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Scene 1
some guests come to Saket and says you are very fast, you are doing marriage so fast, tell us something about your love story, Saket is silent, Ravi asks Saket to tell them, Ravi says Saket had to do so much to make this marriage happen, he had to fight all odds to make things work in his favor, i will not tell you all a story, i wanted to tell this story as skit but we dont have much time, you must have listened story of beauty and beast, but there is one twist in my story, its interesting story so you all listen to me, Gayetri asks Ravi what he wanna say? Ravi says i will answer you all, and i know all will be shocked to listen my story. He says story started one month back, there was one girl and one boy, both were very nice kids, girl’s name was Sakshi and guy’s name was Monty,

Savitri says to Ravi that dont take that Monty’s name, Ravi says this story would not complete without taking his name, just wait for 10minutes then you will understand what wrong is happening here, guests ask Ravi to continue story. Ravi says beast trapped both Monty and Sakshi, he trapped them in crime which they never did, he sent them in jail for that crime, Monty and Sakshi went to disco for birthday party, they were dancing and enjoying that party but they didnt know a beast was following them and went to that disco with bad intentions, then that beast laid his trap for his good, he gave money waiter and mixed drugs in Monty and Sakshi’s drinks, they drank it and became unconscious then that beast put drugs near them, called police there and sent both the kids to police station, you all wanna know who is that beast? this story is not about love but hatred and that beast is none other than Saket Kapoor, everyone is shocked listening this, Saket gets worried, Ravi says this is truth of him, he has played many such game using his money and power, he always gets successful in maintaining his lie but not this time as i have proofs this time to prove that he has done all this, the waiter who was involved in his plan is here today and also the person from whom he bought drugs, he says i will call first witness who sold drugs to Saket, Ravi calls drug dealer and asks him to tell everyone if Saket is same person who bought drugs from him, Ravi calls drug dealer but dealer is not present there, Ravi says he must have ranaway because of police, Ravi says i still have one more witness who was involved in his plan, he calls waiter Charan and asks him to tell truth, Devika comes to Ravi and says what are you doing? and why? Ravi says i will prove today that Saket is beast, just give me sometime, Charan comes there, Ravi asks Charan to say truth today as everyone is present, Waiter says i met Ravi that day.. Charan falls unconscious and poison starts coming out of his mouth, Saket says what you did with him Ravi? Ravi says i didnt do anything, Saket whispers to Ravi that you didnt but i did it. flashback shows Saket calling drug dealer and telling him that if he doesnt leave function then he will make him get arrested by police, drug dealer leaves. Shweta comes to waiter Charan and says we have made drinks for waiters, take it, Cahran takes it and drink it, Charana thanks waiter, flashback ends. Saket smirks at Ravi, he says to Ravi that you tried best but i changed story, i will give you reaction to your every action, he gives handkerchief to Ravi and asks him to wipe his sweat. Charan is taken from there, Gayetri says to Savitri that this Ravi always insult my son, SAvitri says to Ravi that is he done with his fake story? Savitri slaps Ravi and says you never leave any chance to destroy our happiness, how dare you put blame on Saket who is so innocent, i dont want you in this engagement, leave from here else i will beat you with my slipper, get lost from here, Devika, Sakshi and Rekha are hurt, Savitri pushes Ravi out of house, Devika is hurt, Ravi looks at them all silent, he leaves, Savitri says to guests that dont worry, there is always pricks with rose sameway there are some guests like Ravi, leave it and start celebration again, she says to Gayetri that we should start engagement again, Gayetri says yes, Gayetri asks Shweta to bring ring, Sakshi and Saket sit.

Scene 2
Savitri gives ring to Sakshi to make Saket wear it, Sakshi is lost and doesnt take it, Savitri says dont be shy and make him wear it, she eyes Sakshi angrily, Saket extends his hand, Sakshi makes him wear ring without looking at his face, everyone claps, Saket holds Sakshi’s hand and makes her wear ring, she is disgusted, Saket touches her hand and presses ring in her fingers, Devika is sad.
Ravi comes to Charan in hospital, he is sad, Saket comes there and asks Charan how is he? i know you are unconscious but you can listen to me, i am here to invite you on my marriage, do come out of your coma and attend my marriage, Ravi angrily stares him, Saket comes to Ravi and says what a beautiful story you told today, i thought to give my input too, what happened to me? nothing but you got slap of everyone, see Charan, he is like alive deadman, he should have listen to me but he didnt, Saket says to Ravi that everytime you do same mistake which i warn you to not do, you lose everytime to me but forgets that my name is Saket Kapoor, you are mad to not understand that nothing will happen by picking fight with me, day after tomorrow is my marriage, do come on time, and after that its Sakshi’s destruction.

PRECAP- Devika cries in her room and says dont know why Ravi does this everytime, he doesnt even understand that i dont like it when he gets insulted, it pains me, Ravi comes in, Devika angrily looks at him.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Thank u for uploading

  2. Pta tha isme nya kya tha

  3. Can somebody cancel this show wtf .I was waiting something good to happen why always saket plan works not ravi

  4. disgusting yet unsurprising

  5. @ Yashvora, definitely agree with you that it was expected and was not surprised at all. It seems the writers are so bent on making Ravi look so stupid. in this age of mobile phones are they saying he could not even think of recording anytime Saket confesses? So boring always expecting Ravi to lose to i always read it last and don’t even bother to watch. Writers should be a bit innovative.

  6. This show is a total joke !!!. Repeated story tracks, lines scenes , you name !!!!

    How many times will the main lead get slapped ????

    What is the story of this serial about. It is an absolute waste of time serial which lost its momentum a very long time ago.

  7. Jb ye show start hua tha tb muje lga tha k isme something related to godess hoga..bt no.i have seen it after 3 mnths and still saket is not proved guilty.i hate this show

  8. I don’t know what is wrong with this serial..ravi is insulted everytime..

    Just because of these bakwas storyline, dialogue, jealousy ,hatred, greed…blah…blah..stuff…serial is getting down…saket acts like a modern raavan…and devika is a beauty within brain…actually it is writers fault…can’t they come up ? with some unique and beautiful plot…

    We should learn from those Pakistani serials..they are million times better than ours…they show reality…and number of episodes are very less in their serial..they don’t drag like we do…

    I have seen devika crying ? from starting itself…saket winning everytime…and Ravi being insulted… Nothing is new…only repeated ones…

    Moral – Indian serials will never change…never …? ? ??

  9. Sorry… without brain ..

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