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Scene 1
Ravi says to Saket that my wife is sleeping and you cant go in my room, why did you come here? Saket says i came to meet Manju, Ravi says i know you came here to see my destruction but let me tell you, this marriage may have broken but my relation with Devika has become more strong, i love devika and she loves me too, our relation cant be broken, dont come near her, he leaves.
All are sad in Savitri’s house, Sakshi comes in ounge, Savitri scolds Sakshi and says what was the need to go to that party? you have destroyed our image, Monty wrote about your character, dont know what you had done in party, dont know how much shameless you are, you are destruction for us, Shekhar tries to stop Savitri but Savitri ask him to not take her side, she has destroyed her life herself.

thinks that i did so much drama in marriage, still their marriage is strong, dont know what to do. He finds Ravi’s phone there, it rings, Saket picks it up, its Monty who is calling from pco, Monty says i am sorry Ravi, i love Pallavi not Sakshi, i took that step, i am sorry, Saket says its not Ravi but Saket speaking, he breaks phone in anger, Monty is tensed. Saket thinks that i cant let Ravi as Saket never loses.
Ravi comes out of his room and finds his phone broken, he is stunned, he finds Saket there and says you broke it? Saket says why will i break it, Vikas comes there, Ravi says Saket broke my phone, Vikas says i will get is repaired, Ravi says ask Vikas to leave from here, Vikas is tensed and says ok, Ravi leaves, Vikas leaves being afraid of Saket.
Devika wakes up and doesnt find Ravi in room, she calls out his name but doesnt find him, she says where did he go leaving me alone? she finds rose petals on bed and smiles seeing them, she recalls how she hugged him tightly last night, how he kisses her cheeks, how they slept in each others arms, she find letter beside her bed, she reads it, its Ravi’s letter, he says you look so cute when you are sleeping, i feel like keep seeing you, i am going to bring back your happiness then i will be with you, will take care of you for life, i want to walk with you beside me, Devika thinks that i know my Ravi will set everything right.
Parmindar comes to Manju and ask her where is she shifting now? as she has got property now, Manju says dont put slat on my wounds, you know that Devika didnt sign, Parmindar says DEvika signed property papers, Manju says it got wet and her signed got destroyed, she didnt agree to sign again, Parmindar smirks listening this, Manju angrily leaves. Navi comes there and ask Parmindar about Manju? Parmindar says be away from her, Navi ask if she is busy? Parmindar says yes, she is in tension, she leaves, Navi thinks that Ravi must be needing my support, she finds Saket there and says you here? let me guess, you must have come to meet Devika, why you seem tensed? has Devika left from this house? whats the good news, Saket says its bad news, what we thought, didnt happen, we thought that after Monty’s marriage breaking, Ravi and Devika will fight but they cried on each others shoulders yesterday, Navi says they cried yesterday, will laugh today and then.. Saket says no that wont happen, i have a plan, he tells her plan in ears, Navi says i havent seen devil like you, Saket says we need to focus on our plan, Navi agrees.

Scene 2
Devika is putting Ravi’s clothes in cupboard, she sees rose petals on bed, she thinks that i never felt that how happy i can feel by doing things for Ravi, she recalls flashback of how Ravi used to mess things in room, she says to Ravi that this is my room, you dont need to throw towels and clothes here and there, Ravi says this is my room and you are my wife so you can clean my mess, you can put my clothes in place, Devika says i dont like to do these things for you, she starts to leave but Ravi pulls her back and says you may not like to do all this now but when you will start loving me then you will love to keep my clothes, my things in place too, flashback ends, Devika smiles recalling that, Pallavi calls her and says nothing is fine here, Savitri is scolding Sakshi alot, Sakshi is just crying, devika says i am coming there.
Navi comes to Devika and says i came to meet you, your sister wasnt at fault and your husband’s brother has done, it was Ravi’s responsibility to control his brother, i cant understand how all this happened with Ravi being there, if Ravi has controlled Monty then this wouldnt have happened with Sakshi, i feel bad for her, Devika says i am going to my house, i will meet you later, she leaves.
Devika comes to Savitri’s house, Savitri stops her and says i am dead for you and you are dead for me the time you went with ravi after marriage and yesterday you took Ravi’s side and ended all relations with us, Devika says let me meet Rekha and Sakshi, Savitri says you are not part of this family now, you have taken side of our enemies, why have you come here? Devika says this is my family, Savitri says you dont care about us, you take side of family who have destroyed us, leave from here, Devika says just let me meet Rekha, Savitri says we are in this situation because of you only, you have no right to come in this house as you are part of enemies family, from now you cant enter this house, Devika is stunned.

PRECAP- Saket shows mobile to Navi and says this is time bomb, it will destroy Ravi and Devika’s relation. he puts mobile in Ravi’s room and says now we have to just wait for time bomb to explode.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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