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Scene 1
Devika meet Sakshi at relative’s house, they are gathered for Jagran, she ask about Saket, DEvika says he was ther for meeting, he helped me, Sakshi thinks it cant be coincidence.
Navi is waiting for Ravi in party, he comes there, navi ask why you didnt meet me when you were here? Ravi says i thought you must be busy, Navi says this party is for you only, i mean you should talk to clients here, Ravi says but i didnt say yes for your job till now, Navi says i know you are smart, it will take time to get new job, every boss gets angry on emplopyee so dont take it seriously, lets meet clients, Ravi goes with her.
Manju and all are in Jagran, they are praying to
Ambe Maa, Savitri ask Manju to be afraid of AMbe maa, Manju says Ambe maa knows everything thats why your

liffe ie not going good and i am getting everthing i want, i got diamond like daughter in law and i should thank you as she is from your house only. Sakshi says to DEvika that i am leaving as i have to meet my friend, handle REkha, she leaves.
Navi thinks how to ask Ravi, he proposed me so genuinly then why did he marry someone else, if i ask directly then he can get angry, Mr.s Mittal comes there and says to Navi that he is not your type, she ask what? he says you are looking at guy Ravi from much time but he is not worth it, Navi ask why you are looking at me? Mittal says i dont ignore beautiful girls, Navi ask are you trying to impress me? he says i just want your company, ‘I am Mayank Mittal, Navi says you are same man who snatched all projects from my dad and took it, he says i just do business, i want to work with you, Navi thinks that i can use him to know about Ravi’s feelings, i will go close to
Mayank and see Ravi’s reaction, she says lets see your guts and love infront of all, he says lets go. Navi brings Mayank to Ravi, Ravi shakes hand with him and says it will not be good to work with you as you can cheat us anytime, Mayank ask how? Ravi sys i realized it by shaking hands with you, Navi looks on. Navi flirts with Mayank but Ravi doesnt give any attention to her, she gets sad.

Scene 2
Sakshi meets Monty, he ask what happened, she says Saket is still interfering in Devika’s life, he is creating problems between DEvika and Ravi, Monty ask how you know did something happened infront of your eyes? she says alot, i will tel you in detail, she tells him everything, DEvika is going in rickshaw, she finds Sakshi talking to Monty on road, she thinks Sakshi was saying that she is going to meet her friend, what she is doing with Monty?
Monty and Sakshi comes to party minister and tells him everything about Saket, he says you both did good by telling me about him, he is breaking every rule, i will take action against him, Sakshi thanks him and comes out of office, Sakshi says to Monty that what he thinks that he can do anything and we will sit quitlu, Saket comes there and ask Sakshi what she is doing there? she says i dont want to answer you, she leaves, Saket smirks.
Saket’s party minister ask Saket where were you? why you didnt come in rally? Saket says my mother was ill, i was taking care of her, minister says dont lie, i know you were in Rasaoli and i also know why you went there, he says to him that there are many complaints against you, what you are doing? you are going mad behind a married girl to break her marriage, you wanted MPA’s ticket, i suggested your name but now i will take your name back, you will not take part in MPA’s election from now, Saket thinks this is all because of Monty and Sakshi, Saket says ok i will leave, minister ask him to mend ways else he will not be MLA too.
Navi comes in car parking, Mayank comes behind her, he is drunk and ask why did you leave me, you are so sweet, Navi says i have to go, my mood is not fine, he stops her and says i will set your mood, i have booked suite for us, Navi says dare you talk to me like this, dont try to touch me, i am not that type of girl, he says i dont understand what type of girl you are, you were flirting with me in party and now running away from me, you are teasing me? wanna play game with me? so we will play here, he holds her hand and drags her, she says you are crossing your limits, stop it, Mayank ties to misbehave with her, Ravi sees this from far, he comes inbetween them and pushes Mayank away, he ask what are you doing? Mayank says this is my personal matter and yu are mere servant, Ravi says but i am better person, you should know how to behave with girls, if you try to touch her again then.. Mayank says you are her dog, Ravi hits him, Navi ask Ravi to leave him, Mayank says i will destroy you both, he leaves, Navi thanks Ravi, Ravi says no need, i thought abvout job, i will serve notice period then will think, driver safely bye, he leaves, Navi thinks that i was so wrong about Ravi, he still have soft corner for me.

PRECAP- DEvika is sleeping on bed while Ravi on floor, Devika falls from bed in sleep, she lands on Ravi, both look at each other

Update Credit to: Atiba

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