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Scene 1
Saket comes to Devika and tries to see her face but she stops him, guests says you cant stop him, all are allowed to see your face as its ritual, Saket sees her face and says you are looking beautiful but not that much, if you were my bride then would be more beautiful, Sakshi thinks whereis Ravi? Ravi comes there and tries to hit him but Manju stops him and goes to Saket, she ask what you brought for her? she says saree? you are our relative and brought this cheap saree? Sakshi taunts Saket that people should walk according to their status, Saket says which status you are talking about? Manju says dont say like this daughter, his time is bad, whichever thing he touches, it becomes worst, Ravi leaves from there, Saket says you are insulting me, Manju says you need to have patience, all have

given her gold, you have family terms with her, what you brought for her? just a saree, Shweta ask Vikas to control his mother, Vikas leaves, Manju says no worries, we accept this gift, i will make you meet others, she takes him from there.
Ravi comes in kitchen and drinks water, he says how dare he come here, he is taking my warnings lightly, no i cant allow him in house as i know what he thinks about Devika, i have to control my anger, Vikas comes, Ravi ask did shweta call Saket here? Vikas says i dont know, Ravi ask Vikas to tell shweta to send him from here, my blood is boiling, Vikas says yes, he leaves.
Manju makes Saket meet guests and says he is MLA but of no use, Saket says if i was not useful then i wouldnt be MLA, Manju says we are common people and his relatives but he never helped us, he got fool himself, shweta sees all this, Vikas comes there, shweta says control your mother else i can do drama too, Saket says to Manju that you are showing off your son’s win but DEvika will never accept him, she will become mine, Manju says i will show you their room and then your misunderstanding will go away.

Scene 2
Rekha is cooking in kitchen and is tired, Shekhar ask are you all right? she says yes just work burden, Shekhar says i know Devika used to help you in kitchen you must be missing her, Rekha says yes but i am happy for her, i was worried that she was going to marry Saket but now when nice person is life partner then i am peaceful, for mother she always pray good life partner for her daughter, i have raised her like mother, if anything bad happened to her then she would cry and that would make me cry too, Shekhar says you are right but till when you will keep working n kitchen, train Sakshi and Pallavi to work, you have forgotten them for DEvika, Rekha says nothing like that, all kids are same for mother, i have to more careful for Devika as she lost her mother, i will train Sakshi and Pallavi now.
Manuju brings Saket in Ravi DEvika’s room and says they have started new life in this room, you know what i mean? now take your heart piece and get lost from here, you have come here today but dont dare to come again here, Saket says you didnt do right with me, i will take revenge from you and your son.
Sakshi ask DEvika are you fine? this Saket cant see anyone happy, dont worry, Ravi’s mom handled him well, i am happy that alongwith Ravi, she is also taking care of you, she is alot better than Savitri, dont take tension, she will take his class in such a way that he will never come here again, DEvika thinks what should i tell you Sakshi, its nothing like what you think, this is all happening because of that property, both Ravi and his mother are behind me so that they can that property, once they get it, this care will go away too.

Scene 2
Pallavi is going, Monty stops her and offers her cold drink, he says you must like sweets, she sys you are right, she ask where is rest room? he tells her direction, she leaves, Monty calls Sakshi, she ask what happened? he ask why you sitting silently? there is no fun here, Sakshi says that Saket spoiled my mood, he says we can have some fun, he shows her milk bowl, she gets idea and ask where is Ravi? Ravi comes there, Sakshi says come, he says i have some work, he says whats my need in munh dikahyi, she says for this ritual you are needed, she tells guests that now bride and groom will have competition, this game will show who will rule their relationship, Devika thinks one more ritual, till when i have to show these fake expressions? i am tired of all this, Ravi sit beside her, Sakshi takes Ring and put it in milk bowl, she says you both have to find Ring in this bowl and whoever wins will rule this relationship, Ravi ask is this really a ritual? she says yes, Sakshi thinks if i put Ring now then they will find in a minute and it will end so soon, it will be fun if they keep finding it and their hands strike, she doesnt put Ring in bowl and ask them to start, Ravi and Devika starts finding Ring in bowl, Kabhi na sukoon aya plays, guests ask Ravi to find this is your chance, other guest says i am with DEvika, Ravi thinks i have to find this Ring else she will keep scolding me whole life and i will keep listening her, DEvika thinks i wont let him find Ring , i will get peace if he lose this, Manju comes there with Saket, chachi says they are finding Ring , Manju says i am also on DEvika’s side, Saket sees this in anger, both are finding it and staring each other, Devika hits Ravi’s hand in milk with her nails, he takes hand out, guests joke tthat Devika’s nails must have hit him, Manju says to Devika dont worry they are just joking, keep finding, they both start finding again, Pallavi ask Sakshi why they are not finding ring? Sakshi says because ring is not there, Monty says why they are not able to find it? he says i will check it, he checks it and ask Sakshi did you really put ring in it? Sakshi says i will see it, Monty holds her ahdn and takes ring from her hands, all look at Sakshi and laughs, Sakshi says you spoiled my plan, i thought they will have romance but you couldnt stop, Monty says sorry, Pallavi says not all can catch Sakshi, Sakshi put ring in bowl this time, Ravi and Devika starts finding it, Saket is also there, Ravi angrily looks at Saket, Devika sees him looking at Saket.

PRECAP- Saket says to Shweta that Devika was angrily looking at Ravi and Ravi was hesitant to hold her hand, now i am sure Devika denied accepting Ravi as husband, Shweta says now i will teach Manju lesson.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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