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Scene 1
Sakshi says to Devika that Ravi wanted to say something else, Devika says to Sakshi that if there was anything then Ravi would have told her, Sakshi says maybe he wanted to tell something very big and couldnt says it because of Savitri, or maybe he came to tell his feelings, Devika says why you always start it, your thinking is wrong, there is nothing like that, Ravi will not do anything which will bring problems for me, Sakshi says why did he say to Savitri that if anything bad happen in marriage, he was giving warning, maybe he wanted to tell you some important thing, Devika thinks if he wanted to tell about his mother then why was he hesitating? was he trying to say something else?
Ravi comes to his house and thinks why always bad happens to me? i couldnt tell truth to Devika, Ravi says

to Monty that i dont know where i find that Ananya, shweta calls Monty and ask him to come to Saket’s house, she have some work, Monty says i have to go with Vikas, i cant come to Saket’s house, Ravi ask him to go, Monty says ok i will come, he ends, Ravi says to Monty that go there and keep me informed about Saket, Monty says i will keep you informed about Saket, dont worry.

Scene 2
Savitri with Pallavi and Sakshi comes to Saket’s house, Savitri says to gayetri i cant come in my daugter’s sasural, i have come to take chunri which Devika will wear in marriage, you forgot to send it, Gayetri says yeah i forgot it, Savitri ask Sakshi to bring it, Sakshi and Pallavi goes in home.
Saket is talking with his friends, friends says we will make this marriage grand, Saket gets call from goon, goon says Ananya is irritating us, Saket talk to Ananya on call, Saket sys you must be fine there, Ananya says i have not seen cheap person like you, Saket says you are right, i am devil and you will not find piece like me, you have forced me to do all this, Ananya says why did you make promises to me, you have destroyed my life, Saket says i really love you, everything was fine but then i saw Devika, i couldnt control myself seeing her and there is only one to solve my problem that is to marry her, its about 2 days then you will be free, my goons are little mad, they can do anything with you so be careful, Sakshi finds Saket talking on call, Ananya says to Saket that from my heart, i pray that you pay for your deeds, you will not get what you want, Saket says thanks for well wishing, he ends call and leaves.
Saket comes to his friends and says tonight is bachelors party at my farmhouse, there will be wines and girls, friend ask will you like earlier? you left party with your fiance last time, we also want to have fun, Saket says dont worry everything is arranged, Sakshi is shocked listening to their conversation,
Pallavi gets chunri and ask Sakshi to come, Sakshi thinks that i have to bring Saket’s real face to DEvika, if she sees all this then she will know she is destroying her life, i will take Devika to his bachelor’s party, she will see truth.
Ravi says i have sent Monty to Saket’s house, i just wish to know where Ananya is being kidnapped by Saket, Saket calls Ravi, Ravi attends it, Saket ask how are you? Ravi says i have sent monty to help for marriage arrangements, Saket sys he came here but where are you? Ravi says i have office work, Saket says what about work which i gave to you? you challenged me, you were to find someone, Ravi says i have decided to drop this challenge, i will not involve in your matter, from now on no welfare from my side, Saket ask are you joking? Ravi says i have wasted much time in all this, i have to think about my life too, Saket says if you really dont want to mess with me then show it, come to my bachelor’s party tomorrow, we will enjoy and i will if you really backed off or not, Ravi says ok i will come there, he ends call and thinks once Monty get any link then i will show him what challenge is.

Scene 3
Devika says to herself that she will talk to Saket that i dont want to make any bungalow on that land, i have to fulfill my mother’s dream at any cost, Sakshi comes there and says come with me, Devika says where? Sakshi says Saket have given bachelor’s party, we have to go there, Devika says why will we go there? its not good, Savitri will not like it, Sakshi says to hell with everyone, you are coming with me, you will see real face of Saket, what he does you will see, Devika ask what you mean? Sakshi says he has called dancers there, they are going to enjoy there, you know meaning of enjoy? i have listened all this from his mouth only, DEvika says i dont think so he said that, you dont like him thats why saying all this, Sakshi says ok prove me wrong and prove him right, lets go to party and show me, i will never say anything about Saket if i am proved wrong, lets go, dEvika says ok i will go and from now on, if you are proved wrong then i will not believe you.
Ravi comes to Saket’s bachelor’s party, Saket says i didnt think you will come? Ravi says i fulfill what i say, Saket says come in politics, you give good speeches, Ravi says if i join politics then i will be in opposition of yours. Saket brings Ravi to his friends, he says Ravi has one problem, he give challenges but then runaway, friend offers him drink? Ravi says no, friend ask where is the dancer? Saket says she has come, dancer comes there, all boys get happy and starts dancing with her, saket says to Ravi that all are enjoying, you shouldnt feel bad, enjoy here and go, he leaves.
Navi says i have got contract and Ravi knows details about project so he will make final report of it, i cant afford any risk so Ravi should make it, she decides to call him. Ravi thinks i have stuck here, how to go out, Navi calls him and sys i wanna meet you, we have to make report of project, only you know details, can you come here? Ravi says i cant come, i am busy, Navi says then tell me, where are you, i will come there, Ravi says this is bachelor’s party, you wont be comfortable here, Navi says i have seen many parties like that, tell me address, Ravi tells her address of farmhouse.

PRECAP- Ananya gets up, she beats Saket’s goon and runs from godown.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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