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Scene 1
Navi gets parcel from minister, she finds contract letter in it, Ravi says now you know how i work? i dont know how you get all this but i advice you to control your anger, it takes moment to bring you down from position where you stand, i went to minister’s PA, told him about our project, how it will help our city, that Pa is now my good friend, relation with client is important here, you believe in ego not in relationships, thanks for giving me resignation letter, i will give you numbers related to this project, i am feeling bad to leave my dream job but you were right i cant work with egoistic girl, i cant work in so much restriction and where i am not respected, i have taken half day today as i have to go Mehndi function of a person, i have to break the marriage as groom is not good

person, he leaves, Navi feels guilty.
Sanjay is busy on call, Sakshi brings Devika in hall, Saket stares her, Gayetri and Shweta comes in, Savitri welcomes the, Gayetri gives mehndi, menndi is being applied on Devika’s hand, Devika is missing Ravi, she keep looking at door, Kabhi na sukkon aya plays, Sakshi says i know whom you are looking for, Ravi is on way, he will come for you, Devika ask her to shut up, Mhendi ha rachne wali song plays, Sakshi, Pallavi dances, they make Savitei dance too, Devika looks at Rekha who is emotional, Rekha caresses her face, she goes and dances too.

Scene 2
Pallavi comes to Devika and says soon a big truth is going to open up, Sakshi comes to Saket and says soon a new twist will come in this function, Devika calls her back, Saket gets call, he goes out to receive it, its his girl friend’s call, he ask her to not call him, she says you do fake promises to me, Saket says i am busy in family function, girl says i dont want any explanation, i want you, Saket says i will come darling soon, he ends call, he finds Rekha standing there, she ask is there any problem? he says no was just talking to worker, he leaves, Rekha is tensed.
Ravi reaches Devika’s house. A mhendi applier ask Devika her groom’s name, Saket comes and says its Saket, she ask him to go from here, she says groom is desperate, Shweta says its his love, she ask Saket to leave now, after Mehndi is apllied, he has to comeback and have to find his name in Mehndi, Saket says i dont believe in all these stupid rituals, i dont need to prove my love, just write my hand in her hand, Sakshi says but.. Saket ask her to shut up, he sys i am groom and everything will happen according to me, he ask her to write, he takes cone in his hands, sit beside DEvika, holds her hand, and starts writing his name, Ravi comes there, he finds Devika sad, Ravi says i wanna talk to everyone here, Sakshi gets happy, Ravi says my talk is important, Sakshi thinks now it will be fun, Ravi ask Saket to come in center, Sakshi goes to call Pallavi, she says Shahrukh has come to propose Kajol, they go in hall.

Scene 3
Ravi says i wanna talk to all, Saket ask to speak, Ravi says why so hurry? do you wanna run away? Saket says Muhrat is going away, Ravi says you are talking about it? the one who make muhrat bad and now talking about it, Saket says you are relative but that doesnt mean you can say anything, tell what you want, Ravi says ok we will talk about different Saket, Ravi comes to Savitri and says you chose Saket because you thought he has money, he is family guy, from good family and all, you all are impressed with him, but you all didnt think why he is in hurry for marriage? why he want to marry in 5 days? Saket says marriage will happen so time doesnt matter, Ravi says it does, if you are in hurry then its not right, Savitri ask him to speak clearly, we dont have time, Ravi says you all dont know reason behind his hurry, you all didnt investigate about him and its not your fault, all families want to get rich and good groom for their daughter, but you all did mistake by not investigating about him, i am ashamed to call him my relative, Saket ask him to not cross limit, Ravi comes to Devika, and says sorry, i am helpless to say all this, i cant let your life be spoiled, Ravi says you all wanna know reason behind me saying all this so listen, this man has gone mad for Devika, he wants to make Devika his servant, he wanna control her whole life, he is making you all fool, the truth about him is that he has affair with girl and maybe he is already married to her, all are stunned to listen that, Devika holds Rekha’s hand, Saket says Ravi has gone mad, he ask Ravi to stop all this, Ravi says i will speak, i am not afraid of you, you make people afraid with your eyes, you wanna control everyone but it will not work on me, i will prove that you have affair with other girl, Savitri comes forward and slaps Ravi, she says enough, dont you know what is goin on here? who are you to come here and allege my son in law? what think we will believe you? you are pointing at my choice? what you think that i will trust you? you are son of mother who alleged me for stealing, who will believe you? last time i made DEvika ask you to be away from us but you didnt change, you came to break our happiness, leave from here, Ravi curtly looks at her.


Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. ufff!where is precap?

  2. stupid update!!! precap was telecasted. Ravi says saket’s wife is waiting in some hotel. He asks devika nd her relatives to accompany him. Devika’s aunt, uncle and many other believe his words. But devika’s dadi agrees after lot of hesitation. She says we will go but if your words turns false then that’s it we will not trust you.

  3. please stop dragging……..ann thanks for the precap

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