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Scene !
Anuja is angry on Savitri, she scolds Vikas and ask when si her grandson’s marriage? he says after 3 days, she says i will destroy it. Dada ask how was your interview? Devika says i was about to lose my interview, there was one guy, Ravi who tried to foll me and make me leave without giving interview, Dada says you are always afraid of boys then how did you scold him so much? Devika says he did such cheap act that i had to scold him, he is such a guy that my blood boils seeing him, Dada says dont know whom you will like, Devika says i will like a boy who will not be like Ravi, he must have manners, must respect girls, he must be smart but not oversmart like that Ravi, Pallavi says you observed Ravi so much, do you like him, Devika ask her stop, she says i will make such design that Ravi

will lose job. Ravi is making Design, he recalls how DEvika challenged him, his brother says that you are thinking about girl not bad, Ravi says i have to make such good designs that she loses this job and i get it. Both starts making design.
Anuja brings Ravi to Mandir, he says i am leaving, she emotionally blackmails him that will you leave me alone here, Ravi says stop your emotional drama, i am not going anywhere, Anuja gets happy and leaves, Ravi tries to come in Mandir, one security girl stops him and says you have to stand in line to go inside mandir, Ravi flirts with her and says you are beautiful girl and you do so much hard work, etc, the girl makes him enter from other way and saves him from standing in line. Ravi comes in Mandir, Savitri and Devika are there, Savitri says see he is same guy, she comes to Ravi and says you are very nice guy, boys these days never come to Mandir, SAvitri ask Devika to stand there while she will come, she leaves, Ravi says to Devika you seriously think that this God will help you? Devika says you have come to here for praying to her, Ravi says i dont pray to stones, i am God of myself, Devika ask him to stop rubbish, she puts her drawing holder near Ravi’s holder and leaves. Deviak comes in Mandir, she prays to Maa that guy was saying rubbish about you, i am sorry, just keep Dadi happy, Ravi comes there and says how she will listen to you? Devika says she listens sound of heart, Ravi says nothing will happen by doing all this, you wont win, i will win this job because i dont trust any stone but i trust myself, you will know that you have wasted time by coming here, she angrily looks at him, he says before you complain to your Devi Maa, i should leave, you keep praying, he leaves, DEvika thinks he is ill-mannered guy, Ravi takes Devika’s drawing holder and leaves.

Scene 2
Savitri is buying laddos, Anuja is there too, they have verbal fight again. Ravi thinks that my work will make me win, they will select me after seeing my design, otherside Devika thinks that i have Maa’s blessing alongwith my work, this i make me get this job, they both open holder to see design. Ravi says her drawing is good, Devika thinks that nothing is goo din him except this drawing, this design is really nice, Ravi thinks that i have to degrade her design so lower her confidence. they both comes infront of each other, they change holders, Ravi says what you thought, this rubbish design will make me lose? Devika says your designs are rubbish, my designs are more good than yours. Savitri prays to Maa that how weird people come to pray to you, that Anuja is here too, you keep my family blessed, she says Maa your necklace is nice, let me get one like this as i have to marry my sons. Anuja comes to pray and thinks that old lady has come to pray too, she prays to make her son get the job and gives him success, she finds donation box there and says this is such huge box, get me one like this too, it will change my life, Ravi ask Anuja to come as he is getting late, she says you go, i am coming, he leaves, she comes to Pundit and says we are in problem, we do some work but it doesnt give benefit, my younger son Ravi is finding jobs but he is not getting it, this job is last hope for us, he doesnt say anything but i know he worried to take responsibility of house, she says i have faith on you Mata rani, this is mother’s plea to get him thsi job, Devika listens all this and thinks that Ravi is doing all this for his family, he really needs that job, he didnt get job thats why he has lost faith in Maa, also ie he doesnt get job then his mother’s faith in Ambe Maa will lessen too, how can i let that happen, she is about to fall but Ravi holds her in his arms in time, she looks at him, Sadqe tere plays.

PRECAP- Ravi and Devika strikes in company, he finds ink fallen on her designs, he ask how that happened? she says why you wanna you, your designs are fine, dont think about mine.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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