Kalash 5th February 2016 Written Episode Update

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Scene 1
DEvika says i am so fool, a stranger came to me and said Ravi is calling me so i went there without thinking why would Ravi call me in any car, i have to go to my Ravi, he must be finding me, she looks at candles and says Ravi used to light candles in room too, she recalls flashback, Ravi has light candles in whole room, Devika comes and says you have light candles like kids in whole room, Ravi gets miffed, Devika says i was just saying that you should not do it again and again, Ravi says you know your face looks more beautiful in this cnadle light and moments spend in it becomes special for me, Devika starts leaving but Ravi holds her saree pallu, she stops, Main khud plays, Ravi covers Devika with Saree, he holds her from shoulders, Devika looks at him and closes her eyes, Ravi kisses her

forehead, flashback ends. Devika cries and says why this is happening with me? i was about to tell him about my feelings, i got to know about his love, i got to know that we are made for each other but i am tied here, Ravi must be going crazy for me, what if we dont meet again? what if i die? she says no, i cant die like this, i want to look in his eyes, i am dying to tell him that i love him, my heart feels alot for him, i have to tell him what he always wanted to listen, i cant die, i will leave from here.
Parmindar says to family that Saket must have done it, Addy says yes, he has animosity with Ravi, Shweta says you all blame him, only he came here when he listened about Devika’s kidnapping, nobody else came but you all insulted him, Sakshi provoked him, Manju sys she is right, why did Sakshi started speaking when all elders were here? why did Devika go alone to market? you both dont have respect for elders so bear now, Sakshi looks at Monty and leaves, he goes behind her.
DEvika moves her chair and comes closer to candle, she down while tied to chair, Devika thinks that Ambe Maa please help me, i have to go to My Ravi, she cries and calls out to Ravi.
Its morning, Navi sees RAvi beside her on bed, she is surprised and touches his face, he wakes up, she smiles at him. Navi turns and looks red roses, she smell them and turns to see Ravi not there, it turns out to be her dream, she laughs at it and says soon this dream wil become reality, Ravi will with me close to me, i should call him? he must have lost hope till now, she calls Ravi.
Ravi is in police station, he asks inspector about Devika, inspector says we asked watchman about car, he told us everything, your wife will be found soon, he gets Navi’s call and says i know you must be tensed, are you fine? Ravi says i cant thank you enough, we have to know about Devika because of you, police caught watchman and he told them abut car in which Devika was kidnapped, soon Devika will be found, Navi sys okay and ends call, she says how can this happen? what if police finds out? they will reach Devika, i have to do something. She calls someone.
Inspector gets call, he tells Ravi that we have found that car. Ravi thinks that now i will find DEvika soon, Navi calls Ravi, Ravi says police have found about that car, i will call you later, he ends call. Navi thinks that if Ravi finds Devika then my plan will be flopped, he will find out about me, servant tells her that Saket has come.
Navi comes to Saket, Saket says you even know what have you done? you have put me in big trouble, i am caught because of you, i had gone mad that i involved in this cheap plan of yours, Navi says talk with respect, i didnt force you to be with me in this plan, i could have done it alone, Saket says exactly, i should not have been in this plan, i went to Ravi’s home, Ravi and his family doubts me, you are not even picture, you are great lady in their eyes, only my sister doubts you, Navi says why did you go there? he says to check if they doubt me or not, Navi says you are fool to go there, they will doubt you if you do all this, Saket says as if you made good plan, if my name comes in this plan then i will tell everyone about you, will say that you did that kidnapping, Navi thinks that thank God he doesnt know i helped Ravi to get support from police, Navi says to Saket that your warnings will not affect me, i will do what i have to, Saket says do it but my name should not come inbetween else i wont spare you, he leaves from there, Navi says get lost, she thinks that why did i become soft infront of Ravi that i gave him police support, i didnt even think that this help would be dangerous for me, if this Saket will not provide help then what will i do? i am this problem because of that Devika, i have to find some solution.

Scene 2
Devika is lying on ground, she says i thought that i will runaway from here, even that hope is shattered, i dont know how to leave from here. Goons come there, they see her on ground, one goon says that she must have tried to run from here by burning ropes through candle, Devika says let me go, i havent done anything bad to anyone, i dont know why you kidnapped me, goons says we have got money for this work, Devika says why would anyone kidnap me? i havent done bad with anyone, my husband must be waiting for me, let me go, goons says you keep ranting about Ravi, if you make us crazy then we will kidnap him and kill him, Devika says dont do anything to him, i am here, i will do as you people say but dont hurt him, i am here, she cries, goons makes her sit on chair, Devika says please let me, i havent done anything, you guys must be mistaken, goons cover her mouth, they say if you try to run again then it will be bad for you, goon leaves. Devika thinks who must have given money to these goons? who wanted me to get kidnapped? who wants to hurt me? she says only one person can do this to take revenge from me and that is Saket.
Ravi is finding Devika with police on streets. Ravi comes to one lady and shows her Devika’s pictures, he asks her if you have seen this girl? she says no, he says see carefully, she is my wife, i beg you, he sits in her feet and says maybe you have seen her, he cries, lady says i didnt see her, Ravi cries and says where are you Devika? where have you gone? its all my fault, he says comeback, where should i find you? he cries.

PRECAP- Navi call goons and says kill that girl, just finish her. Ravi is near den where Devika is kidnapped. He shouts Devika’s name, Devika listens it but her mouth is tied so she cant answer back, goon comes to Devika with knife and says i have to kill you for money.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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