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Scene 1
Shweta says to Manju that i am scared, our plan was success but this Nivi and Saket are not leaving it, i can get caught, i can see Nivi cutting us in pieces and giving to animals, do something, Manju says we have to take danger to get something, Manju says to Shweta that we have made Ravi and Ambika marry with so much difficulty, we have crossed one hurdle, we should not lose hope now. They have doubt that someone tampered with wedding but who did it, they dont know, we have to pretend like we are shocked too. ambika is gold bird, we have got lottery, we will get big houses and cars, its about our dreams, we cant let this wedding be broken, dont do anything stupid that they doubt us, Shweta says i will be smart, Manju says lets go and act.
Rekha brings Janki to porch and asks her to

calm down. Janki says dont know who played with us, Ambika is my daughter, i had many dreams of marrying my daughter, i was never this helpless, who could swap brides? Rekha says i understand your pain, but somethings are not in our hands, we may have hopes but what God has thought for us, only that happens, Rekha says to Janki that whatever happened today was God’s will and accept this as God’s wish. Janki looks on and says yes i accept that God does everything for good but it all happened so fast that i dont understand anything, Rekha says i understand your situation but your daughter and Ravi took pheras, all are witness to that, we blessed them too, now you have to accept this wedding, we dont have any other way, maybe God wanted this thats why Ravi and Nivi didnt get married, dont worry about Ambika, i know Ravi, he is like my son, i assure you that he will keep your daughter happy, Janki thinks that wish you were right so this would not be happening today, you believed Ravi as you didnt see his real face but i have seen his real face, its better that you dont know his truth because when you get to know that Ravi tried to kill your daughter then you would lose trust from humanity, you would be broken, Rekha says everything will be fine, i dont trust Nivi and Saket, they can go to any extent, lets go there, they leave.
Manju says to Janki that i know you are shocked, this wedding has happened, i promise i dont know who did it but it has happened and we cant do anything about it, we should accept it, we are inlaws now, she asks Shweta to bring sweets, she says lets hug and forget everything, she hugs Janki, Janki thinks that you were my puppet and now you are happy thinking that you won. Shweta brings sweets, Manju says now Ravi is your son in law and Ambika is my daughter in law, she makes janki eat sweets. Manju asks why gadh bandhan is lying on floor? this is bad omen, Shweta makes Ravi and Devika wear gadh bandhan, they look at each other. Nivi comes there with scissor and says i dont accept this wedding, this relation was made by cheating and today infront of all, i will break this tie, Saket smirks. Nivi cuts gadh bandhan, she says done, marriage is over, this relation is broken, this drama has ended, anyone has confusion now? all guests please forget, now you people will go after seeing my and Ravi’s marriage. She asks Pundit to start my wedding, he says his wedding has happened, she says now real wedding will happen, he says its impossible, marriage has already happened. Nivi says dont you listen? Saket says to Pundit that i will talk to him, she says stay out of it, Saket says i am helping you, i will talk to him, he takes Pundit from there.
Saket brings Pundit to corner and says if she is asking for wedding then do it, Pundit says religion and laws dont allow wedding again, Saket holds his collar and says if you want to see your kids alive then do this wedding and go home otherwise.. Pundit agrees for wedding.
Pundit comes to mandap and says bride and groom come to mandap for wedding. Manju thinks that Saket must have threatened him. Pundit starts chants, Nivi says i want wedding with full rituals. Nivi says to Ravi that lets make everything right, lets get married, i know you are shocked, i will not spare person who did it, lets get married first. Ravi says what madness is this? didnt you listen that marriage has happened, Pundit is threatened to make wedding happen again, this is not politics, these are pious rituals, Nivi says i accept all these rituals thats why i am asking you to marry me so that this wrong wedding breaks, i dont think what others think, i will marry you at any cost, we will marry in this mandap today and nobody can stop it, if you think this is madness then let it be, i dont care, i love you a lot, i am crazy for you, i cant live without you, i will marry you rightnow and you cant move back, you promised me and dont forget how much i did for you family and you. Ravi says you mean to say that you did for my family, in return of that you want to marry me? you want to deal with me? am i some stuff that you want to buy? Nivi says you can think whatever you want, you wanted this wedding then why is this wrong? or was it all lie? i want to marry you too then whats wrong? if you were saying truth then you have to prove if wedding which happened by cheating matters more or wedding which was supposed to happen today? Ravi is silent, Devika thinks why he is not speaking? Rekha comes forward and says to Nivi that stop it, why you are not accepting truth? Rekha says Ravi and Amvika are married and this is not some child’s play that you want to play again, these are life long relations, whatever happened was happened infront of pious havan fire, you cant deny it, this is not stove fire but havan’s fire, this fire send message to God and bring blessing from God, Janki thinks that what i couldnt say, Rekha said it, thank you. Rekha says if you dont accept this then be it but no power in world can stop Ambika and Ravi’s marriage. Nivi says i dont believe this rubbish, i was done wrong, i am trying to make it right, i dont understand why no one is thinking about me, all are talking about Ravi and Ambika’s relation, you all tricked me, nobody wanted me to marry Ravi, why nobody stopped Ambika marrying Ravi? why nobody doubted when bride was dizzy? why nobody saw bride’s face? nobody cared to see but i care, Ravi will marry me only, i will break their wedding, i will marry him. Rekha says this is impossible and even if you take pheras with Ravi, Ravi and Ambika’s marriage will not be broken and you will be called second wife and according to our religion, you can marry again only if you are divorced or partner deceased, in law’s eyes too Ambika will be first and legitimate wife.

PRECAP- Nivi ties Devika and Ravi’s gadh bandhan again. Nivi says now Ravi and Devika will take reverse pheras to break this wedding. Ravi gets angry and slaps Nivi hard saying enough.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Wow, what great acting from the actress portraying Janki Devi!!! You were too good in last night episode, my God….janki had me speechless and spellbound with that dialogue. Nivi was catching flies but I have to admit, Nivi was in her element as well but Janki? She was awesome in her explanation of homewrecker Nivi. I see tonight is going to be good as well. Am I seeing wrong or is that ambika’s expressions are always wooden? She doesn’t do her role convincingly as a lead and I WISH they could stop this thinking aloud…i could make trip to the supermarket and back within that time!!!

  2. Rubbish rubbish

  3. Safna Dubash

    This.is to.much.drama…. wen.Will devika realise ravi.is.innocent

  4. I wonder why Ravi slapped Nivi ?

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