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Scene 1
Nivi says i wont spare Saket now. She calls Saket but Saket is busy on phone. saket ends call with minister and sees Nivi calling, Saket says i dont want to talk her, but i have to. He takes call and says dont call me again. Nivi says i have called you to celebrate, lets celebrate our destruction, Ravi has freed Ambika from jail, he has become hero in her eyes and you are a big zero, you wont get Ambika and i wont get Ravi, we should die, Saket says you die but i will make Ambka mine, you are curse in my life, i wont do anything in partnership with you, dont call me again, Nivi says to hell with you, Nivi throws her phone away. Saket thinks that i have to do something which i didnt do till now, i have to get Ambika at any cost, she is my passion.
Devika is sitting in her room and recalls

Ravi promising to her free from jail in a day and how he did, she smiles. Ravi comes there and sees her smiling to herself, humdard hai plays, Ravi sits infront of Devika and tries to get her attention, Ravi thinks what she is thinking? Ravi says where are you lost? Devika says nothing, Ravi says what dream were you seeing? Devika says i cant tell you, dreams dont come true if you tell them to others, Ravi says i am your husband, i cant curse your husband, i will protect you from all curses, you were thinking about me only? Devika says nothing like that, she turns away from him, Ravi says when girl is smiling to herself, it means she is thinking about her lover and you love me right? Devika nods no, Ravi says you were thinking how handsome your husband is and how much he loves you and how he promised to be with you, i am doing so much for you so just answer my proposal, tell me that you love me, Devika says you saved from police and thank you for that but i wont accept your proposal, Ravi says it takes time for tueblight to light up, Devika says you are saying that i have slow mind? Ravi says tell me what you were thinking, Devika says i wont tell, Ravi says you have to, Devika says i have one condition, Ravi says what is it? Devika says i want to ask question, you have answer me truly, whom you love more? me or your Devika? Ravi says i love you selflessly but not more than Devika, beauty of first love is different, happiness is different, i loved Devika a lot, her memories are with me and will remain with me because it was my first love but great thing is that God sent you to me, your eyes, your smile, your goodness, everything is like Devika so i had to fall in love with you, i love you and will keep loving you whole life, i promise, now tell me what you were thinking? Devika says i was thinking what will you answer about this question, i thought you wont answer me then i would irritate you but you answered me, Ravi says tell me if you love me? Devika looks away being shy but Ravi pulls her closer and says tell me you love me, Devika says dont talk to me right now, Ravi says fine, i will wait for you but dont forget that i might get too late, can i ask something from you? Devika says ask, i will you give you anything today, Ravi says can you hug me? Devika says what? you cant get it, no no, Ravi says why no? Devika says ask anything normal, Ravi says i am just asking for hug, i am your husband, just a little, Devika doesnt answer him, Ravi says fine, i dont want it, i am leaving, he starts to leave room but Devika calls him.. Banjara song plays. Ravi comes to Devika, Devika comes closer and hugs him, Ravi hugs her back, they feel peace in each others arms, Nivi is passingby their room and sees them hugging romantically, she is angry seeing it and leaves.

Scene 2
Its morning, DEvika brings breakfast for Sakshi and asks about her health, Sakshi says i am fine, you look happy today, is it because of Ravi? Devika says dont tease me, nothing like that, i am happy that you are fine, Devika says i will bring water for you. Rekha comes there and hugs Devika, Devika says come. Rekha hugs Sakshi. Rekha says to Devika that i am sorry, i couldnt help but to want to see Sakshi, i wanted to know about her health, Devika says its your home, you can come here anytime, talk to Sakshi calmly, i will bring tea for you, Rekha says no i wont have anything. Janki comes there too, Devika hugs her. Janki says i came to meet Sakshi, she asks Sakshi how she is? Sakshi says i am fine, thanks for coming. Janki greets Rekha. Devika says this is good day that all are here. Devika goes to make tea. Rekha says to Janki that i am happy to see Sakshi fine but i am worried about Ravi and Ambika, so much is happening with them, who is behind them? why someone is trying to hurt them? Janki says nothing will happen to them.
Nivi has headache and says even medicine is not working, my headache is not going away, i havent slept in days because of Ambika and Ravi’s closeness. I should call Saket.. but i fought with him, he is only one to understand me, i should trust him more, i am sure he will help me, she calls Saket. Saket sees her calling and says i dont have choice but to talk to her to keep eye on Ravi and Ambika, i will use her now. Saket takes call and asks what happened to you? Nivi says i have headache, i am sorry, i shouldnt have talked to you like that, Saket says i am sorry to be rude to you too, Nivi says its fine, we have to be together. Janki is passingbyNivi’s room and listens her talking to Saket. Nivi says to Saket that we have same mission, you want Ambika and i want Ravi, i know they are getting closer, we have to stop them thats why we need each other, Saket says i have another plan, i will tell you later, he ends call. Janki thinks that till Nivi and Saket are planning, Ravi and Ambika cant come closer, i have to send them to honeymoon in a way that they dont know about it.
Government’s lawyer meets Manju and asks her to tell everything to him, Manjuu says that clever Nivi used me, she threatened me to kidnap Janki otherwise she would kill me, she is real criminal, lawyer says it was done by you, Manju says i know this is false story but this is only way to save me, present Nivi as criminal in court.

PRECAP- Janki says to Ravi and Devika that you can help me by going to that place and tell me if i should invest in that area or not, Devika says we two?

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. This episode was nice. But I mostly liked how Devika hugged Ravi. They should show more of that. And please get this Manju punished. She is seriously beggining to get on my nerves. What does she think of herself. Seriously it’s the limits. She should just die. And please punish Nivi and Saket as soon as possible. The idea of Janki is very nice. Send Nivi ask Saket to that location and let the battle begin, truth will be victorious as God has to support Devika

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