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Scene 1
Janki calls Devika and tells her that i have done my work, you be ready to take next step, all family members are out of house, Nivi is alone in house and i have done arrangements there, Devika asks how do you know that she is alone there? Janki says like Monty came to spy on us, i am employed a worker at her house too, Devika says i am at my way, she will regret her wrongdoings today, i am ready to take on her tonight, Janki says be careful, she is very dangerous, Devika says yes and ends call.
Vikas meets guests at Jagran. He says my that my family must be on their way to come here. Ravi comes there and prays to Amba Maa, he recalls how he attended Jagran with Devika. Manju and Shweta brag about Jagran, Shweta says after Nivi and Ravi’s marriage, we will have jagran like this, Manju

says i will call honey Singh to sing in jagran, Shweta says but Ravi is interested in Ambika more, Manju says i should pray to Ambe Maa, once Ravi marries Nivi then all her property and wealth will be ours too. Ravi prays to Ambe Maa that i have come here for Devika, make her understand that she should share her problems with me, i am living for her only, give my Devika back to me, i wont ask anything else from you.
Nivi comes to her home, she recalls how woman told her that Devika will come to take her with herself, she says this is all rubbish, stupid people waste time, useless people. She comes out of her and sees Ambe Maa’s picture on car’s bonnet, she is stunned and looks at it, she thinks how it came here? someone from caravan must have left it, she leaves it on car only. Nivi comes in house and lights switched off, she calls out Jyoti but she doesnt come. Nivi switches on lights, she sees foot marks on floor and calls out Ravi and Manju but remembers that everyone is gone for Jagran, she says it means i am alone at home? she says nothing will happen, i am safe here. She tries to drink water but lights blink, she gets afraid and asks who is there? who? she sees note written on mirror that i have comeback to take you with me, i am your destruction. Nivi says this cant be possible, she cant be alive, this is not happening, this is not true, somebody help me, she cries for help. She runs and takes her phone to call but sees a shadow behind door, shadow acts like falling off from cliff and somebody pushing her off from cliff, Nivi is shocked and recalls how Devika was killed in sameway. Nivi opens door but doesnt find anyone behind door, she says how can this be possible? it cant happen. She listens Devika’s voice, devika says dont do this with me, dont kill me, i promise you, i wont tell anyone about kidnapping, i will go away from Ravi’s life but dont kill me, i am begging you Nivi let me go, dont kill me, dont kill me.. Nivicant hear this anymore and shouts to stop it. Devika asks if she remembers anything? Nivi turns to see Ddevika standing there in same red saree and blood on her forehead, Devika says what was my fault? why did you kill me? now i wont spare you, my soul will get peace only by killing you, will have to come with me in my world, you killed me so now you have to come with me, Nivi says i will not go anywhere, Devika says even i didnt want to die but you pushed me off cliff, now its your turn to pay for your sins, come with me, Nivi says no and runs from there. Devika thinks that i am happy to see her like this, i took some revenge from her, i saw same in her eyes which i had when i was hanging on clif, Ambe Maa is with me, today she will know scare of death, i will not move back today, i will give pain to everyone who played with me, i have no mercy for anyone now, i will take revenge from everyone, Ravi is my biggest enemy and i wont spare him too, but rightnow Nivi is my target, i want to see her begging, crying for life, i want to see fear of death in her eyes, she cant runaway from me now.
Nivi has locked herself in room and says what should i do? she has come to kill me. Nivi cries, she murmurs that she will kill me, what should i do? Devika comes towards door of room and asks Nivi to open door, i have to equalize many deeds of yours before killing you, you cant hide from me but cant runaway from me, i wont kill you so easily, open door else i will come inside and if i come inside then you will beg for your death yourself. Nivi says i dont wanna get killed, what should i do? how to save myself. Nivi looks around to see way to run out but doesnt find anything. Nivi calls Ravi, she blabbers that Ravi take call. Ravi is at jagran and doesnt listen phone ringing. Devika leaves from there. Nivi says if she is ghost then she can come inside then why she was knocking door? Oh my God, i am so stupid, Devika is alive, she is playing game with me, she took advantage of my fear, Devika.. Amabika.. this is all game played with me, she wants to snatch Ravi from me, she thinks that i am stupid?
Ravi checks his phone and sees Nivi’s miscalls. He calls Nivi, Nivi picks his call and asks where were you? i called you so many time, Ravi says i am not able to listen your voice, its so noisy here, i will come home later, he ends call. Nivi throws her phone and says now i wont spare Devika, she tried to make me afraid, she tried to prove me mad, she cant even think in dreams of what i will do with her, i will destroy you Devika. Nivi comes out of her room and says come out Devika, i know you are hiding here and i know you are not ghost, you thought that i will be afraid and will not know that you Devika? i know you are hiding here, where are you? come out. Nivi comes in hall and calls out Devika, she says i know you are ambika and you are Devika too, where you are hiding? Devika is hiding behind pillar. Nivi thinks that Devika hiding behind pillar, she takes vase in her hand to attack Devika. Devika is hiding behind pillar and is tensed. Nivi starts going towards pillar, Devika thinks that she is coming here only, how she got to know that i am not ghost, she is really clever, if she catches me then our plan will fail and i will be in danger, how should i go from here? i am stuck here.

PRECAP- Sakshi grabs Devika and doesnt leave her, Devika is shocked to see Sakshi behaving like mads, she asks Sakshi to leave her, Sakshi acts like mental, Devika frees herself from Sakshi’s clutches and is shocked to see her state.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. I knew it that emotional fool devika will spoil everything..poor janki raichand worked so hard to get devika justice.but that fool devika crying all the time spoiled everything

  2. omgggg!! this is just getting interesting!! hurry up with this serial!! I want to see Devika and Ravi reuinte!! and Manju, Saket, and Nivi behind bars!!! I also want to see Ravi’s face when he hears that Saket, Manju, and Nivi pushed Devika!!!

  3. devika is an idiot a real cry baby I just don’t understand why she is such an emotional fool like an real idiot she’s asking nivi to open the door

  4. You are so stupid Devika. How a ghost can ask someone to open the door. Such a waste of time. Stay with your mum janki and move on in your Life it’s better for you

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