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Scene 1
Janki comes out of venue, Saket comes to her and says i want to buy this property, you go from here, Janki says what if i dont go? Saket points gun at her and says just go from here silently, this is not just warning, i am Saket Kapoor, i do what i say, Janki looks at him, Saket says if you buy that house then your deadbody will go in there. Devika gets anxious listening all this, she recalls how cruel Saket was. She says Maa, leave that place, Janki has bluetooth attached to her ear and can listen to devika over phone, Devika says you dont know Saket, he can kill anyone, leave everything and comeback, i cant lose you, dont put your life at risk, i dont want anything, i want my mother. Janki says fine i am leaving, Saket says good, you took right decision. Janki bends to pick her clutch, she

brings out gun from clutch and points at Saket and says i dont care about my life, if you want to save your life then i silently go back to your seat else i will shoot you, and dont even dare to act, your act is recorded in CCTV and they will say that you pointed gun at me first, i can easily kill you and will say that i killed you in self defense, nobody would be able to punish me, tell me you wanna go alive or dead? Devika says what are you doing? i dont want any house, dont argue with him.
Nivi says to agent that you have 30seconds, she points gun at him and says you only have 10seconds now, you will be dead then.
Janki says to Saket that you only have 10seconds, if you dont leave then i will shoot you and this bullet will slither through your brain, Saket looks on.. Janki counts 10..9..8..7..5….2 Saket says okay, i am going, i was also thinking why to buy property of 15crores in 60crores, put gun down, we will meet later, he leaves.
Agent says to Nivi that put down, i will tell you everything, Agent goes to drink water. Nivi says you are nothing infront of a gun, tell me who is trying to disgrace me in media? who gave wrong information and tried to make me go to jail, i want to know who wants to destroy my business? Agent says that man is Saket Kapoor, Nivi says that politician? Agent says yes, he is a big thug, he called me and said that he will kill my family if i dont do this his work, if he gets to know i told you all this then he wont spare me, please let me go, Nivi slaps him and says you think i am a fool? whoever has given you money, must have told you to give Saket’s name if you get caught, you want to make me enemy of Saket, you want to destroy our understanding relation, i know he cant do this, he and me planned mur.. she stops and says Saket cant do this, she asks agent to tell her name, Saket has power to face his enemies from front, not backstab them, she points gun at him, agent says i dont know why Saket is doing this with you but its Saket only, he asked me to do it, Nivi says its not possible, he cant do this. Agent says i told you truth, agent runs from there, Anuj says i dont think he was lying, people cheat and ditch you when you trust them, i think Saket is behind all this.
Ravi sits in his office and looks at Ambika’s pictures in his phone, he says wish it was Devika not Ambika. Investor comes there and sees Devika’s picture, he says to Ravi that your choice is good, she is a pretty woman, he says i have transferred money to your account, Ravi says i cant thank you enough, you have helped me in difficult times, he leaves.
Auction starts again, host says last bid was of 60crores which was done by Janki Devi, is there anyone who is going to bid higher? Shweta thinks that Saket went to threaten Janki then why he is silent now? host says 60crores 1..2.. Monty bids 65crores, Saket think how will Nivi arrange that much money, host says 65crores..1..2.. Janki says 70crores, host says 70crores 1..2..3.. this house is given to Janki Devi now, Janki has straight face while everyone claps for her, Manju is weeping, host asks Janki to come on stage to own two houses of Nivi, she comes to stage, takes property papers, she stares Saket and leaves.
Saket comes behind Janki and says why you are leaving so soon? wont you accept my congratulation? Janki says i dont have time for cheap people like you, you are hungry for praise, have habit to do politics but i dont need it, Saket says what an attitude, you didnt even get afraid of gun, i have made many people afraid with gub but not you, i have become your fan, Janki says i know what i am, you should be showed me mirror, your truth is that you are coward who use weapon to get away, Saket says if i was coward then i wouldnt have pointed gun at you infront of all, you dont know me, i am king in politics, enemies shiver at my name, there is no one better jerk than me in politics, i have much more wealth than you, i can crush you to dust, Janki says king of politics? you wanna show that you are powerful and i should be scared of you? Saket says i am powerful, Janki laughs and says truth that you are like insect infront of me, those ministers sitting in your office comes to my house and beg to me, bow to me and then go to work, Saket says wrong politicians are coming to your house, once i come to your house then you will know, why they come to you? Janki says they come to me to beg money for their party, now think if people with 500crores come to me for charity then what will be my standard, they are all beggar to me and you are one of them, Saket gets angry and says enough, i can cross my limits, he points gun at her and says if you speak anymore then i will kill you, Janki says again wrong timing, Saket says are you talking about CCTV? i will shoot CCTV first then i will shoot you, Janki hints and her bodyguards with guns come there, janki says now you shoot me then you will see what will happen to you, Saket keeps gun down, Janki says dont show your act again, it will take 2minutes to crush your ego, Saket says this time you won, will see next time, he leaves.
Nivi says Saket cant do this. She sees money transferred to her account, she says i have amount to get my house back, i should call Monty.
Monty is tensed, Gurvindar comes to him, Monty says i tried to win this auction but i lost, Gurvindar says it would happen if you take Nivi’s side, Manju says we bid at wrong person, i was mad to think to make Nivi as my daughter in law, now we are destroyed for life. Vikas comes and says i knew this would happen oneday, i will celebrate even on road. Gurvindar says to Monty that we will live in hut but will have food with respect, Monty nods. Monty sees Nivi calling him, he says what will i tell her? He takes her call, Nivi says everything is fine, i have arranged money, what is last bid? Monty says auction is finished, Nivi says great, i am coming, Monty says we couldnt win that auction, Nivi is stunned.

PRECAP- Monty says to Saket that there is limit to shamelessness, Nivi thought you are her friend and came to help but you took part in auction, why you wanted that house? i wont let you go now, Nivi has called you.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Janki you awesome I really like you character as powerful woman, now I’m beginning to love kalash.


    Even now monty is behaving like puppet of nevedita; seeing her true face….
    I liked that she was almost abut to accept crime…
    But miss ravi and devika romance

  3. Janki is best n devika too

  4. I think ambica is weak.. as all plans are made by janki and ambica is still confused in her motive. It actually looks like janki is taking revenge .

  5. Hey, I’m new here to this site. Been watching serial for past 2mths or so, interesting. Don’t know of Ravi and devika romance but I can see closeness between them. I like how powerful janki is….gerat, like to see women like that, not cowering in fear. Wish devika could be stronger though. I like how Ravi delivers his lines when he’s angry, awesome. Nividita also does a good job with her role. Monty is a pipsqueak….. Fun to watch saket sister and sasuma exchanging words, Ravi mother is soooooo cheap, will sell her soul for some wealth. Nice serial so far.

  6. Nikita Banerjee

    I love Saket and after he has come back he has set the show on fire and Ravi is very boring and Ambika is a innocent puppet who performs on Jankis wish and she has not got a brain of her own….

    1. Nikita Banerjee

      I think my comment is good and i have written this on my point of view and since many months and this is true i like villans but my comment is not bad


        Thats true nikita…
        Now a days its better to like villians in all serials as they winn easily and main leads are just dumb….

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