Nivi says i will come with you, Saket says you are a curse to me so i am not taking you, he leaves. Nivi thinks that Saket must be planning something, i have to follow him, he is not telling me.
Devika says to Ravi that lets sing songs, Ravi says okay, Devika says you start, i will join you, Ravi sings janam janam song, Devika says you are not sining in rhythm, they both sing in sync, Devika says lets sing Kaun tujhe song, Ravi says you love me, say it, they sing boldo na zara, Ravi says i sang so nicely, Devika says you just hummed, i sang, Ravi says you are my better half so it doesnt matter. Saket is driving car, Nivi is following him. Saket thinks that i wont waste time this time, Ravi wont return home this time. Nivi thinks that Saket wont tell me plan but i feel like you are going to do something against Ravi and i wont let that happen, i have to reach there to save Ravi. Saket sees Niti following him from car mirror and thinks this witch is following me?

PRECAP- Ravi and Devika are at dhabba, one girl Priya comes and hugs Ravi. Devika sees Ravi hugging her and smiling, she gets hurt seeing it.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. When is the truth going to come out and this track ends? How many more times kidnapping etc?

  2. Oh no, not again, please, again Devika will misunderstand Ravi and she will doubt him again. I don’t have energy to see this type of fight again. Ravi just proved his love and again she will get angry with him. Besides this part, the story is heading in right direction, I just hope that Saket and Nivi get exposed after this road trip story.

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