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Scene 1
Ravi and Devika look at each other, Ravi comes close to her, they both sit down and keep looking at each other, Banjara plays, Ravi says lie your head on my shoulder and sleep, Devika asks how you will sleep? Ravi says i will see you sleeping and will sleep too, Devika thinks that this moment is so sweet, we have love in eyes, i should tell him that i love him, Ravi asks her to sleep, Devika lies her head on his shoulder and thinks that you are my love, my trust, i love to lie my head on your shoulder, i will tell you in morning that i love you alot, Ravi asks her to sleep, he thinks that i wish this moment stays forever, i have so much that she is with me, if i didnt get Devika today then i would have died.
Rekha and Pallavi comes back home, Shekhar asks about Devika, Savitri says you

went to their house but did they do anything for Devika? did they find her? that Manju must not be wanting Devika to comeback, she just wants her property, all must be sitting silently at house, that fake Ravi always used to say that he will keep Devika safe, what did he do? nothing, Rekha says enough, you are taunting me about Ravi but Ravi has got kidnapped too to save Devika, only Ravi is our hope, he will bring her back, truth is that only lucky people get son in law like Ravi and i am that lucky person, she leaves, Shekhar says you always say wrong words, he leaves.
Shekhar comes to Rekha and says you know Savitri is bitter, dont feel bad, Rekha says i am not feeling about her words but i am worried about Devika, Shekhar says Ravi will bring her back, Rekha says even if she returns then how will she survive in that house? she recalls how Manju said that she doesnt care if DEvika returns or not, she just want her property, she prays for Devika.
Sakshi is sleeping, she sees Navi in her dream, she blabbers to leave Devika, Monty wakes up, he is sleeping on couch, he comes to Sakshi on bed and wakes her up, he asks her what happened? he gives her water, Sakshi says i saw dream, i saw Navi in that jungle, i am sure Navi has kidnapped Devika, she is such a big businesswomen but she keep coming here, she was near jungle too, she was at our house before but when we saw her near jungle, she said she had meeting then why she was wasting time in our house, Monty says something is wrong for sure, we will think about her later.
Devika wakes up in middle of night, she sees Ravi sleeping and says i am feeling cold, what should i do Ravi starts blabbering in sleep, he says Devika you wanted to tell me something, you always say that you are waiting for right time, please tell me what you wanted to tell, Devika says he is talking in sleep? he is looking so cute, she wakes up Ravi and asks were you sleeping? he says yes, Devika says i am feeling cold, Ravi says yes as its winters, Devika says i woke you up so that you can help me, Ravi says why didnt you take shawl when you went to market? Devika says you dont care about me, Ravi says from where can i bring blanket in this jungle? Devika says i just wanted to share it with you, you sleep, i did mistake by waking you up, Ravi says you look cute when you fight with me, he says come close to me, she does, he says is it less cold now? she says yes, he says come more close, she says does and says its fine now, Ravi says when we go back home, i will throw all blankets out of our house, they both come closer, Ravi moves back, Devika says i wanted to tell you something but i couldnt say it, i tried but failed, today this feels right time, i feel telling you about my heart, Ravi says okay, what you wanna tell? Devika says you remember we used to fight alot, then everything changed, we became friends, best friends, we used to share things then everything destroyed, so many misunderstanding happened, i doubted you, i did bad with you but you always trusted me, you always understood why i was doing it, i was fool to not understand but your goodness, your truthfulness, your love changed everything, you are right our heart beat sameway, i couldnt understand earlier but now i know what my heart says, when you are not with me, i keep thinking about you, when you are with me, i forget everything, you have made me realize it, i never thought i could feel all this, i.. I am in love with you, I love you Ravi, Ravi is surprised, he says say it again, Devika says i love you, Ravi says i love you too, she says i love you too, he says i love you three, they both come close, Ravi is about to kiss her but she moves away and bluesh, DEvika lies her head on his shoulder and smiles… this all turns out to be Devika’s dream, Ravi wakes up Devika, she sees her ties broken, she sees Ravi’s hand bleeding, she says why did you do it? i have to tie cloth on your wound, Ravi says goons can come at anytime, Devika says i wont leave before putting cloth on wound, cant you see that i cant see you in pain, Ravi smiles as she ties cloth on his hand, he says this cloth have good fragrance, this is really special for me, i will keep it safe, he says i missed you alot when you got kidnapped, you are important for me, i cant live without you, i want to spend life with you, Devika says me too, in all these days i thought i would tell you my heart thing when i meet you, i wanted to tell you.. she says i will tell you everything later, first we should run from here, Ravi says okay we will talk at home, Devika tries to get up but cant, Ravi helps her.
Sakshi says to Monty that i will make tea for you, they see Navi in house. Sakshi says why you are here in morning? Navi says i stayed here at night, Sakshi says why? Navi says Manju was worried about Ravi, she was tensed so i calmed her, she asked me to stay for night and asked me to sleep in Ravi’s room so i stayed, Sakshi says you stayed in Devika’s room? Monty asks was it fine? Navi says i liked it, it was like my own house, Manju told me to stay here and take is as my house, Sakshi thinks that if she stays here then i can find her secret too, its good.
Ravi and Devika sees goons sitting outside godown, Ravi says how will we go out now? Deepak sees them looking from window.

PRECAP- Ravi and Devika tries to run from godown, Dildar comes to them and gives them car keys, Ravi and Devika leaves from there in car.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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