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Scene 1
Saket says to Vikas that get lost, vikas says i know you have lost, go in corner and cry and one more thing, cheap people deserve this only, Saket says if you were not my sister’s husband then i would have burned you alive, Vikas says you are useless, Saket pushes him away, he falls down, Shweta comes and says enough Saket, you will show power over him? i am ashamed of brother like you, Saket says what has he made you drink? he is interfering in my life, Shweta says if you say one more word against him then i will forget you are my brother, truth is that Ambika and Ravi have got married, vikas says leave him, he has lost, he wont understand, he doesnt want to, he has lost everything so has gone mad, what else he can do? Saket is about to beat him but Ravi says enough, go somewhere else,

Saket says he is involving in our matter, Ravi says your matter? this is our problem, not yours, whatever has happened, i, Ambika and Nivi will solve it, you stand here still, he goes to find Nivi.
Nivi comes to porch and is angry. Ravi comes to her and puts hand on her shoulder, he says i understand that you must be going through a lot but please calm down, relax and whatever happened, it was wrong with you but rightnow you have to be.. i mean lets go inside and try to find out. Nivi says i know who dis this? Ravi asks who? Nivi says Ambika Raichand have done this deliberately, she showed me fake sympathies and planned all this, she planned all this, she pretends to be my friend, she knows what you mean to me, i love you so much, how could she snatch something really precious from me? i cant stand this, i will kill her, she snatched everything from me, my house, my reputation, and now you too, i cant live without you, i wont spare her, i will kill her, she leaves, Ravi is tensed.
Nivi comes in mandap, she pushes Janki away from Ambika and slaps Ambika hard, all are shocked. Janki rushes to Ambika and glares Nivi, Nivi says how can you do something so cheap? you call me your friend and you married my would be husband? you have crossed all limits too, i will kill you today, she tries to strangle Ambika but Janki slaps her and says how dare you raise hand on my daughter? Nivi says i will kill her again and again and nobody will stop me, i have strength and i will show it, how dare she snatch Ravi from me? she knows how much i love Ravi, i am sure she has feelings for Ravi, she planned all this, she never wanted me to marry Ravi thats why sat in Mandap. i will kill her, she tries to attack Ambika again but Janki pushes her away and says dare not touch her, how can you say that she snatched your happiness? its you who snatched happiness of others, you like to break houses, you are cheater in this world, see yourself how many deeds you have done, isnt it true that you can snatch anything from anyone to get your happiness? even you snatched Ravi from someone else right? should i explain? Ravi was Devika’s husband and they loved each other, they wanted to live together but you separated them, you know how pious marriage is? how can you forget how pious relation of husband and wife is? these 7pheras mean a lot, it ties two people for 7births, sameway Ravi and Devika were tied in those pheras but you tried to break them, Ravi already married Devika, they were husband and wife, they wanted to live together for 7births, this is God’s rule but you tried to break it by snatching Ravi from her, you are in dirt and trying to blame others? only you should be punished. Nivi says now i understand that you were involved in all this too, you brought Ambika here in mandap in my clothes so that she could marry Ravi, tell me what you made me drink to make me faint, tell me. Manju and Shweta are tensed, Shweta says to Manju that she got to know that someone made her drink something, what if she knows that you made her drink, Manju says just pray that we dont get caught. janki says i dont have less proposals for my daughter, Nivi says i feel like.. Devika gets dizzy and faints, Ravi rushes to her and asks if she is fine? he makes her drink water. Devika says i dont remember anything, i dont know how i came here, i was with Nivi in her room then i felt dizzy, then it got black and i dont know anything after that, Nivi says what an acting, i saw your friendship acting but this is talent, Devika says i am saying truth, i fainted too, you remember, you were ill and we went to your room, i was with you, Manju aunty came and gave you coffee and gave me juice, Nivi recalls it, Devika says i tried to deny it but she insisted that i should drink juice, i drank it and then i dont remember anything, Nivi says i dont believe you, you planned all this, Devika says if you can faint then why cant i? i am saying truth, i dont remember how i came here, how my clothes got changed, i just remember someone was dragging me, my mind was blur, why would i do it deliberately? why would i want to marry Ravi? Ravi came to my house two days back to force me to say that i am Devika but i denied and we promised to break all ties then why would i marry him? i was forced to do this marriage? Rekha says you dont remember anything? Devika says no i dont, she throws off her garland and says i dont remember anything, Rekha says it means someone else was in room too and that person made then drink intoxicating medicine and because of that Nivi and Devika doesnt remember anything. Nivi says when i woke up, i tried to get out, i was dizzy and came here, Rekha says if you fainted then how can you blame her? we all saw she couldnt take pheras on her own, Ravi helped in all rituals, she didnt know what she was doing, Manju says i thought Nivi was ill and took intoxicating medicines so i asked Ravi to take care of you in rituals, i thought you were in veil, you are shy thats why you were walking slowly for pheras. Nivi says i dont care, i dont believe this wedding, Saket says she is right, this wedding is useless, Ravi was getting married to Nivi then how did Ambika come in all this? this wedding is useless, stop all this, Ravi says enough, i told you this is matter between me, Ambika and Nivi, you leave from here, Saket says i know you are happy to marry Ambika, vikas says this is our family matter and you should remain away, Saket says Ravi forcefully married a girl, Ravi thinks she is Devika thats why this is family matter? Vikas says leave else i wont spare you, Saket says are you involved in all this too? Nivi says stop it Saket, this all happened with me not with you, i was about to get married to Ravi, i know what i have to do and how to get it, she leaves. Manju says dont know what she is going to do. Devika looks at Ravi,
Nivi comes in her room and tries to search for something, she break vases. Monty comes and asks what are you finding? Nivi says get lost, Monty says i am with you, if you do anything in anger then it will go against you, this marriage has happened so you cant do anything, Nivi shouts how dare you? what is your value here? i know what has happened i dont need anyone’s help, get out, he leaves. Nivi finds scissor in cupboard.

PRECAP- Manju says to Shweta that we have made Ravi and Ambika marry with so much difficulty, we have crossed one hurdle, we should not lose hope now. Rekha says to Janki that whatever happened today was God’s will and accept this as God’s wish. Janki looks on.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  2. oh my Janki Devi is such an amazing and strong character! I look how she stands up for Ambika! Hats off to the actress what an amazing role she has done

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