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Scene 1

Savitri says that would be great. saket will write his own name in Sakshi’s mehdni. sakshi gives him mendhi and says go write your name. saket takes the cone. Sakshi says let me write it, she writes saket on her hand.
Sakshi asks devika what happened? You are so injured. devika says it was my mistake i didn’t see when the car came. Ravi says It was my mistake i threw her in front of the car. Rekha says shut up. you can’t see her in trouble. You would have cried more than her i know. A husband is the one who protects his wife and this is what his wife expects from him. Ravi says I will take care of her forever don’t worry. Ravi says come on sit now devika. Saket sees them and says this is what i want that you stay busy with devika and dont get time to answer calls.

Ravi gets a call. Vicky says we have found the drug supplier saket used. Ravi says have you got to know about monti? Vicky says saket has shifted him somewhere else. He sent men to kill charan singh. ravi says take care of charan singh. He is our last hope.
Saket makes Sakshi wear the bangles, she shoves his hand away. Ravi says in heart I will ruin this plan of yours.

The dance starts. Ravi and everyone is dancing. Devika is sitting and clapping. Rekha says ravi devika wants to dance as well i think. Ravi says don’t worry see what I do. He come sand gives a rose to devika. She takes it. Ravi says will you dance with me? Devika says how can I dance. You go and enjoy. ravi says i will make you dance dont worry. He picks her and dances with her. Navi sees them and i jealous. The song ‘banjara’ plays in
background. Navi says he is dancing with her.

Saket comes to navi and says this is so difficult to see your love with someone else right?
Ravi makes devika sit. Navi comes to ravi. She says devika if you dont mind can I dance with ravi? Navi dances with ravi. Devika feels possessive and goes in.

Monty says you said you will send me back home then why have you brought me here? He says they got to know about your location. Monty says that means they were looking for me. They will forgive me. Saket says no he wants to get you arrested. monty says no. Saket says after two days you will go home. Saket says trust me. i have planned a surprise for you. Monty says thanks a lot. He hugs him.

Precap-Ravi says to saket dance as soon as the weather is good for you. It might change any moment. A man comes in, saket is dazed.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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