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Scene 1
all family member reaches hotel, Shekhar checks register and Saket’s name is not written there, Ravi is shocked, he ask receptionist that you must have seen Saket here in morning, receptionist says i have not seen this man before, receptionist says you must have some misunderstanding, some other couple booked room, Saket smirks, Ravi says all are lying here, he says to Shekhar that i am saying truth, he ask them to believe him, Saket ask to stop all this drama, Ravi says you used your power to make it all lie, Saket says i am listening you for a long time, now stop all this, Ravi says i will not sit quite, i will bring out truth, Saket says which truth? what have i dont wrong to you? why you are behind me? leave me alone, shkhar ask Saket to calm down and leave from here, Saket and family

leaves, Ravi is angry.
Manju is getting bored in home, she thinks to call shweta, she prays to get some great news, she calls Shweta, she ask what is happening in Savitri’s house, Shweta tells her everything, Manju is stunned, shweta ask Manju to come here, Manju says i am coming.
Savitri comes home, Ravi comes there too and says i am not lying, this Saket is cheat, Gayetri says you have no proof to prove yourself right, some other couple was there in hotel, i am understanding why you are doing all this, do you and Devika have affair? Ravi says what? Gayetri says i have seen you roaming around Devika, you went to party too and brought Devika back, what kind of friendship is this? something is wrong, why you are trying to break her marriage? and this Devika, she is not stopping Ravi, after all this you should be sorry Ravi, why you are behind my son? tell trully what is between you and Devika, you and Devika are fooling all, SAvitri says dont drag my grand daughter in all this, she is so innocent, she has nothing to do with him, he is behind her, his family is like this, he is a flirt, he is kind of person who can go gaga over any girl, i have seen many guys like him, i asked him to be away from DEvika but he came here again, he is shameful guy, Manju comes and says shut up Savitri, she says cant you see how much standard my son have, he has job of standard and which affair you are talking about? Ravi is getting proposal from big families and he will chose this Devika? she is a crap, Devika gets hurt and leaves from there, Ravi ask her to stop all this, Manju says i dont know why Saket is marrying here, cant you people see this family is cheap, she says to Saket that dont you know your sister is married to my son, dont you know what i can do, she leaves, Saket’s family leaves too.
Ravi says to Manju you shouldnt have done this, Manju says i know how to handle these kind of people, Ravi says whats Devika’s fault in all this?

Scene 2
Devika comes in room and cries, she says what is happening with me, what people are talking about me, she recalls how Gayetri alleged her of having affair with Ravi, she says why people are pointing fingers at me, i always tried to make my family proud and today infront of all i was being alleged, why people think that i cant be his friend, why people think girl and guy cant be friends,
SAvitri comes to Rekha and says you insulted whole family today, you wanted to see truth? what did you see? Saket was right, Rekha says i was just investigating, Savitri says what you did today is not forgivable, how dare you insult my son in law, Rekah says i did that for Devika, Savitri says to Rekha that you bvrag about raising Devika, giving her upbringing and all, but it was your duty and you were not alone, it was Saket who didnt say anything, if it was anyone else then he would have broken the marriage, if you do anything like this again then it will be bad for you, she leaves, Rekha cries.
Manju says to Ravi that why did you go to their house? Devika can marry anyone, Ravi says she is my friend, because of her i got job, i cant see her wrong man, Shweta says Saket liked one girl for first time, he is not like you to raom around with 100 girls, atleast leave one girl for him, vikas ask her to go inside, she leaves.
Devika is crying and says whom to talk, all think wrong about me and Ravi, she cries, Sakshi and Pallavi comes and ask her to stop crying, Sakshi says it was not your fault, Ravi is great guy, maybe he is doing all this purposely, he did mistake, he should have asked me abotu plan, and that Saket is bad, he should go out of your life, Devika ask her to stop non sense, she says everything is joke for you, Sakshi says i am sorry, you dont worry, everything will be fine.

Scene 3
Saket returns home, he ask Gayetri to bring coffee, Gayetri says first kill me then do anything, Gayetri says to Saket that i cant tolerate all this, you should stop your bad hobbies, who was that girl in picture Ravi was showing? i took your side infront of all but now you have to tell me who was the girl?
Ravi in his room says that Saket lied infront of all and made me look bad infront of all, i dont know how he managed hotel staf in so much less time, Devika’s family is innocent and Saket is taking advantage of it, what to do to make them see reality, he opens window and recalls how he closed Devika’s room window and covered her with blanket, Kabhi na sukoon aya plays, he says Devika bear so much because of me today but i wanted Devika to be in secure hands, i wanted to save her future but i made her cry today, she had to listen so much because of me, now i will go deep in this matter, i will bring real face of Saket infront of everyone, i dont know why he is lying but i will bring his truth out, this is my promise Devika.

PRECAP- Ravi says to Devika that i dont wanna lose your friendship, Devika says you will not lose it as i will never let our friendship end, she ask him to go else anyone can see them, Savitri calls Devika, Devika gets tensed.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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