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Scene 1
Ravi is crying in his room and missing Devika, otherside Devika is pained too.
Nivi is sleeping and imagines Devika in dream, she says i will not leave you Devika, she turns and falls from bed, she wakes up and says Devika is dead, i keep thinking about her. Manju, Parmindar and Shweta comes there and asks what happened? is she sleeping on floor or fell down from bed? Shweta says she must have imagined Devika in sleep, Parmindar says no she must be seeing romantic dreams of Ravi, Jyoti comes and says media person has come, Manju says why did he come so soon? Nivi says i will come and meet him, all leave, Nivi thinks that i have to teach everything to this media person.
Nivi meets media person and says we will have press conference and what questions i have told you, you should ask

only those, dont take that name in press conference, he says yes Devika’s name? she says dont take that name, i am telling you nothing wrong should happen in conference or engagement ceremony, Ravi comes there and asks if anything wrong? Nivi changes her tone and says everything is fine, Ravi thinks then why was she shouting on person? Nivi says to media person that do what i have told you, he says yes and leaves. Nivi says to Ravi if he slept well? he nods, Nivi puts her hands around his shoulder and says i am so excited for our engagement, i have brought ring for you, Ravi says i have brought ring for you too, Nivi says really? she hugs him and leaves, Ravi says i am happy that today Devika’s mom’s dream will become true, today will be start of it.
Devika and Janki are in car, Devika thinks that i might have forgiven Ravi for cheating me but he crushed my mother’s dream too, he did everything to snatch my mother’s property. Janki says to her manager that what i have told you, only that should be flashed on news channels, it should run on all channels, he says yes, Devika asks whats the need for it? janki says this is start of your revenge, with this news flashing on Tv, Ravi and Nivi will get tensed even before their engagement ceremony, it would hit them hard then your entry in engagement ceremony will shock them to core.
Nivi says to Shweta that this engagement ceremony will be covered on all news channels, my press conference is going to start, i will tell them about my charity and all, Shweta says but they dont know that you dont do charity for good deed but to show off to Ravi, Nivi says shut up, dotn say it openly, i think i have to cancel your credit card, Shweta says sorry. Press people come in Nivi’s house to cover press conference. Manju and Parmindar comes there, Parmindar says there are so hot reporters, Manju asks her to behave. Nivi asks her media man if everything is in control? he says yes, Shweta asks Nivi if she is not tensed? Nivi says i am confident, i will give such a speech today that it will increase my business and will increase my love too, Shweta says when your business increases, give share to us too, Nivi says ofcourse, you are part of Ravi’s family and my responsibility is to take care of you all, she leaves, Devika is there disguised as reporter, she has covered her face with glasses and dupatta, she thinks that nivi is dreaming big, she is right, this press conference is going to change her time but in otherway, her dreams are not going to fulfill so easily, you want to gain popularity and fame by this conference but this conference will take away what you have rightnow, i will bring your truth out to everyone, you will be in trouble now, this property and fame is not yours, you inherited it, you snatched my husband, my everything, my happiness and even tried to snatch my life, now i will snatch everything from you. Nivi is waiting and finding Ravi so that press conference can start, she passesby Devika but doesnt see her, Devika thinks that now my mission is to make you lose and that will be my win. Nivi call Ravi and asks him to reach house, all media persons are waiting, i am missing you alot, come here in 20minutes, media persons dont wait that much, Ravi says i will arrive in 15minutes, he ends call, Nivi says today i am saying that i miss you, soon you will say that you miss me, i will create my magic on you.
Devika thinks that for this fake fame and money, Ravi’s family left their house, everything, they had no respect for their memories in that house, they had no value of that house, how can someone stoop so much low, she sees Ravi picture and turns her face away. Devika comes in one room and says its seems like Manju Garwal’s room, she has stooped so low that i dont feel like calling her aunty, she looks at Manju picture and recalls how Manju was involved in her murder attack, Devika says to picture that you must be happy, you wanted to all this status, high society parties and all, you stooped so low, you tried to kill me, you plotted for my death to get all this luxury, i knew your truth from start, even after knowing you, i kept trying to become your daughter but all you wanted was my property, first you were sweet to me to get property but when you realized that you wont get it from me so you shook hands with Nivi for all this luxury but soon this all will be snatched from you, you will be seen begging on road, this is my promise.
Manju asks Vikas if he had seen puppy? he says why your picture will not come nice? she says you taunt alot these days, Vikas says you smile when Nivi taunt or insult you, ask Shweta, maybe she would know your 4th son, he leaves.
Luthra calls Nivi, she says why you are not coming to india? he says i cant come rightnow, i will come later, i have invited our new business partner in engagement ceremony, they are very powerful and have invested alot in our business so entertain them well, she says okay, he says their names are Janki Devi and Ambika, he ends call. Nivi thinks that they have such middle class names while dad was saying that they are rich, dont know why dad make everyone his partner, i will just entertain them for sometime then it will be me and Ravi only.

PRECAP- Devika is looking at Nivi and Ravi’s picture in his room, Shweta comes from behind and asks who is she? Devika gets shocked and thinks that voice seems like of Shweta, Shweta asks who is she and why she is staring Ravi and Nivi’s picture?

Update Credit to: Atiba

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