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Scene 1
Devika comes to Ravi’s room and sees his and Nivi’s picture, she recalls how Ravi said that if you ever leave me then my breaths will stop, i will stop living, she recalls how he used to pamper her, love her, she then recalls how he said to Nivi that Devika should never know their real intention, she sees Ravi’s kurta and touches it, she hugs it and cries, she recalls how ravi filled her forehead with sindoor, she imagines Ravi romancing with Nivi, Nivi trying to stitch his kurta button but Ravi flirting with her and pulling her towards him, Devika is distraught to imagine this, she then imagines them in bed and so close to each other, she cries and throws kurta on bed, she wipes her tears and says i have to control myself, Janki maa is right, Ravi doesnt deserve my fogivenss,

he used to love me but did everything to cheat on me for Nivi, i will never forgive him for his cheat, she looks at Nivi and Ravi’s picture and says you always told me lie, it was your plan from start, you kept fooling me, you kept lying about love, you faked emotions for my family and Sakshi, i started trusting you and loving so much that i gave my property to you, i signed papers and named it on you after that you thought to sweep me off your lfie by killing me but now i wont spare you, you are my biggest culprit as you have hurt my trust, you have done all this for your lust and greed but this is my time to take revenge, i will not spare you, its my turn to play revenge game. Shweta comes there and sees Devika standing, Devika has back towards her, Shweta asks who are you? why you are looking at their picture? Devika thinks that she Shweta, Devika says i am press reporter, Shweta says but conference is downward, what are you doing here? i will call everyone, Devika runs from there before she can see her face, Shweta says she was weird, why she was not showing face? she must have come her mistakenly, she starts finding Manju’s puppy.
Devika is running away when she strikes with Manju, Devika leaves before Manju can see her face. Shweta comes there, Manju asks did you see my puppy? she says no, Manju leaves. Devika is going out when she sees Jyoti working in kitchen, she comes to her and says i am press reporter, Jyoti asks if you need water? Devika says i need to ask you few thing, Jyoti says you are taking my interview? please take it, Devika asks who lives her? Jyoti says Ravi’s family, Sakshi, Nivi and Puppy baba, its Manju’s dog, Devika says i know Ravi is married so Devika doesnt live here? Jyoti says dont take that name, Nivi will slap you, she leaves, Devika thinks that this means she is afraid of my name too, she doesnt know what she will have to bear in press conference.
Press conference starts, Nivi says our business is successful, Devika comes there too. Nivi says i am handling business in India, our shares are of high value, all clap for her, reporter asks why you are doing charity project? Nivi says its my duty to do charity for India, i am starts big project, we have a land, we are building a school on it, only poor kids will be students there who can afford school, its going to be free of cost, kids will get food, books, bags, scholarships, medical help everything, reporter says this way their lives witll change, Nivi says this is my project so i will take care of it, reporter asks why this project is starting on your engagement day? Nivi says my new life is going to start, i am going to marry person whom i love, Ravi comes there , nivi holds is arm and says meet my dream-man Ravi Garewal, Devika gets angry seeing this. Nivi says this is happiest day of my life so i wanted to start this charity project on my land, reporter says as far as we know, this land is not your but its on Ravi’s ex-wife Devika, she died 9months back, in registrar’s office, land is registered on her name, Nivi thinks that i can deny this fact infront of Ravi, Nivi says yes this property is of Devika and we are making this school in her memory, it was her dream to make this school, reporter says if land is in Devika’s name and you are making it in her memory then why you are making this project under your company? you should name this project on devika, wont it be right? Reporter says to Ravi that Devika was your wife, she died 9months and you are not getting married to your boss, you took such less time to forget your first wife? you couldnt even name her project on her name, Nivi says you are to many questions, let presentation end then i will answer you. Presentation starts but Devika and Ravi’s pictures start playing on projector, Ravi is shocked and gets emotional, Nivi thinks how did this CD came here? i cant show my anger, Ravi stands there in tears. Nivi says reporter you were in hurry, i wanted to show these pictures and then tell truth to everyone that property belongs to Devika, Ravi leaves from there, Devika thinks that he hates me so much that he cant even look at my pictures, Nivi leaves.
Nivi scolds her manager about reporter who kept asking her about Devika, manager says i gave them money to ask you nice questions only, Nivi says i will not give you penny, i will destroy your career, manager says i gave money to all reporters, i need it back, Nivi asks her guards to throw him out and dont let him in again, they take him away.

PRECAP- Ravi cries and says Devika i promise you, i will try everything but wont let your mother’s dream shatter, i will fulfill it. Devika says to Janki that after whatever happened at press conference, when Ravi and Nivi will see me in engagement party, they will be shocked.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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