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Scene 1
Monty informs Saket that Nivi has got money from one project and she is going to use it to get her house back. Saket nods, he meets Manju and all and says i have come to support Nivi here, Manju thinks Saket is of no one, there is something which he is hiding, why did he come here?
Shweta brings Saket in corner and says we need 20crores to buy this house, you have this much money? Saket says 20crores is like change for me, i can buy many houses like this, i will buy this house, dont worry, he leaves, Shweta says i will become owner now. She turns to see Manju standing there. Manju says you are cheater, thats why you werre excited for auction? i gave you so much love and you cheated me? you didnt inform me? you called your brother to get this house? Shweta says whats wrong in it if he

wants to buy house for me? be careful with your tongue, i will keep you in that house now, if you say alot then i will make you do household work, i have hunter too to be used on you, Manju says you are worst daughter in law, Devika used to be so innocent, she would never say a word to me, Shweta says i have learned all this from you, if i was like Devike then you would have killed me too, dont argue with me now, Manju thinks that it seems like my deeds are coming back and biting me now, if Devika was here today then she wouldnt have let this happen with me.
Host says to people in ceremony that lets start auction, just see this beautiful house, you will get all furniture, rooms are spacious, its like palace for kings. Nivi thinks that i am hurt to see my house presented to world like this, i have to answer back everyone by buying my house again. Auction starts, investors bid 15crores.. other bids 20crores.. other bids 22crores. Monty sees Janki coming inside, Monty says first Saket came to help you and now your best friend’s mother Janki has come to help you, Nivi is shocked to see her. Vikas taunts Nivi that seems everything is going against you. Host says construction tycoon Janki Raichand is here too. Nivi thinks Ambika didnt tell me anything, why she is here?
Devika is in her room and says i have to know what is happening in auction, i cant go there, i should call Maa. She calls Janki, Janki takes her call, Devika asks what is happening there? Janki says auction has started, you can listen it while on call, Devika says yes, i am restless i want to know what is happening there, Janki says i will keep phone online. Nivi calls Anuj and says i got to know who is back stabbing you, you asked me media to write things about you. Nivi goes out of venue to talk to him. Janki thinks why is Nivi going out? what is more important than auction of her house? there is something wrong.
Anuj says to Nivi that i have captured agent of that person but he is not telling name of his boss, i want you to come and ask him, its important to know who is our enemy, Nivi says you are right, its important to find out who is playing games with me, anyone can handle auction, i am coming there. She ends call, she turns to see Janki standing there, Janki says i want to talk to you, Nivi says i am busy rightnow, she leaves. Janki thinks that my agent got caught, what if he tells truth to Nivi? Nivi can go to any extent to torture him, if that agent tells her truth then Nivi will know our truth, i cant leave auction as i have promised Devika to buy her house. Devika is on call and asks Janki what is happening there? Janki says dont worry, i promised you to buy this house for you, i will fulfill it, She says i have to call someone urgently, she ends call. Janki calls her agent and his phone is switched off.
Nivi is driving and thinks that today i will know who maligned my respect which i earned in years, i wont spare that person, i will destroy them, he will know the result of messing around with me.
Bid is of 31crores now. Manju thinks that Saket will buy this house for sure. Saket bids 40crores. Monty thinks that i thought he came to support us but he is backstabbing us. Janki bids 45crores, all are shocked. Monty thinks that now she is in battlefield too, Nivi asked me to be in auction and save house, she wont spare me. Saket asks who is she? Shweta says she is Ambika’s mother, Ambika who is exactly like your first love Devika. Saket bids 50crores, Devika is on call and thinks that this is Saket’s voice, what is he doing in auction? is it Nivi’s plan? is he with Nivi to save house? Devika says he is.. Janki says yes he is Saket, he is desperate to buy this house.

Scene 2
Nivi slaps agent and says on whose saying you maligned my respect? you have leaked information about me to media, who asked you to do it? she slaps him and says i will kill you if you dont tell me, agent says what are you saying? i didnt do anything, Anuj says he is lying, i caught him giving money to media and also leaking our information, agent says i didnt do anything, Nivi says seems like you dont love your life, she asks Anuj to bring her revolver, she says to agent that either to tell truth or you die.
Bid is of 50crores which Saket did.. Janki says 60crores.. Shweta asks Saket to increase bid, Saket says have you gone mad? this property is of 15crores, i am not increasing it, Shweta says but i want it, please do something, Saket sys to host that can we take break of 5minutes? i want to buy this house but i need time, host gives break of 5minutes. Janki goes out of venue. Shweta says to Saket that dont go behind her, she is very shrewd lady, Saket says i have set big shrewd people straight, she is nothing.
Nivi points gun at agent and says seems like you dont wanna open your mouth to tell truth so i will close your mouth for rest of your life.

PRECAP- Saket says to Janki that i want to buy this property so back off, she says what if i dont and buy it instead? Saket points gun at her and says even if you buy it, you wont remain alive to live there, Janki is stunned, Devika panics listening this on call.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. oh no please dont kill Janki Raichand!!! I will stop watching this if she does die. so far, she’s been my favorite character! ?

  2. don’t worry janki will not die ambika alone cannot face nivi saket and the mother in law if ambikabas in devika was equal to them then she would not have fallen frm the cliff I wish for some other actress to play the role if devika/ambika eg Mona Singh or sriti jha what say ??

  3. This woman is such a weakling I know I have said this before but it’s true just see her state when she hears his voice what will happen when she comes face to face. Yawn yawn devika you are pathetic.

  4. What story??????

  5. Now Devika should know the truth of ravi that how much he loves devika. Now we cant wait. Its stretched to much devika should realize now that ravi is not with nivi in all

  6. no janki will not die i think ravi will come and argue with seket becoz he doesnt like saket and after that devika start realizing reallity but the problm with this show is that writer has potrayed lead actress so dump and stupid who never use her mind simply do as other say her to do ………

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