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Scene 1
Nivi asks Manju to go and prepare for lunch, Manju eyes Devika tensely and leaves, Nivi asks Shweta to bring welcome drink, she leaves, Nivi says all are useless here, Devika says i never came to anyone’s house for lunch, i dont like it thats why i was not keen on coming here too but you pushed me so i came here but what happened now, i think i shouldnt have come, Nivi says dont say that, i am really sorry about it, i wont let anyone do which will irritate you, i am so happy that you came, i am sure you will love lunch like i am enjoying your company.
Ravi is working in office, he asks manager to check site, manager says this project is already closed, Ravi says sorry, i didnt remember it, manager asks if he is fine? Ravi says yes, manager leaves, Ravi recalls how he met Devika in

his old house, he thinks what is happening with me? my mind is not working, i will go crazy if i dont force Ambika to accept that she is Devika and i am convinced seeing her today in old house that she is Devika but i just need chance.
All come to dining table, Nivi pulls out head of family chair and asks her to sit, Devika asks if she is sure? Nivi says yes, Devika sits, Vikas thinks how this miracle happened? Manju thinks so much love for Ambika and scolded me for her, i feel like fire in my heart, Devika looks around, Vikas notices it and says Ravi left for office early today, he would coming soon, Shweta comes and says i cooked all food, Nivi asks her to shut up and serve food. Monty comes there and sees Devika there, he says what she is doing here, Nivi says you came home so soon? Monty says i have come to take files, Nivi asks him to have lunch, he says i have had lunch in office, he leaves. Devika says to Shweta that dont serve me, i dont trust people so i will serve food to myself, Shweta starts leaving but Devika puts her foot in her way, Shweta slips and ot dish falls on Nivi, Nivi gets up, Devika gets up and says Nivi are you okay? your hand is burnt, Nivi says what is this Shweta? is this way to serve? you have no manners how to serve, you are illiterate, you and your mother in law have become useless, you just butter people, Vikas thinks that this was good, Nivi asks Manju why you are eying me in anger? shweta have become useless because of you, Devika says to Shweta that to bring some ointment, Nivi says i am sorry Ambika your saree is destroyed too, go to washroom, Devika leaves.
Devika comes in washroom and cleans herself, she says this is start of my revenge, these people used to deliberately do this with me, used to scold me, used to torture me, they deserve it,her phone rings, she sees it Janki, she takes call and says i am missing you, did you eat food? Janki says no i am missing eating with you, Devika says you know till you dont eat, i dont get peace, Janki says i will eat fruits, Devika says have milk too, Janki says okay, what is happening here? Devika says all according to our plan, Nivi was scolding Manju and Shweta, they are like servants here, when Nivi was scolding them, i felt like my wounds healing, you have made me this strong, Janki says be careful, she ends call.
Devika is walking in corridor, she sees Ravi’s room and sees his clothes on bed, she says its same shirt which i chose for Ravi. She comes in his room and caresses his shirt, she smiles and recalls their romantic moments, Monty sees her there and thinks what she is doing in Ravi’s room? he comes in and says what are you doing with Ravi’s shirt, Devika throws it away and says i was lost, what nonsense is this? there was no towel in washroom, Monty says you can hide but i know your truth, your Ambika will not work more because a report is going to come through which i will prove that you are Devika, it will come today only and its good that you are here, i will be happy to expose you, Devika smiles aand says you can continue youe rubbish thing s because i dont care, i know my reality, anyway all the best, she leaves. Devika thinks what proof he can have? i dont understand but he was confident, what proof he can have? Monty says Devika bhabhi, i am not fool, just wait for sometime then i will prove everything, Nivi thinks you are here well wisher but after report, her eyes will open and she will throw you out of house, she will make your life hell Devika bhabhi.
Devika comes to dining table, Nivi says i am so sorry for all this, Devika says its okay but if your would be sister in law cant even serve properly then.. i mean high society manners are not known by them, how is your hand? did you apply ointment? nivi says yes, you start lunch, i will call Ravi and ask him why he didnt come till now, she leaves. Vikas eyes Devika, Devika says can you increase temperature of AC? he says yes, he goes, Devika sees no one there, she mixes lots of chili powder in food, salt in juice. Nivi comes back, Devika says everything is going bad, i mean i dont want to get pissed off if food is not good so you eat it first then tell me what is best, Nivi says shure. Nivi eats food and starts coughing, Devika says give her juice, Nivi drink juice and sputs it away, Devika says have some sweet dish, Nivi eats it and its all spicy, Nivi coughs, Devika says what are you saying? she asks Shweta to give water, Nivi drinks water and says who made this food? Gurvinder says Shweta, Nivi says this is how you manage? Manju aunty this is how you supervise? its all so spicy, Manju says how it happened, i dont know, Nivi says what if Ambika had eaten it? you two have let me down, how can you do this? Manju says i saw everything, Shweta whispers to Manju that we have done bad with someone thats why we are getting it back, Devika asks Shweta to bring sugar for Nivi, Vikas thinks that i know this is all done by you Ambika, thank your for coming, i am enjoying. Ravi comes home and says if i knew she was coming for lunch.. he sees lilies in hall and thinks that it was Devika’s favorite flowers.
Nivi comes in her room and says i called Ambika with so much excitement but they have embarrassed me so much, dont know what she must be thinking. Devika comes there and calm down, Nivi says how can i calm down? i have given place to fools in house, what work they had to do? just to supervise things in kitchen, they embarrass me everytime, they destroyed everything, i feel sick when i give them work, i always get embarrassed because of them, thank God you didnt eat food, Devika says i came here for first time and you are worrying so much, but honestly telling you its all your fault, Nivi says what you mean? Devika says you are so innocent, you think that they are fools but actually Manju and Shweta are really smart, they are using you, you gave them work for first time and they knew if they do it nicely then you will give them work again and they so lazy and wants to just enjoy in this house thats why they made food so bad so you dont give them work again, i dont know why you are bearing them, you havent made relation with Ravi and you are bearing them already, Nivi says what should i do? i love Ravi alot, and he is really close to his family, Devika says i know you care about Ravi and you allowed them in your house because of Ravi, you can afford them but problem is no one is in your control, you do everything for them but they dont take it as favor, they have started thinking that its their right, they are not in control, thats bad, you have to control them, i can see everyone is using you for money, nobody cares for you but they act good just because of your money but you cant see this, Nivi says i understand but they are going to be my family after marrying Ravi, Devika says but you havent married him and you will marry Ravi and you dont have to take responsibility of his whole family, you do so much for them, give them money but they dont return anything, you work so hard to make this money and they just splurge it, you have to make them start working in house, i dont think Ravi would mind, i mean whats wrong in working in house? Nivi says you are right, i mean my hard earned money is used in betting and gambling and i dont say word to them, i am stupid, i do so much for them and what i get? Devika says nothing at all, Nivi thinks.

PRECAP- Monty says to Nivi that i have reports which will prove her reality, you have started believing that she is Ambika because of her acting but i dont believe it as i have proof against her, Ravi asks what proof do you have? Monty says finger print reports.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  3. What happened to Sakshi?

  4. Sradha Pattnaik

    I am a daily viewer of Kalash , Bt devika should think and watch ravi’s activity bcz they had spend a lovely moment in past .

  5. Sradha Pattnaik

    I am a daily viewer of Kalash , why devivika always think negetive about Ravi . What is the difference between Devika and Nivi

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