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Scene 1
Ravi comesback home, he doesnt find DEvika and thinks that i have to put rose like that which doesnt anger her else she will eat his mind, he says i will put on her diary, he leaves rose on her diary, Devika comes in and ask what are you doing? he says i am finding my file, DEvika says this is my stuff, Ravi says maybe you have hide it, Devika says as if i dont have any other work, Ravi says i dont wanna fight, he sit on sofa, Devika finds rose on her sidetable and thinks that its my favorite but how it came here? she smells it and feels nice, Ravi sees it and thinks that this means she likes rose, Kabhi na sukoon aya plays, Devika looks at Ravi and comes to him, she ask how this rose came there? he says you should ask this rose, Devika says i know you have brought it for me, Ravi says i

will bring flower for you? are you mad? Devika says i am saying that you must have bought this rose for any girl, you must have gone on date with her, she must have left so you brought it home, Ravi says you are taking it wrong side, Ravi says to rose that you should write name on yourself else you will have to listen her bickering too, Devika says you didnt bring it? he says not, DEvika takes rose from him and says its good that rose you didnt belong to him else he would have cheated you too, she puts rose in her diary, Ravi thinks that this means i can go close to her this way.
Navi thinks that Ravi is changed, he is not behaving like earlier, did he propose me in drunk state, was it genuine or not? this is so confusing, i have to solve this riddle, how to meet him and clear things. she gets call from friend Neha, Neha says i have thrown party at my house, you should come, Navi says i will try to come but i am busy, she ends call and says party? she gets idea and says it will be special night, there will be drinks, dinner, lights and music, it will be only me and Ravi there, today will know answers of my questions, she calls her manager, he comes in, Navi says we have to organize a party, call all clients and employees and send invites to everyone of today night, he says sure and leaves, Navi says now Ravi should come in party else it will be useless, how can i confirm that he will come.

Scene 2
Manju says to Ravi that i am taking DEvika to relative’s house, Ravi says so why you are asking my permission, Manju says i am telling you so that you dont scold her, Ravi says i cant scold her, she doesnt give me chance, Navi calls him, Ravi says i know you must waiting for your answer but i didnt think about it, Navi says i wanna talk to your mom, he says why? she says give it to her, Ravi gives call to Manju, Navi says to Manju that i was not in India so i couldnt talk to you, i have some work, you remember you said to me that you always wanted to go high society parties and i promised you to take in some, i have thrown party tonight so come there tonight, Manju says i have to go to relative’s house with my daughter in law so i will ask Ravi to come, Navi says he will not come as i scolded him today, Manju says i will ask him to come, he will not say no to me, Navi thanks her and ends call, Ravi ask what party? Manju says she want us to come in party, you go to party, we will get DEvika’s money later but for now you need this job, maybe you will some big contract there, please go to party, Ravi agrees.

Scene 3
Ravi says to himself that what has happened to my life, i am robot of others life, everyone come and just order me, i have no control over my life now and that my strict boss, dont know how much she will scold me in party, he comes to Ambe Maa and says i am not asking anything from you as you dont have answers of my questions, DEvika says you could have asked her atleast but she doesnt talk to cheaters, Ravi says she doesnt have answers, DEvika says your mind which has stupid questions, this mind is her blessing too, Ravi says then she has given this tongue to you too? which never stops, Devika says you mad person, you should not talk like this infront of Ambe Maa, Ravi ask what i did? DEvika you have no manners, Ravi says to Devika that thank God i got a way to be safe from you for sometime, DEvika says but first dress yourself properly, he ask what happened? Devika says you have closed buttons wrongly, Ravi says you do it as you think i have no brains so you do it as you are my wife and can dress me properly, she says dont you flirt with me, what you keep saying that i am your wife and all? dont forget we have no relation, i will not set your buttons properly, go like this only, she leaves, Ravi says uff this girl will drive me crazy.
Manju is waiting for DEvika, she comes outside, other relatives are there too, Manju says how will we fit in rickshaw, Manju ask Ravi to drop Devika, DEvika says i will take other rickshaw, Ravi says why? i will drop you, Manju says this way he will go to mandir too as we are going there first, Manju leaves, Devika says why did you come outside at this time? Ravi says so should i ask you first before coming out and its good as now you will sit on bike with me and will hold me, Devika ask arent you ashamed of talking like this? Ravi says if i flirt with other girl then you have problem and if i flirt with my wife then even you have problem, DEvika says you are big flirt, Devika sit on backseat of bike, Ravi ask her to hold him, she says never, i will fall from bike but will not hold you, he says ok then, he starts bike and applies brake, Devika strikes with Ravi, DEvika thinks i knew he would act cheap.

PRECAP- Ravi is in party and says to client Mittal that its difficult to have deal with you as you can cheat us anytime, Mittal ask how? Ravi sys i realized it by shaking hands with you, Navi looks on.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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