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Scene 1
Ravi comes in police station, inspector files FIR, he says you could have told me before that you know Luthra family, i would have filed FIR before, Ravi says you start finding my wife, i will come with you, inspector says you dont need to come with us, it will disturb us, you go from here, we will find her, Ravi says okay i will in morning, Ravi leaves, inspector calls policman and says to find watchman, they have to find his wife as commissioner called.
Devika is crying and asking goons to let her leave. Goon deepak calls Saket and says from the time that girl has woken up, she is calling out for Ravi, what should we do? Saket says i will come there, he ends call and says Devika has become conscious, she will be mine, she is trapped now, he says no i should not go there, Navi said

right anybody can follow me and whats the hurry? she is in my cage now so i should sleep for now, he goes to sleep.
Sakshi is waiting for Ravi to comeback, Monty comes back, Sakshi asks where is Devika? tell me, Monty says what i am going to tell you, listen that with strength, he tells her that Devika is kidnapped, Sakshi says this cant happen, you are lying, Monty says trust me, Devika is kidnapped, control yourself, we will find her, Sakshi says why anyone will kidnap her? Monty says i dont know, someone kidnapped her outside gift shop, Sakshi says how she can be kidnapped like this? Monty is called by Manju, he asks Sakshi to not worry, everything will be fine, he leaves. Sakshi sees Rekha calling, she picks call, Rekha asks why your voice is shivering? you fine? Devika is fine? tell me what happened? Sakshi cries and says Devika got kidnapped, she is not seen anywhere, Rekha is shocked and drops phone in shock. Rekha comes to her family, she cries, all ask her what happened? Rekha says Devika is kidnapped, all are stunned listening thi, Savitri says who will kidnap her and for what reason? Rekha says dont know, Savitri says this must have happened because of her property, she is owner of 10crores property, ask Ravi where he was when she got kidnapped? Rekha says Ravi has been finding her, Sakshi told me about it, Savitri says from the time she has got married to Ravi, everything wrong is happening with her, she cries and says in end it will be known that Ravi did all this, Rekha says i have to find DEvika, dont know where is she, Savitri says dont go out from house at night, we will go in morning, FIR must have been filed, Rekha cries and says dont know where Devika must be.
Saket is lying on bed and says soon Devika will be with me, we wont be able to live in Ambala, we will shift to Chandigarh, i will buy house for her, we will live together. he gets call from Shweta, Shweta says you know such big thing has happened, Devika got kidnapped, Saket acts surprised and thinks what to tell her that i did all this, Shweta asks if he doubts Navi too? i know she has done this, Saket thinks that if she can doubt Navi then she can doubt me too, i have to twist words, he says Navi will not do cheap things like this, Shweta says i have seen her obsession, she can do anything, Saket says you have gone mad, she cant do anything like this, you stop your horses and dont doubt on anyone, try to find Devika, he ends call and says i shouldnt have shouted at Shweta, she can doubt me now. Shweta thinks why Saket was shouting at me? why he was trying to clear my doubt over Navi? she says Saket wants Devika and Navi wants Ravi so did they do kidnapping together? no, how can they? but they have same target so they can join hands. Saket thinks that if Shweta can doubt him so soon then anyone can doubt me, he thinks to be careful.
Ravi comes in room and recalls time spent with Devika, he recalls how DEvika told him that she wants him to becomes her fully, how they became friends, how they collected beads together like collecting life moments, Mujhe teri zarorat hai plays. Ravi comes in his room and looks at his and Devika’s pictures, he cries. Ravi says where are you Devika? its all my fault, i should have reached on time, you called me but i didnt come to you, its all my mistake, forgive me Devika, he cries and looks at cards which Devika bought for him, he looks at them and reads “my heart keep praising you but my tongue cant say anything, my silence is not my rejection, i am also with you in path of love”, Ravi cries seeing this, he says Devika loves me, she wanted to tell me this only today, i have ill fate, i was dying to listen this from her but lost Devika before this, forgive me Devika, Ravi says whoever have kidnapped Devika, i wont spare that man, when i will know about that person, i will kill him.

Scene 2
Manju says how can they kidnap her in market? Vikas says why anyone will kidnap her? Parmindar asks Manju if she did it for property? manju asks her to shut up, Manju says who can kidnap Devika? we dont have animosity with anyone, i fight with Savitri but why will she kidnap her grand daughter? Shweta thinks that she is not doubting my family? Addy says only one person can hurt Ravi and Devika and that is Saket Kapoor, Shweta thinks if he is right? Saket acted weird on call too, Manju says you are right, Ravi married Devika when Saket was her groom and he made Sakshi marry Monty when Saket was groom again so Saket can do this to take revenge, Saket comes there and greets them, all look on shocked, Ravi comes there and asks Saket to tell about goons who kidnapped Devika, Saket says i dont know anything, Ravi grabs Saket from collar and says i know you are behind all this, Saket says i didnt do anything, Ravi says if i find out that you are behind all this then i will kill you, Saket says i thought to help you in finding Devika, Ravi asks him to get lost. Saket comes out and says i am doign everything wrong these days, i came here to clean myself but made Ravi doubt me more, if Ravi goes in deep of this kidnapping then he will find me culprit, i shouldnt have listened to that navi, she has put me in problem.

PRECAP- Ravi says to Devika that i like to see your face in candle lights, he decorates room with candles, Devika is about to leave but Ravi holds her saree pallu. Navi says to Saket that i am not afraid of your warnings, i will do what i want, Saket says but my name should not come inbetween all this, dont involve me.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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