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Scene 1
Ravi is driving car and thinks what is happening with Ambika. He recalls his moments with Ambika.
Devika recalls her moments with Ravi and thinks where are you Ravi, come and take me. Both are restless. Devika is sadly sitting in jail waiting for Ravi. Judai song plays. Ravi reaches police station, he says you have arrested my wife, she is innocent, inspector says court will decide if she is innocent or not, Ravi says free her, she didnt do anything. Inspector says you cant free her like this, Ravi says i know you are inspector but you can insult me like this, inspector says one woman came and insulted me to free her and also threatened me, i will see to it that she doesnt get free from jail. Ravi says this is my murder attempt case so free her. Inspector says Monty have filed this case,

he is witness to case, you cant bail her out soon, Ravi says i promise to free my wife because i know she is innocent, i am telling you to free her, inspector says leave. Ravi says i want to talk to my wife.
Janki meets lawyer, lawyer says eye-witness have filed case, we cant bail her out soon, Janki says how can this be? she is innocent, she is falsely alleged, do something. Lawyer says it will atleast take 3days to bail her out, Janki says find some way, i will request any judge, do something, lawyer says why dont you talk to minister? Janki says i tried to minister but he resigned from his post and cant help me, do something, lawyer says i am helpless, i cant do anything, Janki thanks him and leaves.
Ravi comes to Devika’s cell and calls her out. Devika sees Ravi and runs to him, they hold hands through bars of cell, she says i was waiting for you. Ravi says it is all my fault, i am sorry, you have to bear all this because of me, Devika says you didnt do anything so dont say sorry, Ravi says i tried to make inspector understand, i told him that my wife can never plan murder of anyone, your mother insulted him too so he is not listening to anyone but i promised to free you from here. Devika says you are worried more than me, it was enough for me that you trust me, i thought you might trust that shooter, Monty and shooter are lying, your trust has given me strength, i will get free soon from here so dont get worried, Ravi says i cant see you like this, i trust you more than me, more than God, dont worry, i will free you soon, Devika says i know you will try your best to free me, what will you? Ravi says your husband is strong and my love for you is my strength, no power can stand infront of my strength, i will take you from there. Devika blushes and says your trust has given me power to stay here for days, Ravi says its just about few hours, i will free you, i promise, Devika says go now, how will you free me if you remain here with me? Ravi asks her to take care, she says you take care too, Ravi stares her, Ravi says your love, my feelings for you make me strong so i am looking at you to gain strength to fight with everyone, i will take you from here, Devika says i will wait for you, Ravi kisses her hand and says i will comeback soon, Devika is in tears, Ravi leaves.

Scene 2
Nivi comes in Monty’s room and says to Monty that you impress me everytime, you are still working on project when everyone is stressed, i wanted to talk to you about something, you know Ravi has gone to free Ambika, inspector wont free her because you have filed case so Ravi will try to convince you to take case back but i want you to not take case back at any cost, Monty says i will never take this case back, Ravi can beat me but cant make me change my stance, Nivi says i am happy with you, soon you will get position in company of Ravi’s level. Nivi thinks i wont let Ravi free Ambika from jail, i will do anything but wont let Ambika comeback in Ravi’s life.
Janki comes to jail and says to Devika that i tried a lot but nothing worked out, lawyer said, you cant be freed before 3days, i am sorry. Devika says i know its not your fault, Ravi came and promised me that he will free me today only, i trust him, if he said he will free me today then i know he will, when he was talking to me, i saw true love in his eyes, i feel like he never did wrong with me, maybe i was wrong to misunderstand him, i was wrong to think that he planned my murder with Nivi because he is same Ravi who loved Devika immensely and you also think Ravi is good person, Janki says i am just thinking about you and how to free you from here now, i shouldnt have insulted that inspector, Devika says its not your fault, you love me and you are my mother thats why you tried to save me, if you dont fight for me then who will? everything will be fine, i might come out today only, Ravi promised me that he will free me, everything will be fine, dont worry.
Saket is drinking wine and thinks that why i didnt get this idea before? Ambika will love me for this, nobody can save her except me by using my connections, i have to free her from jail then she will become mine. He calls PM but he is not picking call, he calls minister but assistant says that minister is not in country, Saket ends call.
Jyoti gives medicine to Sakshi, Sakshi takes it and thanks Jyoti, she says you did so much for me, how can i repay you? Jyoti says you are brave girl, you will be fine soon. Sakshi sees Monty going and says i want to talk to you. Monty comes there and says i dont like people interrupting me, Jyoti is here to help you out, why you called me? Sakshi asks Jyoti to leave, she leaves. Sakshi says i didnt call you help me but to help you, Monty says what is it? Sakshi says i want you to take case back, Ravi has gone to free her, he will free her but if you take case back then your and Ravi’s relation will be mended, i dont understand why you hate Ambika, she is so nice, she loves everyone and cares for everyone, Monty says i am not a kid that you are giving me lecture, i know Ambika helped you thats why you are fine but i dont care if you are fine or not so why should i take her favor? Sakshi says you have changed, it will help you only, this house is of Ambika, she can throw you out of house, Nivi’s business is of Ambika too, why you are getting trapped in it? Monty says i am not scared of Ambika and i will never leave Nivi’s side, and i dont change parties for selfish reasons, i wont listen anything against Nivi, dont say rubbish about her, Nivi hears it and smirks.

PRECAP- Ravi says to Nivi that i am telling you first and last time that if you say anything about my wife again, i will not spare you, you have said enough about my wife but not anymore.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. well this is so stupid that Monty was the one was who put the case on Ambika.? It’s not like he has proof that she was talking to the shooter. it disgusts me that he’s choosing Ms. Luthra’s side over everyone else. ? I hope Ambika gets revenge on him too and Monty’s too stupid that Ms. Luthra was the one who did a murder plan to kill Devika.

  2. One track doesn’t end and another starts. Just hope somehow ambhika realises soon that nivi, saket and Manju tried to kill her as well as that monty who wants nothing but status and money.

  3. its just a trash programme. its forever going round in circles. i thought this programme was ending . totally waste of 30 mins slot.

  4. All Ravi does is shouts at anyone that says a word about Ambika , does nothing, Nivi just keeps slating A mbika and all Ravi does is wave his hands and arms and saysy to Nivi just up i wont hear anything said against Amibika , i will not spare you blah blah , so what does he do nothing all words no action. boring. please end this crap asap. anyone know when this is coming off air.

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