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Scene 1
Raviis calling investors for loan, he says i am ready to give guarantee, investor ends call, Ravi is tensed. Nivi sees this and thinks that he is so worried about me, maybe he is feeling like i feel for him, he has become habituated me. Ravi is calling different people and says to caller that i promised Nivi to bring her house back. Nivi back hugs him and says you are doing so much to save this house, we will live here after marriage, Ravi moves away and says i need to make calls, he leaves, Nivi thinks that everything will be fine then i and Ravi will live here happily.
Ravi comes to porch and recalls how Nivi hugged him, he says i feel weird when Nivi comes closer to me, he recalls how he used to get closer to Devika, how he hugged Ambika, Ravi says my heart used to beat on Devika’s

touch and now on Ambika’s touch, i am in Ambika’s love now, i have fallen for her, how can i do this? i am engaged to Nivi and loving Ambika? i am trying to save Nivi’s house but cheating her by loving Ambika.
Shweta wakes up, she calls Saket, she asks if he thought to about house? Saket says i have thought to buy this house, Shweta says i am lucky that you are doing this for me, Sake says i am doing this for myself but you will rule this house, you will rule Nivi and Manju, she says where are you? he says just give me address, i am coming, she says okay and ends call. Shweta says now i will rule everyone here, she opens cupboard and brings out hunter, she says whoever will not listen to me, i will punish that person and will tell them who is real owner.
Gurvindar comes to dining table, she asks to eat food, nothing can drop our destruction, Manju asks her to shut up, she serves Nivi, Nivi starts eating and puts salt in food, she coughs and says its so salty, Manju says you have put it yourself, Nivi says shut up, you cant even supervise food? and you are talking infront of me? Shweta says nothing is wrong with food, its tasty, Nivi says you are saying that i am mad? Shweta says you know that and everyone is saying that only, Manju says i know you are tensed, eat it, Nivi says when i am saying its not good food then you all have to agree, Manju says i know you are tensed about house auction, Nivi says if you were not Ravi’s mother then i would have thrown food on your face but i care about Ravi alot, so you have two options, either eat this salty poha or i will throw it on your face, she forcefully makes Manju eat it and leaves, Shweta laughs. Manju says to you are enjoying my insult? Gurvindar says this happens in bad moment.
Ravi says to caller that yes transfer money, he ends. Ravi says to Nivi that i have arranged money, the project on highway, i sold it, now take part in auction and save your house, we will get 20crores, Nivi says this is great news, Ravi says i am going out for deal, i wont be able to come to auction, you save your house, Nivi says not mine but our house, she hugs him, Ravi says i have work, he leaves.
Devika prays to Ambe maa and applies tilak on Janki’s forehead, she says its Ambe Maa’s blessing, you always say to pray to Ambe Maa before going for important work, i want you to be successful in this important auction, Janki says trust me when i return home, i will bring gift for you, Devika says but Nivi is clever, she can play game, Janki says i wont let her do anything, i will answer her well, i can go to any extent for you, Devika hugs her and says thank you, i am luckiest person to get mother like you, Janki says i am with you, i dont like your tears, Devika says its tear of happiness, i feel like you are my real mother and you are no less important to me than her, Janki says you are my real daughter too, Devika says what if Nivi arranges money and get her house back? Janki says not everything can be done by money? nature does justice eventually, Nivi has lost her dignity and now she will lose her house too, we have money, everyone in auction will have money too but my heart says that you will be winner and will become owner of that house, you have taken this risk and you are always on justice side so you will be winner.
Vikas says to Monty that i want to go to auction too, Monty says you are not needed there, Vikas says are you tensed that your madam will lose? Monty says i am sure she will win only, Vikas says i am sure she will lose today, i want to ask if its right to be blindfolded and follow one person only when they are doomed too, lets go now. Shweta says to Manju that lets go for auction, Manju says you are so happy about it? i want to sit here, from tomorrow we will sit on footpath, Shweta smirks, Manju says you are not tensed? Shweta says lets go and see what happens there, Manju says okay lets go, Shweta thinks that Manju will be shocked in auction, i will rule this house from now on, i will allow Manju to live here but will control you, once my Saket brother buys this house then i will take hold of hunter.
Garewal family comes to auction. Monty asks family to sit down. Monty says to Nivi that there are investors here, we wont be able to do anything, Nivi says Ravi have arranged money, we will buy our house, are you jealous that Ravi did this work? Monty says not at all, i know you have special place for Ravi, Nivi says good to know. She says now watch the fun. She comes to investors, they say you have come to see your house getting sold, she says i have come to buy it, i just want to say that be careful before you bid. Saket comes there with his bodyguards, all are shocked to see him there. Nivi comes to him and says what a pleasant surprise, you didnt even come to my engagement? Saket says only friends come in bad situation, i got to know about auction, i felt bad, i will handle everything, Nivi says thank you, few people care about me, you are one of them, dont worry, nothing will happen to me, i have controlled situation, Saket thinks that she doesnt even know why i have come here, just see how i buy your house.

PRECAP- Janki comes to auction ceremony, Monty says to Nivi that first Saket came to help you and now she has come, your best friend Ambika’s mom Janki has come. Nivi turns to see her coming inside venue.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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