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Scene 1
Saket and Navi comes at goons den, he sees Devika tied to chair, he beats goon and says do you even know she is my love, you tied her with so much force, he is about to open ropes, Navi says she will run, Saket says i cant see her in pain, Navi says if she runs from here then she will go to Ravi and you will not get her then, Saket says you are right, he says to Devika who is unconscious that you have to bear pain here but soon we will go away from here and then you will be tied in my arms, Devika blabbers Ravi’s name in dizzy state, Saket gets angry and says you will have to call Saket only from now on.
Ravi and Monty comes in gift shop, they ask shopkeeper about Devika, he shows her picture, she says yes she came here and selected some cards but didnt buy them, if you are her

husband then take those cards, she bought them with love, she goes to bring it, Ravi comes to watchman and asks if he had seen Devika? watchman gets afraid and says no i didnt see her, Ravi leaves.
Navi says to Saket that you have to be away from this place, Saket says i cant be away from Devika, Navi says when Ravi will know that his wife is kidnapped then he will doubt and will spy you, Saket says i understood, Navi asks Saket to tell your men that i am their boss now, i will give them orders, Saket tells goons that Navi is your new boss, you will have to follow her order, they agree, Navi thinks its good now.
Ravi says to Monty that i dont know where is Devika, Sakshi calls him, Ravi asks Sakshi if Devika reached home? she says no, he says i checked everywhere, she is not at any place, he asks if she is playing any prank? Sakshi says no, i cant joke about this, she went to gift shop and never cameback, he says i went there and asked shopkeeper, she said that she saw Devika there, i also talked to watchman, he recalls watchman tensed, he sys i will talk later, he asks Monty to come with him.
Ravi comes to gift shop again and says watchman was tensed when i talked about Devika, Sakshi told me that Devika said some weird people were in shop so that watchman must know anything, Monty says but shop is closed, we have to wait till morning for that watchman, Monty says we can even see CCTv footage of shop, we will find something there but we have to wait till morning, Ravi says i cant wait. Ravi sees watchman there, he grabs him by collar and asks him to tell everything else he will call police, watchman says some goons entered shop and gave me money, i thought they came for robbery but they kidnapped your wife, i didnt know that, your wife went out of shop and went to goons car, they kidnapped her in car and you were also there, Ravi recalls how he was close to that car in which Devika was kidnapped.
Ravi and Monty comes in police station, Ravi says to inspector that i need your help, my wife is kidnapped, inspector ask details, Ravi tells him that watchman told me that my wife is kidnapped, inspector says you must have recorded statement of eye witness watchman? Ravi says i dont have it, inspector says then we cant file FIR before 24hours, Ravi says please try to understand, she is kidnapped, inspector says maybe she ranaway with her boyfriend, Ravi gets angry and beats inspector, Monty takes Ravi from there.
Navi says to herself that tonight Ravi will go mad finding Ravi, tomorrow he will be tired of finding her then i will go to him to support him, he will never doubt me, i am amazing, bell rings, she thinks who came at this time? She opens door to find Ravi there, she says you? Ravi says i have to talk something urgent, Navi thinks how he got to know that i am behind all this, Ravi says i have to talk to you, i need your help, if you help me today then i will be in your debt for life, someone has kidnapped Devika, Navi acts shocked, she brings Ravi in house, she says i will bring water for you, she sees Ravi and thinks that my Ravi cant doubt me, he takes me as his own thats why he has come to take help from me, so sweet of him, he trusts me and depends on me. She brings water for Ravi and sits beside him, he drinks water, she asks Ravi to tell everything, Ravi says i lied to you, i went to meet Devika but i didnt meet her, then i got to know that Devika got kidnapped by some goons, i am very tensed, i dont know what to do, Navi says i understand what you are feeling, what can i do to help you? Ravi says police is not filing my FIR, you have contacts, if you call someone then they will file FIR, he holds her hand and says please help me, Navi says i will do everything to help you, just give me two minutes, she calls commissioner and says my friend’s wife is kidnapped from market and your policemen are not filing FIR, look into matter, she ends call and says to Ravi that your work will be done, Ravi thanks her, Navi says to Ravi that i can do anything for you, whenever you feel lonely you cant come to me at anytime, Ravi says what you mean? Navi says i mean if you need a friend then i am always there, Ravi thanks her and says i will go and find Devika, i am sorry for disturbing you, he leaves. Navi says Ravi has made me crazy, i never thought that my plan will work so fast, he has come so close to me, now we will grow more closer, Devika will be out of his life, it will be only me and him.
Devika becomes conscious, she sees herself tied to chair, she says where i am? who brought me here? she tries to free herself, she recalls how she was kidnapped, she says i saw Ravi before fainting, she shouts for Ravi, goons come to her and ask her to shut up, Devika asks who are they? goon says you dont need to know that, if you try to shout again then it will be problem for you, Devika ask goons what she has done? why they have tied her? goon says you are kidnapped by us, Devika cries.

PRECAP- Saket says i am stuck because of this Navi, i shouldnt have listened to her, what if all doubt me for kidnapping Devika? Devika thinks that Ravi must be finding her, she sees candle burning at a distance and thinks something.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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