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Scene 1
Saket wakes up and says i am dying, Vikas says not until now. Monty says Vikas saved your life, Saket asks to call doctor. Devika comes there and asks are you okay? you got shock from current, you were telling me how colorful you are and now you are lying on bed, you saved my life as i was about to switch on button, Saket says i can take shock for you, Devika says take care and leaves. Vikas says dont be happy, she didnt praise you.
Devika brings Janki in room and says it was just accident, i am fine, Janki says this is not that simple, anything could happen to you, i shouldnt have left you alone, you are not safe here, i shouldnt forget that you have more enemies, this was not accident, it was planned, you were attacked indirectly, Devika says Saket is my enemy but he got shock, it

was accident, Janki says you are innocent but not me, what happened with Devika was not accident and not this was accident, i have to find electrician who did this.
Manju says to Nivi that i know you did this, how dare you attack my daughter in law? i will throw you out of house, Nivi says first bring proof then blame me, Manju says iwill tell Ambika how dangerous you are, i wont spare you, she leaves.
Janki says to Devika that i am sure this was done by Nivi, she killed Devik and she must have tried this, Manju and Shweta are on your side and Saket got shock and i dont think Ravi can do this, Devika says why not? he did that with me earlier too, he can do anything and if it was plan to kill me then Ravi and Nivi must be both involved in this plan, if he can kill me once then he can make plan again to kill me. Ravi comes in room and says i listened everything, janki and Devika are shocked to see him. Ravi says i understood you both were talking about me, i listened everything now tell what you were talking about me? i am sure, Ambika was complaining about me, i am sure.. aunty.. no mummy, can i call you mom? she says yes, Ravi says trust me mom, i didnt do anything with her last night, i handled her otherwise my respect was in danger, i didnt do anything, she did everything, Janki asks what happened last night? Devika says you know Ravi can say anything, i didnt complain about him but he thought i did, he make assumptions, she asks Ravi to leave, let me spend time with mom, Ravi says she is my mom too, she told me that, i can talk to her, Manju asked me to call you both for pooja, i didnt come to irritate you, Ravi holds Devika’s hand, Janki says you both have started to hold hands? Devika says nothing like that, Ravi says she told me last night that i have right to hold her hand and hug her, Janki gets call, she asks them to leave, she will come.
Ravi brings Devika out of room. Devika pushes him away and says who asked you to hold my hand? Ravi says i told you am loyal to my wife, Devika says stop it, you have embarrassed me alot, if you talk about last night again then i wont sit in pooja with you. Manju comes there and asks why you wont sit in pooja what happened? Devika leaves. Manju asks Ravi what you did? she is miffed, go and pacify her, do anything but pacify her, Ravi leaves.

Scene 2
Ravi sings song i love you and is finding Devika. Devika is weeping in porch. Ravi comes there and sees her weeping, he says i am sorry, i was joking, Devika stares him, Ravi says why you are crying? it was just joke, DEvika says everything is joke for you, life is joke for you but some things are meaningful for me, dont talk about last night, i am worried how i behaved like that last night, i was not in senses, but you were, you knew i wouldnt have allowed you near me if i was in senses but you took advantage that i was drunk, you didnt think how i would feel, but this is joke for you, you are saying anything you like, anything might have happened last night but you can never touch my soul or heart, she starts leaving but Ravi holds her hand, she jerks her hand away, Ravi says are you done? i am shocked to listen what you think about me, thank you for telling, you think i am rapist? i want your body? i am lusting? i can do anything with my wife to fulfill my lust? i am animal for you? how dare you put such big blame on me? you said enough, now listen truth, nothing happened between us last night, Devika says dont lie, dont forget that my mother is here. i saw lipstick mark on your shirt, Ravi says call your mother and tell her what you think about me and about that lipstick mark? you kissed me, not i did it and that lipstick mark on my chest, it was put on by me to tease you but you have such cheap thinking, you came closer to me, you hugged me and kissed me, you made fun of me being drunk, you tried me to loose control but i didnt, i swear on my mother that i didnt do anything with you, i took care of you and you are blaming me for such cheap thing? i cant believe this, you wanted to sleep on my shoulder and it touched my heart thats why i hugged you, i knew you were drunk thats why you did things, if someone else was in my place, he would have gone crazy and lost control but i controlled myself because you are my wife and i respect you from core of my heart thats why i didnt do anything and how easily you said that i took advantage of you, i wont do anything till you dont want it, i will not do anything till you dont give me permission. Ravi says to Devika that i dont want to touch your body, i want to touch your soul and heart, you have said very cheap thing so i am telling you that you will come to me first not me, you will take first step towards not me, you will hold my hand, you understand? you better understand, Devika is surprised to see his anger. Ravi leaves.
Diwali pooja starts, Nivi thinks where is Ambika and Ravi? Ravi comes there. Nivi thinks where is Ambika? why Ravi is looking serious? i hope they had fight. Devika comes and stands beside Ravi, she looks at him and says i am sorry for misunderstanding you, i took your joke seriously, i knew you were teasing me but i was tensed, i thought how could that happen, i am feeling bad for saying those i hope you forgive me and i want to thank you for your promise, its big thing when husband take permission of wife in consideration, Ravi says its okay, small thing happens in this big city so dont take it to heart. Manju asks Ravi and Devika to do aarti. They do aarti together. Ravi holds Devika’s hand and smiles at her, she shyly looks at him, Ravi says i was just joking, you get scared on small things, she smiles and lovingly looks at him, he raise his eyebrows, she looks away and blushes, Galiyan song plays, Nivi glares them.

PRECAP- Nivi is sitting in her room and says what happened in one night that they have become so close? everything was going per my plan if that stupid Saket didnt get shock from current first.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Again a stupidity???such a stupid serial if i had rights i would stop this serial..mam if u dont have story maybe som1 will lend it..but plz stop this bullshit…now again ambi will fall for ravi again her murder will happen…ekta mam dosent even pay heeds to the viewers request…bulshit serial????

  2. See devika misunderstood Ravi so much but then she said sorry and he forgave her this is exactly what I was saying. She will continue to misunderstand Ravi that he tried killing her but when she finds out the truth then Ravi will easily forgive her. Devika misunderstands Ravi so much but he still forgives her. She doesn’t deserve him. She’s always doubting him….why is it always girls who get forgiveness and why are man always doubted. That is no justice!

  3. Seriously? After all this time, ambika still believes that Ravi tried to kill her? This character needs to color her hair blonde, then I would understand why she is this dumb!!! Even Manju is smarter than ambika!!!! This serial is going on like a dog trying to catch it’s tail. I stay away for a while and when I watch an episode, it’s still the same, no progress!

    1. This stupid story line . amibika overacting, loud baseless always thinking Ravi had part in her demise. Ouf what shit yaar. Don’t worry even if you stop watching and then come back to it the story will be same no progress. Nivi wanting revenge, that’s a laugh in it self.

  4. Armaan mallick

    awsm serial i relly enjoy and watch every episode
    i like to see ravi nd devika romamce nd fighting..
    intresting to see day by day.
    i hope ambika relize the truth of ravi. and again the love each other..

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