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Scene 1
Its morning, Ravi wakes up and has headache, he finds his clothes changed, he says i dont remember anything, he finds roses all around and says Devika decorated whole room last night? i shouldnt have drank so much, i promised Devika to have dinner with her, why did that party happen last night only, he finds greeting card there and says i am mad, Devika was waiting for me and i destroyed her hopes, she must be angry with me, how to ask forgiveness? Devika comes out bathroom, she stares Ravi and goes to get ready, Ravi sprinkles rose petals on her and says sorry i will never drink wine this much, Devika says no thanks for surprising me, Ravi hugs her and thanks her, Devika says i have surprise for you too, she goes to bring it.
Manju scolds Vikas for not doing work and keep sitting at home,

Saket comes there and asks what happened? Manju says he cant do work, he has no concentration in work, he is not like you who can earn bigger, Saket says i will make him work, he says to Vikas that leave wedding planning and come in politics, i am opening new office, i will make him manager there, he will earn good, Shweta thanks him, Saket asks will he work there? Vikas says yes i will, Manju says find some work for Monty too, Saket says i will talk to Navi, she will give him job, Sakshi says monty doesnt need anyone’s help, he can job for himself, Monty says but i dont have issue to work for Navi, i am ready to do her job, Sakshi looks on stunned, Parmindar thanks Saket for helping them, Saket says they are my cousins and i can do this for them.
Devika brings Ravi’s shirt, Ravi says i wore it last night, Devika shows lipstick mark on his shirt and ask about it, flashback shows how Navi made Ravi drink in party, Ravi starts imagining Devika in Navi, he takes her hand and pulls her closer, he caresses her face, he sits on his knees and extends his hand, he imagines Devika and dances with her, Humnava plays, he closely dances with her, Navi kisses on his shirt, Ravi says you know most beautiful girl on this planet, i love you alot, i love you my Kach Kach, fb ends, Ravi thinks that i cant tell Devika that it was done by Navi, she will angry with me.
Monty and Saket comes to Navi’s house, Monty says why we didnt go to her office? Navi says dont be so formal, we are family, Monty shows her his Cv, Navi says no need for that, you are accounts manager in Luthra corporation from now on, Monty thanks her for such big job, he says i am sorry for talking ill about you, Navi says its okay, i have forgotten those things, Monty thanks them and leaves, Navi thanks Saket for making her win Ravi’s family’s trust, Saket says i will make Ravi yours too, navi says with this Ravi will be under my debt more and will soon become mine.

Scene 2
Ravi says to Devika that you know in partied dance is common, Navi danced with me and she did it, Devika says Navi? you danced with her? Devika says you did dance with her or anything more? Ravi says this lipstick applied by mistake, i didnt know how it got on my shirt, Devika says yes you didnt know anything as you were drunk, dont know what you did with her in drunk state, Ravi says i was conscious, Devika says you conscious and allowed her to kiss you? Ravi says trust me, when i got drunk i was thinking about you, Devika says now you will say that you imagined me in Navi and danced with her? then you ate dinner with her too? Ravi says i didnt have dinner, i packed chole dish for you, Devika asks where it is? Ravi recalls how he left briefcase in Navi’s car, Ravi says i forgot it in Navi’s car, Devika says my chole are in Navi’s car? Ravi says Navi dropped me to my house so.. Devika says she dropped you too? what else you did with her? you had dance with her, you left my chole in her car, you were in her car, i kept waiting for you and you came here to sleep? Ravi says you are thinking wrong, nothing happened, Devika laughs and says i was joking, look at your tensed face, you are looking so cute, Ravi says it was so bad joke that too with your husband? Devika says dont tickle me now, Ravi says you made fun of me, he runs behind her, he chases her, Devika runs, Ravi grabs her, they both fall down on bed and share eyelock, Ravi says dont joke like this again, Devika says i will never do it, i cant doubt you, i know you love me alot, Ravi says i will not go behind any girl but if any girl comes behind me then.. Devika says i wont allow any girl to come near you, i will push her away, Ravi says you love me that much? Devika says i love you alot, Ravi hugs her, Sadqe tere plays.
Navi is having meeting it client, she opens her briefcase to see files, she is shocked to chole bhatore in it, she shocked, client says this is unprofessional, he leaves, Navi says because of Devika, i lost my important client.
Ravi says to Devika that i have good news for you, first is that i have booked tickets for veshnudevi mandir, Devika thanks him, Ravi says i have one more good news, he asks her to guess, she says tell me else i will get angry, Ravi says i have got promotion, from now on every project will be led by me, Devika hugs him and says i am so happy for you, this is because of planning to go to mandir, after going to mandir, there will be no space between us, Ravi asks really? she nods shyly, he hugs her.

PRECAP- Navi hugs Ravi and says i am mad for you and i love you, Ravi pushes her away and says wrong is happening here, i am leaving your job rightnow, let me remind you i love only and only Devika and i love her alot.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  3. now m gonna get into the cvs trap they hav already shown these type of precaps n it always turns out to b navis dream….n this tym.too m sure its a dream…the makers are jus thinking their viewers are fools…n they r fooling us n nt letting the villians truthout…

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