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Scene 1
Navi solves Ravi’s problem of contract, she says you will to solve my problem too. I have one conference to attend abroad, i want you to come with there, we will attend it, Ravi says i have promised me take devika to veshnudevi, i will give you time after coming from there, Navi asks if he promise to give her time after that? i mean give time to business? he says ofcourse, Ravi starts to leave but Navi hugs him and says i love you.
Sakshi comes to Devika and says Monty is doing Navi’s job, i dont know why Navi is so sweet with us? that Saket is planning something too, he has given job to Vikas, he made Monty work for Navi, Devika asks if Ravi knows all that? Sakshi asks if Ravi didnt tell her anything? she says no.
Navi says to Ravi that i love you, Ravi pushes her away

and says i am married, Navi says i love you more than Devika, i can give your brothers job too, Ravi says i never thought anything like that about you, you remember when you closely danced with me, you changed my clothes once too, Ravi says i never did it, Navi says you proposed me too, Ravi says i never proposed you, i always loved Devika, this cant be possible as i have Devika in my life, remember one thing i love only and only Devika and no one can separate us, i am leaving your job rightnow, he leaves, Navi says Ravi doesnt love me? he left me alone, he didnt accept my love? she gets angry.
Devika says Ravi must be busy in work thats why he must have forgotten to tell me, Sakshi says yes, he must have been busy, i am sorry i didnt mean to say anything that there is something between Ravi and Navi, Devika says you dont want Monty to work for Navi thats why you are saying all this, i will talk to Ravi, Sakshi leaves, Devika thinks that what Navi wants? why she is so nice with my family? Sakshi thinks if there is something between Navi and Ravi? Devika thinks why Ravi didnt tell me anything, she tries to do pooja but cant concentrate, she says i should talk to Ravi then everything will be fine. Devika calls Ravi, Ravi is packing his stuf in office, he says if i talk to her rightnow then she will understand that i am in tension, he cuts her call, Devika says why did he cut my call? what i am thinking? he must be busy in work, when he will come home then i will talk to him calmly, in office Ravi thinks that i should go home and tell everything to Devika calmly.
Ravi is leaving office, Navi stops him and says i wanna talk to you, Ravi says this is not right time, Navi stops him and says i fought with dad, i lost my confidence, he doesnt trust me, i feel i have no one and i depend on people whom i trust, you are my best friend and now leaving me? Ravi says after knowing what you feel, i cant work with you, you will hurt yourself more seeing me, i dont want to hurt you, i am leaving, Navi says if you leave then my guilt will increase too, i will feel that i destroyed my career, i accept that i had developed feelings for you but i will forget them, i like Devika alot, i can never break your relation with Devika, it was weak moment, i am sorry, Navi cries, Ravi says to Navi that dont cry, i cant see any women crying, Navi says i dont know, i misunderstood things, i should have controlled my emotions, i dont know how it happened, forgive me, dont leave this company, dont break our friendship, i gave job to Monty as i thought all family members will like it, till you and Devika are together, i will never come closer to you, please dont go, Ravi nods, she asks him to sit in her car, she will drop home, Ravi sits in car.

Scene 2
Ravi comes back home, he goes to washroom, Devika thinks that he seems tensed, should i talk to him about Sakshi’s matter or not? Ravi comes out of washroom, Rvi says i am not hungry, you eat, Devika says but i have made your favorite dish, Ravi says i am not hungry, she goes to sleep, Devika thinks what happened to him? he seems tensed, she closes door and sits on bed, Ravi turns otherside, he thinks how to tell Devika what happened, he recall how DEvika said that she doubts Navi behind kidnapping, he thinks i cant tell her anything, Devika thinks dont know what tension he has, i just pray that his tension goes off, she looks at him and lies down, she turns otherside, Ravi looks at Devika and thinks that Ambe Maa keep Devika happy always, i can never let her be in problem, humnava plays.
Navi recalls how Ravi said that he only loves Devika, she gets tensed, she says what should i do, should i break their marriage? or should i do something that Devika goes off from Ravi’s life.
its morning, Devika comes out of washroom, Ravi says you take so much time in washroom, Devika says beautiful girls take time in washroom, Ravi says what you girls do in washroom that you take so much time? Devika says dont say all this, you look same even after taking bath, Ravi says really? i dont like i have taken bath? Devika says you look so beast, you look villain in this beard, Ravi is stunned, he says you want me to remove beard and get clean shaved? Devika says this is nice idea, you will look innocent in clean shave, you look villain in it, Ravi goes to washroom.

PRECAP- Navi says to Saket that dont talk about kidnapping everytime, you know anyone can listen, they turn to see Manju standing there, Manju stares them, Navi and Saket gets tensed thinking if she listened their conversation about kidnapping or not.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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