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Scene 1
Janki says thank God I talked to ambika. The thug says go give her food. Janki says oh God they are coming in what should I do.. She ropes herself back on the chair. Devika is on her way. Janki slips her chair. The thug says she tried to run that is why she fell from the chair. Janki says my backbone hurts. Devika arrives outside. She says that warehouse should be nearby. I should check everyone here. I have to pay back for what she has done for me. I hope she is fine.
Ravi says where is ambika. She should have told me at least. Nor is she picking up the call. Vicky asks where is ambika? Ravi says I don’t know. I am in touch with police. They will inform me everything. Vicky says they will find her. Ravi says she is like a mom to me as well. Vicky says I am with you in everything.

DOn’t feel alone. Ravi says thanks brother.

Ambika says there is no one here. Please show me a way God. you gave me ma don’t take her back from me. Please show me a way God. Devika reaches the warehouse where janki is kept. She sees the thug and says I have seen him somewhere. He was there in shweta’s party as a Dj or something but what is he doing here? I am sure there is something wrong here.
The thug tells him she tried to run but she couldn’t. He slaps him and says you are so careless. What if she had ran? I would have killed you all. I asked you not to let her move. Devika says this means ma is here. I have to save her. I have to reach that room where she is kept. If they see me they will kidnap me too.
Devika sneaks towards Janki’s room. She hugs her and says I won’t let anything happen to you. Janki says you came alone? How you came here? Devika says I couldn’t trust anyone. I had to save you. I am alive because of you. I can’t lose you. Janki says I am so proud of you. devika says you made be this brave daughter of yours. She says they must be coming. Devika says we have to go out of here. Janki says yes they will come any moment. Devika says I should look for a way out. Janki says there is no way out except this door. We have to go from here. devika says I will go out first. I know the short cut. Come after me.

The thug says that manju isn’t picking up. The head thug says boss dont worry we will keep an eye on her here. He says you are so stupid. The thug says she won’t be able run this time. He says let me go and check. he comes in and sees devika as well. He says what? Buy one get one free? I came to kill you to the party. I will kill you both here. you came here yourself. I will kill you both. They make janki sit on the seat. Devika says leave my ma. Please. Devika hits his head. She keeps hitting him. Janki says leave him he will die. Devika says people like him deserve this. They have no respect for mother. Janki says lets go. DEvika says the moment I get to know who did this I won’t leave him.

Manju meets the lawyer. She asks the lawyer to read it. He says when janki signs these papers her entire property will be transfered to your name. Manju says wow. Devika hits the thug she says you will have to tell us all the truth. He says I need water. Devika says tell me who asked you to come there?He says saket to murder you. Luthra is part of it as well.

Precap-Devika says enough I have decided The face you have hidden will be exposed.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Thank god they didn’t drag this kidnapping drama loving to see devikas brave side atleast she’s not a coward like before she used to beg for her life hope manju and team get exposed soon and vikas gets a better life partner who has no goon relatives

  2. most irritating show on tv

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