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Scene 1
Inspector says to Devika that i cant file FIR, you were on call with you mom and listened someone scaring and thought she got kidnapped, you are educated and thinking this? Devika says i am requesting you to file FIR, my mother is kidnapped, if you dont file complaint then i will file case on you, Ravi requests inspector to file FIR, inspector says we cant do it before 24hours. Devika says anything can happen with her in 24hours, i listened goons behind her, do you have any humanity in you? inspector says now you are crossing limit, you are insulting me and i can arrest you for this, Devika says you cant help us and cant let us tell truth? i am not scared, arrest me but if anything happens to my mother then i wont spare you, he asks lady police to put her in lock-up. Ravi says she is worried

about her mother. SP comes there and says Ambika Raichand here? Devika says someone kidnapped my mother, she was talking to me on call, then suddenly someone pulled her and she was screaming for help. This inspector is not helping me and what if anything happens to her? he was putting me in lockup instead. SP scolds inspector Singh that she is respectful lady of city, she is Janki’s daughter, even ministers bow down to her, i can suspend you for that, he says to Devika that we will have special team to find your mother, it will be out priority mission, Devika thanks him. Ravi hugs her and says dont worry.
Manju says how did Ambika get to know about kidnapping? what if police catches Shera and he takes my name? i wont be able to show my face to Ravi. I should call killer Shera and tell him that police has got to know about it. She calls Shera and says what kind of goon are you? how did people get to know about kidnapping? Shera says what? Manju says Ambika has got to know about kidnapping and they have gone to police, they can catch you now. Shera says i am old player in this field, i know how to runaway from police, you are weak player, if you cant play it then you shouldnt have done it. Nivi comes in Manju’s room, Manju doesnt see her. Manju says i am doing such big deed for first time, i didnt know things will start so soon, runaway from there but my name should not be revealed, i am giving you money. Shera says we dont have time so order us what you want, dont tell that i didnt inform you, Manju ends call. Manju says i didnt know police will get to know about kidnapping so soon, i am stuck at dead end now. Nivi claps from behind her and says fantastic, Manju turns and is shocked to see her, Nivi says nobody would have thought that you would do it, we were thinking of killing Ambika but you kidnapped her mother? Manju says i didnt kidnap her, Nivi says i listened everything and i know you have kidnapped Janki and now your game is over.
Ravi says to Devika that dont worry, SP said he will find Janki Maa soon, dont cry. Devika says i am here because of maa, my life is because of her, i will die if anything happens to her, dont know where she is, she hugs him and cries. Ravi says i cant see you breaking like this, i promise, i am with you, we will find our mother together, dont worry, i am with you, he takes her from there.
Nivi asks Manju to tell her everything, how she managed to do it? i can tell everything to Ambika, infact Ambika and Janki will be thankful to me, Janki will even give me my business and house back, its win-win situation for me while you will be in jail for long time so tell me everything. Manju says i asked Shera to kidnap Janki so i could make Janki sign her all property to me, sorry to say but even you tricked Ambika to sign papers to give you property back, lawyer told me that all property is in Janki’s name so i kidnapped her, i was about to tell you, Nivi says no, you did all this alone and hided from me, you dont know about team work, you wanted to gain everything alone. Manju says i was just waiting for Janki to sign papers so i can surprise you,. Nivi says i will agree to you but i have one condition, i want 50% share of everything you are getting from this condition, Manju says its too much, Nivi says either give me 50% or go to jail, Manju says okay fine, Nivi smirks.

Scene 2
Devikas says who might have kidnapped Janki? someone from family must have done it, did Nivi do it? or Saket? because Saket is expert in all this work, he was not seen around too, he knows goons a lot. She recalls Manju getting panicked when Devika was going to police. Devika says it can be Manju too. She recalls how Shweta warned her that she will take revenge from her. DEvika says i dont know anything rightnow but i will save my mother.
Janki is tired to chair in godown, she thinks that i have to try to runaway from here, i have to loose my ties first. She tries to loose her ties using her teeth but is not able too. She sees knife on table at some distance, she thinks that i have to get this knife and cut ties with her. She scoots her chair near knife and grabs knife with teeth, she starts cutting her ties with her. She frees herself. She listens goons sitting in next room. One goon is coming to give her food. Janki hears it and tries to plan something. She holds iron rod and thinks to beat goon with it. She hides behind boxes and want for him. Goon is about to come inside, he opens door but he gets call and leaves from there. Janki thinks that he left door open, i wont get this chance again. She comes out of room and hides behind boxes, she thinks that i cant leave this godown without goons seeing me, i have to wait here, i am feeling helpless, i cant loose hope, i have to find some way. She sees goons playing cards and see one goon’s phone beside him, she thinks to get that phone, she thinks that i should wait for opportunity. One goon says to other that we should go out for tobacco, they leave godown, goon leaves his phone there. Janki takes phone and calls Devika. Devika sees unknown number calling her and says what if Kidnapper is calling me? She takes call. Janki says Ambika.. Devika says Maa.. where are you? who kidnapped you? i will come to you, Janki says yes i am being kidnapped, i am trying to gt out of here, i got one goon’s phone. Devika says tell me where are you. Janki says i cant tell you exact location, i got kidnapped from market and it took 15minutes for them to bring me here, my eyes her covered so i couldnt see exact location, they brought me out on rightside, she sees goon coming and ends call. Devika says i will find her now, should i take Ravi with me? no i cant take risk, Ravi is my enemy too, what if he is part of this plan too? Maa will be in more trouble, Maa is in this trouble because of me and i will save her now. Devika starts leaving house but Nivi asks where are you going? Devika says i have some work, Nivi says should i come with you, i feel bad for Janki, if you need my help then i can help, Devika says i am going to police station, i will tell you if i need anything, Nivi says did you get any information? Devika thinks that she wants to get info from me, Devika says i didnt get to know anything but i am going to police to pressurize them. Devika thinks that her expressions are showing that she knows something about goons, i will see her later, first i have to find Maa.

PRECAP- Devika is in godown, she hides behind cartons. She throws object in other direction, goons go in that direction to see who is there and Devika goes in Janki’s holding room.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. I like that the drama is moving along, but I feel like the pace is slow. Is this show ending soon? Manju and Chachi were in another serial today.

    1. Yes both are in new serial Pardes Mein…..with Drashti Dhami. The drama moved a bit today but all I could see in black and white, is ambika thinking that Ravi is her enemy!!! For real, writers? Seriously? When will you all give ambika a logical brain? She’s living with the man as husband and wife and she thinks he’s an enemy of hers? I just don’t get it!!!

  2. jab writers ko kuch nahi sujta to kisi na kisi ki kidnaping kara dete he

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