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Scene 1
Ravi whispers to Devika that you are salty in day and sweet at night, i will sweet to eat at night? Devika says behave yourself. Devika thinks that i made halwa with my heart but its my fault to trust Nivi, i shouldnt have left it and i cant prove that Nivi did it, Nivi says dont be upset Ambika, Ravi dont make fun of her, mistakes happen, Ambika has born to handle business not to cook, we all know you wanted to make sweet halwa but put salt in it, its fine, see all are supporting you so dont be upset, Devika gets up to leave but Ravi holds her arm and says please sit, dont go. Manju says dont take Nivi seriously, Devika says Ravi leave my hand, he says you have made good halwa, lets eat together, Devika sits back. Ravi holds her hand under table. Nivi sees it and thinks they are romancing

infront of me. Nivi mistakenly eats spice while having attention on them, she runs to get water. Vikas laughs.
Nivi comes in her room and drinks water. She says my heart was burning and now this mouth too, everything is going bad, i wanted to put down Ambika in their eyes but they are praising her still, enough, i have to become something big else i will loose remaining respect in this. Nivi sees Manju talking to Devika. Manju says to Devika that dont feel bad, you look good when you smile, you should make Rangoli today, Devika nods and leaves with her. Nivi have listened.
Devika is making rangoli. Ravi sees her and comes from behind, she sits beside her and says rangoli is looking beautiful, if maker is magician then it would be beautiful, Devika says why you are irritating me? you dont like to see me in good mood? leave else it will be bad for you, Ravi says my wife is so loving that you cant do anything bad, Devika says i will complain to my mother, Ravi says dont tell her, if she gets know then she will scold me, Devika says you have irritated me a lot, let me make Rangoli, Ravi says i have come to help you, how to make this rangoli more beautiful like you made my last night colorful, Devika says dont talk about it, leave now, Ravi says how listen to my heart things too? Devika says i wont react to your talks now, Ravi says i will remain silent now, she smiles and keep looking at her, Devika tries to keep her hair away from her face, Ravi says if my wife is inviting me to come closer then how can i avoid? she says i didnt invite you, he tucks her hair behind her ear, Devika feels shy, Ravi wipes color from cheek too, Devika says thank you, you should leave now, Ravi says you didnt invite me but i told you that i will do everything what my wife wants, Devika says what will you take to keep silent? Ravi says what are you willing to give? give kiss with your butter lips, Devika says how dare you? Ravi says fine, i will kiss my cheek with my lips, Devika says if you dont stop then i will throw color on you. Ravi says you have filled my life with color, Devika puts color on his face, he is stunned. Nivi is seeing all this, and says i cant tolerate their romance anymore, to hell with friendship, even Ambika is not loyal to our friendship, what she has done with me, i will do same, she back stabbed me and i will do it, she should start counting her days, i will take revenge from everyone who cheated me, Ambika pretended to be my friend but she is allowing Ravi to come closer, i will end their relation.

Manju says to electrician that dont worry about money, make house shine with lights today. She calls Ambika and says he will make house shine with lights, your first Diwali will be great. electrician says i will connect all connections with one button so by switching one button on, whole house will be lighted, Manju says i want Ambika to switch that button, she has brought light in our lives so might as well light house. She asks if you invited Janki? she says yes, Manju says lets go and select your dress, they leave. Nivi has listened all this and thinks that this is great chance to kill Ambika, first Devika came inbetween me and Ravi and now you, Devika shouted for help but you wont even get chance for that, when you will switch on button, you will get current that will kill you, all will blame Manju because she asked you to switch on button, Janki will destroy Manju, this is perfect, Ambika and Manju will be punished and i wont let this chance go from my hands.
Saket gets ready for Diwali party, he looks in mirror and says this is colorful but i am colorful, i just want Devika to become mine, i am looking handsome, he puts on perfume and says maybe Devika get close to me, he put on glasses and leaves.
Electrician is working on lights. Nivi comes there and says you have dont great work, do one more thing, keep earthing wire out of switch board, he says but if anyone touches it, it will give them current, Nivi says are you telling me that it call kill anyone? he says yes, she gives him money and says do as i say, he says i cant kill anyone for this money, she says i will make sure you dont get caught and you will get more money, he says i cant, she says not for even lacs? he says 2lacs? but.. Manju said that her daughter in law will switch on light, she will not spare me, Nivi says she wont be able to point finger at you, he says okay i will do your work, keep money ready.
Nivi thinks that once Ambika switch on light then it will be great. Monty brings fire crackers. Vikas is seeing decorations and thinks that wish Shweta was here, it would have been good. Devika comes and asks where is Shweta? Vikas says Shweta’a aunt is ill so she has gone to take care of her. Manju says to Devika that you have to switch on light. Nivi thinks Ambika your death is calling you. Manju says where is Janki? Devika says she is on her way. Saket comes there and calls Ambika. Devika is tensed seeing him, Saket says you are looking nice, happy Diwali, she says you are looking colorful, Saket says atleast you saw that i am colorful, he gives her gift, she says no thanks, he says take it. Nivi calls him and says i have work, Devika takes gift from him and leaves to switch on lights. She is about touch button which will give her current but Saket is going to nivi and mistakenly touches earthing wire near pole, he gets current, all shout to help him, Vikas runs and pulls Saket away. Janki comes there too. Monty and Vikas takes Saket away. Manju says thank God nothing happened to Ambika. She greets Janki. Janki hugs Devika and says you fine? Devika says yes. Manju says nothing happened to her, she is fine.

PRECAP- Ravi says to Devika that i dont want to touch your body, i want to touch your soul and heart, you have said very cheap thing so i am telling you that you will come to me first not me, you will take first step towards not me, you will hold my hand, you understand? you better understand, Devika is surprised to see his anger.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Stupid serial plzzzz let ravi know about the truth…plzzz ekta mam!!!! Plzz do it fast trps are gonna get down

  2. More horse shit! No revenge??? Pls some one supply the writers with truck load of shit, it seems they are finished.

  3. Even normal people does’nt make such foolish deeds & misunderstandings serial is revolving like earth, if ravi was so eager to make orphanage for devika then he would have told me mere paas NGO h main banwa deta nivi ke paas kyun gya…????

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