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Scene 1
Ravi is finding Monty in street, Monty’s friend sees Ravi and starts running from there, Ravi grabs him and ask about Monty, he says i dont know, Ravi says i will beat you, friend tells him that i have empty house on other street, Monty is there, Ravi takes his phone, he tell friend to not tell Saket.
Vikas brings Ravi’s phone back home after repairing, Saket says to Vikas that give phone to me, i will give it to Ravi, Vikas gives Ravi’s phone to Saket and leaves, Friend calls Saket and tells him that Ravi is finding Monty, Saket tells Navi that i have to go before Ravi finds Monty, he leaves.
Ravi finds house in which Monty is in, Ravi comes in house, there is darkness, Ravi finds some guy there but cant see his face due to darkness, Ravi thinks its Monty and

starts scolding him, he says Monty what you have done has destroyed everything, you have spoiled Sakshi’s life, everyone is broken because of you step, you let me down, i used to trust you so much but you have broken my trust, what was Sakshi’s fault? i asked you if you are ready for this marriage, you said yes for it, why did you do this? Monty doesnt answer, Ravi says you have to come with me and ask forgiveness from Sakshi and her family, you know Devika is broken so much, everyone is so hurt because of you, you have to go with me to say sorry.
DEvika says to Savitri that this is my family, Rekha is my mother then how can i leave her in this state? i took Ravi’s side because i felt he isnt wrong and whats my fault? i just took side of right person but this is my house, Rekha have raised me up like daughter and now its my time to console her like daughter, this is my right to meet my mother and you cant stop me, Savitri says you were daughter of this house but now you are just daughter in law of Manju’s house, leave from here, Devika says i was born in this house and my relation with this house cant be broken, Savitri says then why did you go with them yesterday? you are not on our side, Devika says Rekha have taught me that after marriage, girl has to create balane between her in laws and her family, i am doing that only, let me go in, Savitri says this is my house and i wont let you go in, Devika says i am daughter of this house, my relation with this house cant be broken, i am just trying to be nice daughter and nice daughter in law both, Savitri says i wont allow you, Devika says you cant stop me, there is my mother inside house and nobody can stop me, she goes in while Savitri stands there speechless, Shekhar sees all this from far and thinks that Devika have done great today, she has got this confidence from Ravi.
Ravi brings the guy out from house, its not Monty but Saket, Ravi is stunned and says you? Saket says take me where you were taking me, should i have to say sorry to Sakshi? what were you saying? he makes fun of Ravi, Ravi says i should have understood that you have hidden Monty, i will find him, Saket says our challenge is still same, our animosity is still same, you remember the challenge that you had to win Devika before Monty’s marriage? i thought to keep challenge on, i should cut the string between two families, that is Monty, i hided him so that Sakshi’s marriage doesnt happen, Ravi says how dare you? he slaps Saket, Saket says i will snatch Devika from you, you will be empty handed soon, Ravi says Devika is mine only and you cant snatch her, Ravi beats him in anger, Saket laughs and says you promised Devika that you will bring Monty back but where will you find him? you wont find him anywhere and all will think that you have made Monty runaway, all will hate you, remind you Devika is mine and will be mine only, Ravi is tensed.

Scene 2
Rekha says to Sakshi that i am your mother, you can pour your heart out to me, i know you are hurt with Savitri’s words but you know her, in anger she says bitter words, dont take her words on your heart, please speak something for me, Devika and Pallavi sees this from far, Devika leaves from there.
Devika cries and hugs Pallavi, she says to Pallavi that i cant see Rekha like this, from childhood Rekha has never allowed me bear any pain, she used to take my pain and give me happiness only, today i dont know how to lessen her pain? Pallavi says you need to handle yourself to handle her, talk to her, Pallavi says to Devika that Rekha needs reassurance, you tell her that everything will be fine soon, say to her that Ravi will bring Monty back soon and then he will set everything right, Devika recalls how Ravi wrote letter to her that he will bring her family’s happiness, Devika says this is not fake assurance but i will give her real hope now.
Ravi thinks that i promised Devika that i will bring Monty back today but where to find Monty? she has so much hopes from me, how can i break her hope, i cant see her breaking down, should i go back home or not? i dont know what to do.
Devika comes to Rekha, Rekha hugs her and cries, Devika ask her to knot cry, Rekha says to Devika that tell Sakshi to speak something, Devika says we will handle her, we have to become her strength, you used to say that everything become fine, problems are temporary, Ambe Maa set everything right, Devika says to Rekha that trust me everything will be fine, Monty has gone on wrong path but Ravi will bring him on right path and will set everything right, Rekha feels hope, Devika says everything will become fine, i have full faith in Ravi, he will fulfill his promise and will set everything right, Rekha hugs her, Devika thinks i know Ravi will fulfill his promise this time for sure.

PRECAP- Devika finds Monty’s messages in Ravi’s phone(planted by Saket), she is shocked and feels betrayed once again, she cries. Navi says congratulations to Saket to be successful in breaking Devika’s trust.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. kalpesh patel

    Ooh shit yaar
    Precap me kya dikhaya

    Aaisa nahi hona chahiye tha
    Ye aap ne kya kiya plz serial bohat achhi hai ise kharab maat kijiye plz

  2. Abi paas ye the ravi aur devika
    Ab fir se devika ko misundstng hogi
    Aur fir se alag ho jayenge

  3. mary christodoulou

    enough!!!enough with sakhet and monty and and ..theyll get us bored. is time to see something nice between the couple

  4. This serial is also on ambe maa devotee devika, then writer shuld show that ambe maa is helping devika and ravi in the right path n not help saket n navi in the wrong deed. I think zis writers do not know wat to put in z serial zat y its is bcoming boring day by day. since the serial have started not even once zer was romance between ravi n devika, nor a good episode.

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