Kalash 6th April 2015 Written Episode Update

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Scene 1
Ravi and Devika are sharing eyelock, Ravi ask her to stand on her feet, if you had fallen then you would have lost your interview, look at yourself, you are wearing to much clothes, i suggest you to give cute smile to interviewer and you will be selected, you know i like to help girls, he says i dont give chance to others, try your best, he leaves, Savitri comes to Devika, she ask where were you? Devika says nothing, Anuja ask Pundit to talk to Savitri and take her money from her.
Devika comes to company for interview, she recalls Anuja’s words that they need this job alot, she finds Ravi explaining his model to interviewer, she says Ravi doesnt trust Ambe Maa because he has gone through alot and most importantly he is doing all this for his family and as his mother was saying their

financial situation is not stable, this is true that i want to fulfill my dream but he needs this job more than me right now, she thinks to help him, she brings out her designs, she takes ink, she thinks that i made these designs with som much hard work, she says no i have to do this, she pours ink on her designs and destroys it.
Pundit comes to Savitri and says you asked me to find some good wedding planner for you and i sent someone to you but you didnt give him his money, Savitri says i would have given her money but she misbehaved with me, now tell her that i wont give her money, whatever she want to do, do it, i will meet her in court now, she leaves, Anuja comes and says to Pundit that i will not leave her, i will make her life worst, i will destroy her grandson’s marriage, she leaves.

Scene 2
Devika comes to interviewer, she shows her designs which has ink on it, she says i was working and ink fell on it, one interviewer says she gave nice interview earlier, i think we should give her chance, all agrees, interviewer ask her to draw her design on board and tell them what are plus points of her designs, Ravi finds her drawing wrongly, interviewer ask her to stop it and says you disappointed us, your designs are not good, you can leave, Devika comes out and strikes with Ravi, he says you, he is about to hit head again but Devika moves away, he find ink on her designs and ask how did this happen? Devika says i am not liable to answer you, interviewer comes and says to Ravi that you got this job, you are new boss of design section in company, Ravi is surprised and says i cant believe this, this is my dream job, thanks alot, Devika smiles and leaves. interviwer gives him check to win over other interviwers, Ravi recalls how DEvika challenged him that her designs are more good.
Devika is leaving office, one peon stops her and ask why did you do this? i saw you putting ink on your designs, why? Devika says this job is blessing and someone need it more than me, she leaves. Devika comes to Mandir and says that now he will start believing in you, give me strength that i never regret on this decision, wind blows, her dupatta falls on Ravi’s face, he says this is old way to impress guy, Devika angrily looks at him, Ravi says i got this jobe because of you, Devika says i dont know any peon, Ravi says what are you saying, Ravi says i forgot that magazine in car and i saw this job’s ad in that, thanks, say thank to your Ambe Maa that i write my fate, Devika says you are wrong, Ambe Maa write fate of everyone, you believe it or not but she is doing everything, Ravi says this is modern era, look at me, i am giving chance to life everyday, i suggest you to give chance to life too, Devika leaves, Ravi says she is strange, she has no regrets losing this job.

Scene 3
Devika comes back home, all ask about her interview, Devika says i lost the job, Savitri taunts her and says i knew it that she cant do anything, if Sanjay cant get it so how can she, a boy must have got thsi job, she ask Devika to just think about marriage, she leaves,
Ravi comes back home, he tells Anuja that he got job, Anuja says this is very good news, i will make sweets, Ravi says i have brought sweets, he makes her eat sweets, he saysthey have given me salary in advance, Anuja says i will thank Ambe Maa, she leaves, Ravi says i did hard work and she is thanking Ambe Maa, his brother says that you got job because of that girl, Ravi says i got it on my own.
Devika thinks all are feeling bad in my house, i helped that guy because he needed that job more than me but why i am feeling bad, she comes to Dada and says why you are not talking to me, DAda says i know you cant fail any interview, there is other reason behind you failing interview, tell me, Devika says this is true that i didnt fail in interview but i left that job for someone else, Dada and Chachi are stunned, Devika tells him everything that how Anuja was praying that this job is necesarry for them, she says tell me what i did was wrong? Dada says dont know what you are doing on this earth, you dont belong to here, people dont care about each other and you left your oppurtunity to help some stranger, i am proud of you, Dada says you left that job just so that someone else can get it, you will get reward, Devika says i will not disappoint you, Savitri comes and says you keep praising her and see she didnt get job, i have decided to marry her soon.

PRECAP- Ravi is hiding beneath stall, he ask Devika to make chaat(dish) for him, she looks at him, he says you? you didnt get job so started making chaat.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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