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Scene 1
Saket says to monti what you think is he getting you married to save you from case? He is doing this to get his love. Devika hates him and he is doing this to get her love. Ravi is looking for Monit’s room. Saket says they live like strangers in one room. your own brother is fooling you. If you don’t trust me ask your brother. He wil tell you. Ravi knocks at the door and says monti open the door. Monti says i asked you to leave from here. Saket says ask him, you will know what truth is. I am hidden here. Monit opens the door.

Palavi gets sakshi ready and says monit will fall in love with you. Devika says how long will you take palavi? palavi says she didn’t say anything while i was dressing her. She wore whatever jewelry i gave her. Devika says girls are like that

on their weddings.

Monti opens the door. Ravi says why were you not opening the door. Monti says i was in washroom. Ravi says you look so handsome. Sakshi will fall in love with you. Why you look worried? He says i have a headache. Ravi says i will bring you a painkiller. Monti says i wanted to ask you something? is everything normal between you and bhabhi? Ravi says what you mean? He says i just had this feeling. Ravi says there is nothing like husband and wife between me and devika. i love her but she thinks i have deceived her. Monti says why dont you try to kill her doubts. She says i don’t know, i tried everything. Something wrong happens. Monti recalls saket’s words. Ravi says everything will be okay after this wedding. Monti says in heart this means saket was right. He says don’t worry about all this. This is your special day. everything will be okay. Ravi leaves.

Sunita says to Rekah you look so happy today? She says yes everything has been done in such a short time i am happy. Rekha goes to navi. Navi says how are you now? Rekha says i am fine. Navi says where are ravi and his mom? rekha says ravi is with monti. And manju is here. Rekha shows navi rings. She says how are they? Navi says they are for sakshi and monti? nice. Rekha says no they are for ravi and devika. We couldn’t do their engagement beforehand. So i want them to get engaged today.

Saket says to monty, still you think i lied? He doesn’t care about you. Go tell your brother that you love someone else. He wont support you. He only cares about devika. now its upto you, whether you sacrifice or give your love a chance. you will suffer all your life. Give your love a chance. This is my farm house’s key. Your family wont support you, you can live there for as long as you want. Go and tell palavi that you love her. I will support you. I am not forcing, think. I am waiting for you in car.

Beeji says engagement will happen in a while. Ravi comes to navi. She says finally you got time. He says i am sorry there was a lot of work. She says dont be sorry. She says i am upset about one thing. First off all congrats. He says for what? she says dont pretend. What you thought i wont know if you dont tell me. Its your engagement here today as well. He says chachi insisted. She says didn’t you want it? She says i am just kidding. Anyway, nice arrangement. He says thank you. Devika sees them together. Rekha says to devika i want to talk to you about something. Rekha takes ravi with her. Rekha says open it ravi. Devika says its nice. Navi says in heart i can’t see them this close. What should i do, She sees pebbles and says what if devika slips they wont be able to do engagement. She throws pebbles. Devika slips but ravi holds her.

Beeji asks saket did you meet monty? Saket says yes i talked to him, he is thinking. She says what if he agrees. Saket says he wont. Monty will leave. you have to blame ravi after monty is gone. Beeji says i know what i have to do. She says make sure monty do what you asked him. Saket says he will.
monty says after everything is sorted out i will tell palavi that i love her. She considers me a nice guy maybe she agrees. but i cant hurt my family. They will never understand my love. I should run. but my brother he gave me so much love. He will be broken. But he is doing this for his love. palavi will never forgive me after this.
devika says thank you. He says i told you don’t say thank you if you dont feel i from heart. She says i feel it from heart. If i had fallen i wont be able to attend the engagemnt. He says our engagement? She says no monty and sakshi’s. he says i was just teasing you to get you back to your firing mode. He says can i say something? she says no bring monty.

Precap-Rekha says how this resham thread between them. Rekha says they are made for each other. Navi pretend like she is walking and breaks the thread.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  2. Saket, navi, savitri, shweta, beeji, Ek serial mein itne villain kaise ho sakte hain yaar

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