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Scene 1
Ravi is in room, he says to Devika that it was good to dance, Devika says you must have enjoyed dancing with Navi, Ravi says you felt bad? she says no, Ravi says then why did you take out anger on rose? so much jealousy, Devika says i am not jealous, you can dance with anyone, Ravi calls her Navi my mistake, Devika lies on bed and says i am sleeping, Ravi tries to give pillow, Devika’s necklace gets stuck in Ravi’s shirt, Ravi tries to untabgle it, Devika looks at him, Kabhi na sukoon aya plays, Devika smiles.
Ravi is getting ready, DEvika ask him to do fast, we will get late, wear anything, Ravi says you took 2hours to get ready, now let me focus, help me, Devika says there are many people to help you, i wont, Ravi is confused what to wear, he looks at one sherwani, DEvika

doesnt like it, Ravi thinks she is making weird faces but cant tell directly what will suite me, he looks at another sherwani, DEvika makes bad face on it too, Ravi leaves it, Ravi thinks that i should wear something matching to her saree color, he finds a kurta matching Devika’s saree, he shows it to Devika, Devika smiles, Ravi approves it.
Ravi is welcoming guests in Savitri’s house, Savitri thinks whats going on Ravi’s mind? she comes to Ravi and says you must be afraid of Saket thats why bent down to him, Ravi says you are wrong, i do everything with fearless, the one who are cheaters get afraid, you are not able to see them but soon you will find out who is true and who is just trying to be true.
Sakshi and Pallavi asks Devika why she got late? Devika says Ravi took so much time to select saree, Pallavi says he took time to match his kurta with your saree, Pallavi asks Ravi what happened to Ravi when you had accident? Devika says Ravi got so worried for me, he took care of me like Rekha, he brought me to hospital, took me back to home, fought with his mother for me, took care of me whole night, got up in morning and made breakfast for me, he made eat it too, he got so afraid in hospital for me, he takes care of me alot, Pallavi teases her.
Ravi welcomes Saket and Gayetri happily, Saket thinks that he must have made some plan. Ravi stops Saket and says you are looking good but why your face is pale? today is your engagement so you should look good else people will think that you get pale seeing me, Saket says i like you welcoming my guests, Ravi says i am folding my hands infront of people so to not raise hand on you, you remember about last night? Saket says dont talk about it, Shweta says Saket we should go in, Ravi says to Saket that enjoy till weather is good then.. Saket leaves, Ravi thinks that soon Sket’s real face will come to fore.

Scene 2
Charan brings juice for Saket, Saket is shocked to see Charan as waiter in function, Ravi comes there and says what happened? this is your engagement party, have welcome drink, we have prepared many more things for you, Saket gets afraid, Ravi says i told you that your weather is going to be bad, Saket thinks and drinks juice, Charan leaves. Drug dealer comes there, Saket is shocked to see him, Ravi says to Saket that he is interesting man, he is biggest drug dealer in Ambala, i thought you must know him, why you are so disturbed Saket? you will sweat too, he gives tissue to Saket and says soon your fakeness will come out too, this is your engagement but i forgot to tell you that this engagement is going to break soon, drug dealer leaves, Ravi leaves too, Saket thinks that Ravi has put me in problem.
Saket comes in corner and says Ravi has come with full planning, i will get trapped and will not get Devika, what should i do? should i runaway from here? no i cant run as if i dont stay here then all will agree to Ravi’s truth, what should i do? he gets tensed.
Ravi says to Charan that dont worry, i am with you, you have to tell Saket’s truth to everyone. Navi comes there, Charan leaves, Navi gives juice to Ravi, he looks at Devika and says you should take juice too, he makes her drink juice with his hands, Devika angrily looks at him, Ravi thinks that i wanted to see this Devika, you are getting jealous for me and you have proved that you love me, Navi thinks that i love this gesture of Ravi, Ravi makes her drink juice, Devika thinks that this is height of shamelessness, he is a flirt, i will not talk to him, Rekha comes to Devika and ask why you seem tensed? Devika says nothing, she looks at him angrily and leaves, Ravi laughs, he says i am lucky to make you drink juice, Navi says i will bring juice for you, she thinks that my wish is getting fulfilled, Ravi is getting close to me, she leaves.
Saket finds Charan and thinks that i have to send this Charan out of function, i will not spare him, Saket follows Charan but Addy stops him and makes him busy in talks, Addy says to Saket that you cant touch this man, i am his security, dont make any mistake in function, concentrate on your engagement, Saket asks him to be in limits and keep an eye on me, Saket thinks that they have surrounded me from everywhere.
Devika comes to Ravi and says does Navi not know how to drink juice? Ravi says she is my boss so i have to serve her, i will make you drink with my hands too, DEvika says i dont need it, i am not your boss, i will not shamelessly drink from your hands, she starts to leave but Ravi pulls her closer, he brings her in room and gets close to her, he says when twp people are away from each other, they do everything in public but when two people are close, they are caught alone like us, he gets close to her, Banjare plays, Devika leaves, Ravi smiles.
Ravi finds Sakshi and stops her, he says i wanted to meet you, dont worry, this engagement will not happen, Sakshi says how?Ravi says you are like my sister, i promise you i wont let you get engaged to Saket, today a drama will happen here which will prove that Saket is a jerk.

PRECAP- Ravi says to everyone that i have main proof against Saket. The waiter who took Saket’s side, Charan Singh, he ask Charan to tell truth, Charan comes there and is tensed.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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