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Scene 1
Ravi brings women welfare to police station. Ravi says to Janki that they will help us to free Ambika. women start campaigning against inspector and say that this inspector cant be goon. Ravi says to media that this man has locked my wife without any reason, media is taking his clips, one woman says to inspector that we wont let you torture innocent girl, inspector says i didnt do anything, Ravi says he has locked my wife without any crime, he has blamed that my wife has tried to kill me, she loves me a lot then why will she do that? he insulted my Janki Maa too, Janki says he is right, when i tried to talk to this inspector, he insulted me and threatened me to not free my daughter. One woman says this policeman catn respect woman, we wont let you be on this job, we will bring you down, inspector

tries to stop media from covering and says stop it, i am sorry, please dont show it on Tv, Ravi says then free my wife right now, inspector asks policeman to free Ambika. Ravi thanks women welfare, they leave. Ravi goes to Ambika and brings her out of jail, she is emotional, Ravi offers his hand, Devika holds it, humdard plays, Ravi smiles at her, Devika comes out of jail, Ravi caresses her face, Devika hugs him, Ravi says i told you i will take out from here, Devika thanks him, Ravi says you should say you love me, Devika looks down, Ravi hugs her and says i am with you so dont cry. Janki comes there, Devika hugs her, Janki thanks Ravi and says you did what was not possible, i am proud of you, my daughter is lucky to get you who can do anything for her wife, thank you, Ravi says i dont like this word, i am your son, she is my wife and i have right to do this for her, i promised to be with her on every way, bless us to remain close for life, he touches her feet, Janki says to Devika that see how much Ravi loves you, i am sure Ravi will take care of you, Ravi says ofcourse, they start leaving. Ravi comes to inspector and says i hope you end this case now, inspector says dont think you have won, now care about ahead, Ravi says if you try to do anything against my wife then i wont spare you, i will show your clippings to media, dont do anything against my wife, inspector says i am not scared of you, Ravi says this is my challenge to you, Ravi leaves.
Sakshi’s hand is paining, she says wish someone my own was with me, Monty doesnt want to have relation with me, God please send Devika to me. Nivi comes there with food. Nivi says hi Mrs. Sakshi Monty, how are you feeling now? dont worry, i have brought soup for you, you will better with this, Sakshi sys i dont need it, Nivi says there is no poison it, Sakshi says woman like you can do anything, Nivi says you are rude, i have come with good intentions, i am offering you soup and you are bitter with me? you are so helpless, i dont understand first your mind used to not work and now.. i mean what was the need to get shot? dont you love your life? Sakshi says dont you anything else to do? i have no interest in listening to you so leave, Nivi says i havent come to important part, i have come to say that your protector, the one who used to take care of you will not be here, i will looking after your treatment and care from now on, Sakshi sys what you mean? Nivi says it means that your Ambika di, will be in jail for many months and Ravi will keep trying to free her but she will rot in jail for months and that gives me time to play with you, i dont know how Ambika made you fine but i will make sure to do everything to make you mental again, Sakshi says i wont allow you to do it, Nivi says how will you stop me? you couldnt stop me earlier too, i do what i say. Servant comes there and says Ravi and Ambika have comeback home, Nivi is shocked, Sakshi gets happy. Nivi thinks how this happened?
Ravi and Devika comes home. They are about to enter but Vikas says stop, you both cant come like this, he brings aarti plate and does their aarti, Vikas says its our house’s ritual, Ravi says its not needed, Vikas says you both have won fight, its not small thing to win against enemy, this aarti is needed, i am doing this because no elder is at home, i am elder so i thought to do it, Nivi is fuming seeing them. Vikas ask them to enter house together, Ravi and Devika enters. Ravi and Devika touches Vikas’s feet, Vikas says its not needed, Ravi says bless us like elder, Vikas says you both remain happy and together always, and make cricket team, Devika says what? Ravi says you shouldnt have said it, Devika blushes. Sakshi comes there, Devika comes to her and says are you fine? why did you come here? you shouldnt walk, you are weak, why you are tensed? everything fine? Sakshi says i was worried, are you fine? Devika says i am fine, lets go in your room, she take Sakshi with her. Vikas says to Ravi that everything will be fine now, Nivi says Ravi i want to ask how you freed Ambika from jail? it was next to impossible, did Monty take his case back? Ravi says i dont need Monty’s help, i can free my wife, i am telling you first and last time, if you say anything against my wife then i wont spare you, you have said enough but it will be bad for you and Monty now, tell Monty to not do anything against my wife, you understand? he leaves after glaring her, Nivi is hurt.
Nivi comes in her room and throws her neck collar, she shouts why? why this happen with me everytime? she cries, and says why i am so unfortunate? i try to get close to Ravi but he gets away from me everytime, i made her go away from Ravi but Ravi dont understand my love, this is happening because of Saket, he doesnt know if he wants to kill her or love her, i just hate Ambika.
Sakshi says to Devika that i am so happy, that Nivi said you wouldnt be able to come out of jail soon, Devika says Ravi did trick and saved me, i feel lucky to get husband who can go to any extent to save me, Sakshi says Ravi is very nice, he can never do bad with his Devika, you doubt him so much, you think that he tried to kill you but he loves you a lot, he cant do it. Sakshi says i saw first that Ravi started loving you, he loved you from that time, he married you to save you from Saket then why would he try to kill you? Devika says you are right, i might have misunderstood him all the time, Ravi is person who has always stood with me, why would he try to kill me? he loves me, i might have done mistake in understanding him.

PRECAP- Nivi says to Saket we should celebrate that i wont get Ravi and you wont get Ambika, we should die now, Saket says you die, i will not loose so soon, Ambika is mine and i will make her mine.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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